Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Announcing the 64-bit KahelOS Desktop Installer version 12-25-2009

We kept our promise to release it within the week. We are pleased to give you the 64-bit version of the KahelOS Desktop Installer and now available for download. http://sourceforge.net/projects/kahelos/files/kahel-desktop-122509-x86_64.iso/download

KahelOS tries to maintain a complete Gnome distro using only just 1 CD installer. This 64-bit KahelOS Installer has included OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Evolution, Banshee, Tracker, Empathy, Gnote, F-spot and much more.

By default, the complete 'base-devel' packages are on the i686 version. However on x86_64, some 'base-devel' packages have not been included on the x86_64 ISO installer, due to the fact that the 64-bit packages are larger than the 32-bit packages. But If one wishes to use a x86_64 version of KahelOS, simply type pacman -S base-devel to install the base-devel packages.

What are the advantages of a x86_64 KahelOS Desktop over its i686 version?

- Speed Boost - A 64-bit application will run much faster than a 32-bit application when compiled natively for 64-bit CPU. The packages included in the 64-bit Kahel OS version are compiled specifically for 64-bit Architecture.

- Memory Allocation - A 64-bit OS can allocate a minimum of 4GB to 16 exabytes of memory for applications, which implies that applications have more access to hardware RAM than before.

- Processing Power - Images and videos rendered and processed on a 64-bit OS is much detailed and crispier. Rendering is also faster on a 64-bit OS.

Try it for yourself and find out to see the difference.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kahel OS (Desktop Edition) DAEMONS and SERVICES.

check this post by joelbryan: http://forum.kahelos.org/topic/kahel-os-desktop-edition-daemons-and-services

Here's a brief explanation about the Kahel OS changes regarding the DAEMON process on the 122509 release, these changes does not came from Arch Linux but is exclusive for Kahel OS.

If you have noticed, the Kahel OS boot process is really fast, and GDM came up almost instantaneously. This is because the Kahel OS daemons have been changed to speed up the boot process and allow GDM to start up much quickly. The daemons have been divided into two groups, the DAEMONS and SERVICES. The DAEMONS starts up the important applications to load GDM, while the SERVICES will start after the GDM shows up and a user logged-in.

All DAEMONS and SERVICES will be executed as root, also DBUS will be automatically loaded by GDM so all SERVICES that calls dbus will find it. DBUS will run as system-wide message bus at the initial DAEMONS list and as a per-user-login-session daemon when a user logged in.. However if you prefer DBUS to run as a session message bus (this will affect avahi-daemon), remove the initial dbus on the DAEMONS list.

Kahel OS has a script /usr/bin/kahel-generate-rc for the generation of /etc/rc.conf, it is recommended that you modify the file /etc/kahel-system-profiles.conf if you plan to create an rc.conf profile.

The file /etc/kahel-system-profiles.conf contains the following lines:

# /etc/kahel-system-profiles.conf - Generator configurations for Kahel OS Linux

## This values will be parsed by 'kahel-generate-mkinitcpio' use to generate
## a mkinitcpio.conf file with KMS support.

KERNEL_MODULES="crc32c libcrc32c btrfs ext4 udf nilfs2 ahci"

## This values will be parsed by 'kahel-generate-rc' use to generate an rc.conf
## with Kahel OS's daemon execution and management.

USER_MODULES="acpi-cpufreq cpufreq_stats cpufreq_powersave cpufreq_userspace cpufreq_ondemand cpufreq_conservative freq_table cfg80211 lib80211 lib80211_crypt_wep lib80211_crypt_ccmp lib80211_crypt_tkip fuse usblp usb_storage"
DAEMONS="preload @syslog-ng @hal @gdm"
SERVICES="rpcbind fam @networkmanager @crond @alsa @cpufreq @avahi-daemon @bluetooth @cups @mono"

The script 'kahel-generate-rc' uses the USER_MODULES, DAEMONS and SERVICES fields, all compatible with the parameters that you use with /etc/rc.conf, so (!) to disable and (@) to start at background.

The USER_MODULES is the pre-seeded modules that you wish to be loaded by rc.conf MODULES by default. Also 'kahel-generate-rc' autodetects your modules then installed it along with your MODULES in rc.conf, 'kahel-generate-rc' smartly checks for any duplicate entries against the autodetected modules then it will remove one of them and retain only 1 entry.

The DAEMONS is the default daemons that will be loaded upon startup and load GDM.
The SERVICES is the daemons that will be loaded after GDM and when a user logged in.

The script 'kahel-generate-rc' will write rc.conf on your current working directory as default, unless you supplied it with '--install' parameter.

To install your changes, simply type 'sudo kahel-generate-rc --install', after that review the changes made by the script via editing /etc/rc.conf.

Then after that, you can reboot your system with your new configurations.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Joel Bryan Juliano

Saturday, December 26, 2009

KahelOS Linux (Desktop Edition) Installer version: 12-25-2009

Sharing and giving, that's the Spirit of Christmas.

And so on this very day of “Gift-Giving”, three months after our first installer release 09-09-2009, we give you the new KahelOS Linux (Desktop Edition) Installer Version: 12-25-2009 . Download KahelOS Linux Installer at http://www.kahelos.org/downloads.php

KahelOS Linux now has Kernel 2.6.32, Xorg 7.5 and Gnome 2.28.2 by default.

One may ask, what is new, is it worth-giving and worthy of sharing your experiences and thoughts about this new KahelOS Linux (Desktop Edition) Installer?

We are glad to impart the new KahelOS Linux Installer developed to make it much more simple, easier and refreshing to use.

How is this possible?
-The setup installation has been simplified. The user is no longer required to type /kahel/setup at the installer boot, instead the installer will automatically just appear upon bootup.

-KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) is automatically detected as it has been installed by default, which means faster boot process, faster X server load, seamless graphical 3D effects, faster graphics, and an improved animated boot sequence.

-Faster bootup - the startup process has been tweaked enormously to speed up the boot process even on modest hardware configurations, also KMS helps the loading of GDM which makes the login screen appear faster. Still 'fastboot', is a feature long before enabled on Kahel OS.

What makes it better and sweeter is that 'fastboot' now operates without any delay. Modules have been initially pre-seeded upon installation so the system would not waste time on auto-detecting kernel modules.

Why is KahelOS Linux faster than before?
We have introduced an innovative change to the way daemons are loaded on startup. The traditional approach is to load all the daemons one by one or concurrently at startup before the GDM GUI appears. This approach is much slower because the system is sharing more resources on other daemons instead of just loading the GUI.
Now, KahelOS just loads the GDM GUI making the GUI instantly appear, then loads the rest of the daemons when a user has logged-in.

In addtion, KahelOS Linux is now a 100% GNU distribution. We tacitly did not ship any non-free, licensed-encumbered and proprietary software (gstreamer-bad/ugly/ffmpeg plugins, adobe flash plugin), to maintain a pure open source distro and to promote open standards (theora/ogg). However, the user can easily be capable to install those packages if they need them.

Some application choices have been incorporated with mainstream users in mind. This also resulted in the deletion of unecessary libraries and applications with recursive/duplicate functionalities .
-Firefox is the default web-browser
-Empathy is for IM and VoIP
-OpenOffice.org is the default Office Suite
-F-Spot for managing photos, and Beagle for managing MP3's and Videos
-Dejavu (off-spring of Bitsream) is among the default fonts in lieu of Bitsream Vera as Dejavu covers all the features Bitsream has.

-The familiar filesystems available todate on most distribution have been added, (i.e. XFS, JFS, VFAT) primarily because many are still hooked on using such filesystems. The next generation filesystems (NILFS2, BTRFS, EXT4), on the other hand, are still available as it is already handy even in the KahelOS installer version 09.09.2009.

Some enhancements are named here for those looking for advance features and stability:
-KahelOS is the first distro to release with GCM and has been tested to be stable. Gnome-Color-Manager is by default installed, along with free and public domain ICC profiles like the compatible version of Adobe RGB (1998) http://www.adobe.com/digitalimag/adobergb.html". GCM gives users the ability to change their ICC profile.

-Due to the unstability of GNOME PackageKit as of this date, we have replaced it with a more stable 'gtkpacman', which is similar to Synaptics Package Manager.

-While on other Linux Distributions 'Hibernate' incur complications (as they rely on hardware ACPI extensions which is not available on all computers), Hibernate and Suspend works perfectly with KahelOS Linux. The simple solution was to change the installation method which incidentally also resolves the kernel not to be choked when loading the filesystem module.

-Metacity Compositor has been placed in lieu of Compiz, due to the white screen bug we have encountered previously. Metacity Compositor does not require a recent video hardware, and will run on almost every user and still having a nice graphical effect without necessitating a new video card.

-In place of the braille fonts (ttf-ubraille) is the GNU FreeFonts which contains a braille writing system, the reason for removal of ttf-ubraille is because it is unusable for normal users without a braille printer and even if it's available nothing will be printed on the screen if someone use the fonts.

-KahelOS Linux goes International – KahelOS Linux now supports displaying all major languages available; all asian fonts have been added, as well as language translations by default. Moreover, SCIM (Smart Common Input Method) platform have been included to support inputs from all other languages.

-Better Desktop Search - beagle have been replaced by tracker, a much faster and lighter desktop indexing application.

-Easy VPN via NetworkManager - 3 VPN sub-systems have been added to NetworkManager.

-yaourt – a BSD's port-like source code package installation is by default on KahelOS Linux. This provides the users freedom to install their choice packages and applications that they can truly build for themselves.

-With the utility of Gnome 2.28, users will experience a faster and easier desktop they have not seen before and with the rolling release updates model, users can install the newest applications whenever they want it.

Patience is a virtue, so please do wait for more to come.
-Installation Guide (in English) will follow within the next week
-64 bit testing is ongoing and is underway
-KahelOS repository and mirror in early January 2010.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A spark of KahelOS and F/OSS at QCPU

Before school comes to a temporary halt to make way for the Holidays, Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) Students of Computer Science and Information Technology invited team 8layer to introduce KahelOS on December 11, 2009 at their Novaliches Campus.

There were about 200 students (Freshmen and Senior Year) who gathered at their Multi-purpose hall anxious and curious of what their co-students and faculty member, Mr. Luis Soriano have in store for them.

It was about fiteen past one in the afternoon when we decided to start the session so that we may finish early and students won't be caught at traffic, yet we finished at around 5pm. This only meant for us that the 8lien and Team KahelOS invasion which was merely an offshoot for students to open and expand their horizon on IT is promising. Lest, give the students a bird's eyeview of what they have been missing, the beauty and prowess of Open Source Technologies.

At the onset, we were quite wary on how we can carry through to convey and somehow be understood by more than 200 students but surprisingly we can only see eager faces and garnered a participative audience.

Deng opened the session by touching on the essential and elemental principle and concept of why should one be abreast with and study Open Source. Meric provided the hall with a glimpse of the KahelOS and other F/OSS available for use and study. While Agi on the other hand, had the challenge of conveying principle of programming but really did dwell more on tips on how to be a good programmer and basic of programming using F/OSS Tools and Applications.

In the Philippines, Open Source is barely and rarely part of the school curriculum. That is why with KahelOS through its team and Philosophy, we aim to bring Open Source and the value of learning and innovation to one student at a time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

(SOLVED)Clive Error

When installing clive I got this error on my KahelOS Desktop.

Can't locate clive/App.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10.1 /usr/share/perl5/site_perl/5.10.1 /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib/perl5/core_perl /usr/share/perl5/core_perl /usr/lib/perl5/current /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/current .) at /usr/bin/clive line 31.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/bin/clive line 31.

use this PKGBUILD
# $Id: PKGBUILD 4029 2009-10-13 21:39:43Z ibiru $
# Maintainer: Daniel J Griffiths
# Contributor: Geoffroy Carrier
# Contributor: Benjamin Andresen
# Contributor: Kristaps Esterlins
# Contributor: Byron Clark

pkgdesc="Video extraction/download tool for youtube and other websites."
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
depends=('perl-www-curl' 'perl-uri' 'perl-html-parser' 'perl-config-tiny' 'perl-berkeleydb' 'perl-class-singleton' 'perl-getopt-argvfile')

build() {
cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}
perl Makefile.PL INSTALL_BASE=${pkgdir}/usr INSTALLDIRS=vendor INSTALLVENDORLIB="$pkgdir/usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl"||return 1
make || return 1
make install||return 1
mkdir ${pkgdir}/usr/share
mv ${pkgdir}/usr/man ${pkgdir}/usr/share/man

Here are the steps that I did to install it.
1.mkdir /tmp/clive
2.put PKGBUILD above inside your /tmp/clive directory
3.use or type "makepkg"
this will create: clive-2.2.7-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz
4.install package
pacman -U clive-2.2.7-1-i686.pkg.tar.gz

Let me know if this helps you.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

KahelOS will be @Asia Source 3

On November 7 to 12, 2009, more than 150 participants (40 of which are Filipinos) coming from 17 countries across the Asian Region will gather to share and collaborate on Open Source Topics and Activities.

This is the third leg of the Asia Source Summit and Conference, now dubbed as Asia Source 3. Please see more information on their website.

Bringing ASIA SOURCE 3 to the Philippines, are The International Open Source Network (IOSN) ASEAN+3 with support from InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany, ASEAN Foundation, and Open Society Institute Information Program and co-organized by Tactical Technology Collective and Aspiration

And what has Kahel got to do with Asia Source 3?

Apparently, the organizers commissioned KahelOS Team to provide Asia Source 3 assistance with the KahelOS MIni USB Toolkit.

The 1 gig USB Toolkit is a live usb with some pre-installed Open Source Tools and Applications that were evaluated at the SME Guide. With this Kahel Mini USB Toolkit, users are able to either have a glimpse, preview and assess for themselves such Open Source tools and applications. The developers may also enable LAMP on this USB Toolkit for their own use.

Further, some of the laptops in the one week Asia Source 3 Conference will be installed with KahelOS and will be used by the attendees for the duration of the Event.

Mabuhay Asia Source 3 and our warm welcome goes to all the Participants!

KahelOS Desktop Guide Ready for Download

A Documentation Guide to craft a nearly-perfect desktop. It includes basic tips and commands. Download here:

Monday, October 26, 2009

(SOLVED)Lenovo y510 Video problem (NVIDIA DRIVER) on my KahelOS

After installing KahelOS on my lenovo I noticed that my graphics quality needs some tweaking.
It necessitates an nvidia driver to do the trick.

Installing using pacman -Sy nvidia nvidia-utils will not solve my problem instantly and explicitly. Not in my lenovo model i guess...

Step 1: remove dri driver that is conflicting with my nvidia installation.
pacman -Rnd ati-dri intel-dri mach64-dri mga-dri nauveau-dri r128-dri savage-dri tdfx-dri trident-dri

Step 2. Install nvidia and nvidia-utils that is still in the testing repo.
pacman -Sydf testing/nvidia testing/nvidia-utils

note: make sure to uncomment testing repo on your /etc/pacman.conf
# Testing is disabled by default. To enable, uncomment the following
# two lines. You can add preferred servers immediately after the header,
# and they will be used before the default mirrors.
Include = /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist

Step 3: create /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add the entry below.
Section "Device"
Identifier "Device0"
Driver "nvidia"
VendorName "NVIDIA Corporation"
Option "RenderAccel" "true"
Option "NoLogo" "true"
Option "AGPFastWrite" "true"
Option "EnablePageFlip" "true"

Step 4: modify /boot/grub/menu.lst and add/insert this on kernel..
vmalloc=512m vga=773
ie. kernel /vmlinuz26 root=/dev/disk/by-uuid/ef609507-daab-48c6-bd10-9b12c82953f2 vmalloc=512m vga=773 rootdelay=2 rootfstype=ext4 fastboot ro quiet

Step 5: Edit modprobe.conf
vim /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf

then add this entry
options nvidia NVreg_Mobile=1

Step 6: Edit rc.conf and add nvidia on your MODULE list.
vim /etc/rc.conf

Step 7: edit mkinitcpio.conf and make sure to include modprobe.con under FILES:

vim /etc/mkinitcpio.conf

Step 8: Execute mkinitcpio (Create an initial ramdisk environment)
mkinitcpio -p kernel26

Step 9:Re-install dri dirvers (you will be needing this for the other applications ie. skype-oss etc.)
pacman -Sy ati-dri intel-dri mach64-dri mga-dri nouveau-dri r128-dri savage-dri tdfx-dri trident-dri (

Step 10: Reboot Laptop

That's it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get your own Kahel Download badge!

>Jaja Del Rosario sent a message to the members of Kahel Linux.

Subject: Get your own Kahel Download badge!

Spread the word about Kahel by simply putting a "Kahel" download icon on your website or blog. Choose from an assortment of shapes and sizes at http://www.facebook.com/l/34b37;www.kahelos.org/spreadkahel.php. Then, post your weblink in the Kahel FB Discussion board (http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=171373942221&topic=12749).

You'll never know, but you're in for a "surprise" visit! :)

KahelOS Linux Review

KahelOS just got its first linux review. Check this URL

Not bad for a month-old release distro.
The comment is quite fair and is aligned to our Philosophy (Open for Change).

Personally, what this meant to me is the challenge to persevere into cascading this to more work and unwavering focus.

Also, I would also like to give our special thanks for the people on this forum for their questions,answers and contributions for sure will be one of our motivation to continuously improve this community project.

Happy Kaheling...

P.S. Watch our for our own repository care of the generosity of 8layer's Partner, PLDT Innolab, to support this noble cause.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a web based disaster management system for ready use

Dear All:

We are a concerned IT Team who just finished setting up a web based Disaster Management System, Sahana. This has been used in a lot of disaster and calamities for sometime in some parts of the world.

The link is at http://sahana.kahelos.org – just freely register.

You may use this to track missing persons, those who wish to seek help, medical aids, shelter and provide relevant numbers to those who may need it.

Thank you and we hope this helps.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IT's Good to be FREE!

IT's Good to be FREE!
The 8lien-hosted Software Freedom Day 2009

There were five main activities on the SFD09 "IT's Good to be FREE!" programme: Open Source Discussion, Business and Technical Talks, Install Fest, Makersmeet and Programming Contest. With most of the 400 attendeees coming from the studentry, the Technical Talks got the most registrants.

The morning of September 19, Saturday, 8:00am, the ground floor lobby of Systems Plus College Foundation Main Campus in Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines had quite an influx of excited faces made more vibrant as each received a copy of Kahel OS CD installer. Well-donned martials, ushers and usherettes dressed in Barong Fashion from host SPCF graciously guided the attendees and guests to the carpeted theater where the initial plenary session would be held.

Open Source Initiatives in Education, Business and Government

The SPCF Theater was almost full at 9 o'clock. Before the program officially started the Code Breakers documentary film was shown on the widescreen and by 9:20am, the Philippine National Anthem played followed by an interpretative dance Doxology from the SPCF Dancers. The crowd was hushed as the lights softened on the graceful and svelte movements of prayer on stage.
SFDers were warmly welcomed then by SPCF's Eric Estropia, VP for Administration. Next was Dr. Francis Sarmiento III, Program Manager for IOSN ASEAN+3 briefly sharing on what F/OSS is about and likewise delved on the programs, trainings and immersions that the organization have to put and elevate F/OSS in the mainstream. Two of what interested the audience are the Train the Linux Trainers and the Asian Source3 Conference in November.

Ms. Grace Fabros-Tyler took the podium next sharing to the crowd how SPCF inculcates the values of F/OSS. The Dean of SPCF's CITE (College of Information Technology and Education) also shared of SPCF's approach in integrating Linux and OSS in their curriculum. The college also now has a F/OSS laboratory since last year.

Collaborating and contributing to the Open Source community was also IBM Philippines' call to action as equivocated by Ms. Femee Cruz. She even used IBM's Lotus Symphony's presentation document for her slides. IBM Lotus Symphony is a free and open source office suite with word processor, spreadsheet and presentation, and can be downloaded at http://symphony.lotus.com.
Atty. Richard Pascual enlightened the crowd next on the legal nettles of OSS licensing. It's good to know too that the highest judiciary, Supreme Court of the Philippines, has treaded on OSS by implementing the use of OpenOffice in its realm.

Congressman Teddy CasiƱo, the vigilant lawmaker and proponent of F/OSS Bill, unfortunately couldn't make it to the event. His solidarity message was read by 8layer's Deng Silorio.
Capping the morning session was Mr. Cecilio Tuanquin of Intel Philippines who candidly shared how Intel Chips are made and presented to the SFDers the current trends on server and mobile technology giving a much needed enlightenment of how F/OSS can greatly take on the company's challenge on costs and security.

Much to be credited too were the SPCF Dancers and CITE Dance Troupe for doing perky and lively numbers during some of the talk intervals.

Who says Technical Talks does not spell Fun, Fulfilling and Fantastic?

Simultaneously ongoing was the first set of the Technical Talks that actually started at about 11am at the 3rd Floor of the SPCF CITE Bldg. Every SFD Celebration needs to provide a brief yet meaty presentation about Intro to Linux and F/OSS. And everyone from the room was energized and got a good headstart on Linux as the speakers Mr. Erwin Galang (former 8lien) and our very own Mr. Meric Mara gave the listeners more than a good impression of F/OSS and Linux.
Originally, SPCF prepared two computer labs for the Tech Talks, one for the Install Fest and Makersmeet and one for the Programming Contest.

After most of the SFDers came back from lunch, it turned out that two computer labs was not enough to accommodate all 200 of them so the crowd all wanting to hear about Linux, Kahel and Web Development was sent back to the SPCF Theater.
Simultaneous with the plenary session for Tech Talks was the Tech Talks at the 3rd Flr, the Install Fest and the Programming Contest.

The Vibrance of Linux and Kahel

The bespectacled Joel Bryan Juliano of Team 8lien did a crowd-pleasing headstart. There were no idle moments as he made his way into showing the vibrance of the new Pinoy distro Kahel – an Arch-based OS with Gnome environment. He dubbed it as the “pinakamalupit na OS” which elicited an ecstatic roar and thunderous applause from the crowd.

The basics of Web Development was tackled next by the R&D Group of Team 8lien.
Gregarious Allan “Henyo” de Guzman, who became unexplainably softspoken, shared on Apache web server application. Alec Joseph “Agi” Rivera, whose birthday coincides with the celebration of SFD, was surely himself in confidence as he discussed PHP programming tips. Wynell Mark “Nel” Patricio's engaging talk on MySQL came afterwards and shared with gusto the features and elements of the open source database. And last (but definitely not the least), Vedasto Rey “Koya” Portugal, also the Head of Team 8lien R&D, wowed the crowd as he demonstrated on Symfony, an Open Source framework which, surprisingly, no one from the crowd is familiar with.

Two becomes one roomful

Just after lunch, registration attendants at the computer lab hall informed me that there were only two registrants for the Kahel Install Fest. I shrugged it off and openly welcomed the anticipation of the two registrants. As Roz Vargas started setting up the demo unit, people started coming in and filling up the room. To my surprise too, a number of them were already die-hard Linux users and system administrators making it easier for us to discuss the tekky side of Kahel while showing them how fast and easy the installation is. Not to mention, the boot up process.

Sure enough, technical questions arose. Good thing, our young and preppy CTO Meric Mara was just around the corner to help us answer some of them. Thanks, boss! :)

The elite Astmasters

A few doors from where we are was another roomful of bodies waiting for the Open Source Telephony (Asterisk and 8ix Zenith CE) talk to start. Since we “borrowed” our CTO in the Install Fest, they had to wait a few minutes. Also, some of those in the Install Fest were registrants to Asterisk and 8ix Zenith CE discussion.
It was an elite discussion and Q&A on Telephony and IP-PBX but was made practical, interesting and learning-filled.

Where the challengers are

At computer lab 3, seven brave “geeky” souls were all solemn and serious. It was the room for the Programming Contest with Koya Rey and Rosa Ang overseeing the contestants.
As opposed to the enthusiastic profundity at the Telephony discussion, the emphatic curiosity at the Install Fest and the cheery ambiance at the Theater, Lab 3 was all astute quietude.
After taking some photo evidence (on tiptoes!), I went to get myself a reinvigorating cup of caffeine. :)

A day where everyone is FREE!

As the day clocked to late afternoon, the audience at the plenary were still in high spirits embalmed with precious learnings on F/OSS. They were later joined by the programming contestants, install fest attendees and telephony talk attendees.
Enlivening the crowd (since the morning session by the way) was Mr. Moderator, Mark Castro, who facilitated on getting ALL SFDers to join the “Bring Me” game and “How well did you listen” Q&A. He was not failed by the group as each able-bodied ran to him and to the stage to take on his challenge.
Gifts, freebies and souvenirs courtesy of the event partners, IBM Phils., Intel Phils., and PLDT CBG were given away before the final hour ticked in.
Who else would have taken home the most freebies but the programming contest winners!
Our hats off to top placer Wilfredo Vallente, Marielle Faye Garcia in second and Jan Marie Galban in third. Kudos too to Jheric de Guzman, Norwin Lacson, Richard Lim and Denn Mark Balingit who surely did well.

If the Source is with you, the Force is with you

Team 8lien in partnership with Sytems Plus College Foundation (special thanks to SPCF MIS Director Raymund Lazarito) made a mark that day.
The 400 attendees to the “IT's Good to be FREE!” SFD09 event was but a speck in the local population but a fine start in reaching a good number to evangelizing the benefits and values of F/OSS.
Software Freedom Day 2009 is but one of those days when F/OSS is a highlight and part of our sharing. But for Team 8layer, Everyday is just another day; living, innovating and making the most out of IT.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8ix Zenith CE was at the 8layer's Celebration of the Software Freedom Day 2009 at the Systems Plus College Foundation, Angeles, Pampanga, PH

8ix Zenith CE was at the 8layer's Celebration of the Software Freedom Day 2009 at the Systems Plus College Foundation, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines.

IT Professionals and Faculty Members and even students from Schools and Institutions from Pampanga, Tarlac, Bulacan,. Baguio, Subic and Olongapo appreciated the Asterisk Technology more (which most of us know is another kind of "animal" when it comes to programming) when 8ix Zenith CE was also presented to them.

8ix Zenith CE, the Asterisk-Derived IP Telephony Solution was discussed at the Tech Talks by 8layer's CTO, Meric B. Mara wherein he provided background on the OLD Telephony System to the emergence of the IP Telephony. Features of Asterisk Based and Derived Apps were of course discussed and the benefits that were raised were on cost-reduction, enhancement of communication, applicability and scalibility.

The audience were daunting and very participative that made the discussion livelier and more informative.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kahel OS. Do IT Right.

Dear Fellow Open Source Enthusiasts and Linux Advocate cum "Passionistas":

The Advent of one of the Filipino Contributions has dawned to the IT World. Kahel OS.

At first, i wish to write "... The Advent of one of the significant and relevant Filipino Contributions has dawned to the IT World. But it would only be significant if IT's goal will be attained and relevant if users may realize IT's value in the long run.

Kahel OS is not just an Operating System so to speak. IT is not just a Technology Product on a Linux and Open Source Platform added to the thousands of FREE Distros already available in the community. IT does not explicitly want to be different or to be set apart from the rest. However, among others, we simply would like Kahel OS (just like our team) to be the embodiment of our IT Values and Philosophy.

Kahel OS is based on Arch Linux. http://www.archlinux.org.

Kahel OS believes that there is no Distro War. Kahel OS would not like to attempt to break barriers. But believes that there is an Open Source Apps just for everyone: for one's taste and choice. Kahel OS does not impose; "that this one is better than that one"...Instead, IT's banner and call is "To reinforce to schools and students, organizations and individuals and advocates (organized and not) that IT is also ALL about VALUES, not just computers and operating systems". Kahel OS is Simple yet Flexible, Free yet Strictly adhering to Standards,Open yet Closed to those with a closed view, Cool and Light yet Powerful on Applications. Kahel OS is Encouraging learning and sharing. That IT will truly flourish if we complement our natural and nurtured skills and knowledge with the understanding of why one is gifted

We cannot distinguish distinctly who should use Kahel OS or who is it for yet we darn know that:
1. Kahel OS is not for the lazy and ignorant.
2. Kahel OS is not for those who do not like to learn (spare a few days) and is not a fan of innovation.
3. Kahel Os is not for those who only dares try it, may be dissatisfied but does not give his/ her comment or input on why he is dissatisfied/ dislikes it, so as IT could improve.
4. Kahel OS is not for those who prefers pirated OS because he/ she does not like to purchase one.
5. Kahel OS is not for those who can spare money for Desktop OS, but could not think of others and spare money for relevant causes on learning and education (because he/she thinks, it's not his/her job, it's the Government's.)
6. Kahel OS is not for those with a closed mind and perspective.
7. Kahel OS is not for those Filipinos who believes that a Filipino can only make it if you're not in the Philippines.
8. Kahel OS is not for those who are already happy and content with their current Desktop OS and you feel it's not worth keeping your options OPEN.

But then again, you aske me "Why should one try out Kahel OS?"

Here are 8 reasons: (i'll also try to express its benefits)

1. It is based on a Rolling Release Model - Genuine Upstream Source

Benefit. This means that you do not need to wait for months or for the next OS release to be updated with the newest applications available. (1) effortless updates of applications, and, (2) lesser time and MBs spent on getting the most recent available application and kernel releases.

2. Utilizing the Newest Linux Kernel 2.6.30.

Benefit. This means that there will be more devices/ drivers that could be supported. WIMAX is one of them (please read this separately for your appreciation). WIMAX of which is an emerging broadband wireless standard supported and included in this kernel. Fast Boot. Boot up is under 10 seconds (Environment Friendly).

3. Kahel is using all the default and suggested applications for Gnome, which makes everything tightly integrated. Default Gnome Applications for Office, Multi-Media and Web- Browsing.

Benefit. This is most likely appreciated by already Linux Users but for the layman, necessary applications are already in place upon boot up of the Kahel OS. However, you can still be able to install other Linux Applications.

4. Supports for latest NILFS2, BTRFS by default. Support for Next Generation Technologies.

Benefit.This implies that applications are provided with improved filesystem scalibility and performance.

5. Utilizing Pacman and Package Kit

Benefit. With the Pacman and Package Kit, easy installation of applications is enabled.

6. Source Code Installation-Capable.

Benefit. This simply implies that if you have favorite applications (you need not compile), all you need to do is type yourt (with the application name) on the console and voila, your application is installed and ready to use.

7. All applications is i686 and x86-64 optimized.

Benefit. With the availability of the Technology of the New CPU's in the market, special features such as multi-threading are put to use and maximized because all applications are compiled on i686. Thus, Applications run very fast. No backward compatibility bottleneck.

8. Most of all, IT is FREE as IT is our gift to all. IT is an innovation of a dedicated and passionate team that espouses the same values and philosophy Kahel OS has. The team, 8liens.

8liens believes that IT (Information Technology) is not a world apart from our daily living, its transcendental path is towards eliminating mediocrity, harnessing skills, alleviating our economic strength as a whole while fostering nationhood as we search for our global niche.

Kahel OS does not like to sound preachy, and does want to teach without a cause, but Kahel OS is for sure here, When you need IT. Do IT right.

Kahel Desktop OS to join Software Freedom

It will be an event that will test how "tasty" citrus Kahel will be when it takes center event during the Software Freedom Day celebration at Angeles City, Pampanga (Philippines).

The SFD09 event dubbed "IT's Good to be FREE" is hosted by 8layer Technologies, Inc. which also spearheads Kahel's development.

A Kahel Desktop OS Intall Fest is scheduled to happen for the whole duration of the event on September 19, Saturday, from 9am to 5pm at Systems Plus College Foundation, Angeles City. CD installers of Kahel Desktop will also be given away.

Other event details happening during the 8lien-hosted SFD09 are just as enjoyable. For the complete listing of activities and programme, visit http://www.8layertech.com/sfd.

Kahel OS is the only desktop and server Arch-based distro that follows a rolling release schedule, boasts of optimum performance on i686 and x86-64 systems, and has btrfs, nilfs and ext4 filesystems.

IBM Phils., Intel Phils. and PLDT Corporate Business Group are co-hosting the event, too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kahel OS is a winner's bet this lucky day of 9s

September 09, 2009 - Wednesday

... and you don't even have to make an out of pocket expense to draw the winning cards!

This is IT! Your winning hand. Your computer's fantasy made real.

Kahel is a Linux™ operating system and desktop utility that promises a radical change on your computing experience, and the ideal hit for personal or business use.

Why use Kahel OS Desktop?

DL Kahel Desktop

100% Free and Open Source Software

Most press releases would often pitch on the word "FREE" followed by clauses like "for a minimum purchase of", "if you place your order before" or "when you dial now and be the 999th caller".
You'll never see Kahel OS on the Price is Right. Kahel OS is plain FREE. Period.

Simply Effective, Simply Entertaining

Kahel OS gets you organized and productive. Kahel has IT - email, calendar, office suite, multimedia and entertainment.
You also have the freedom to get limitless picks of open source applications - no demowares, no sharewares, no viruses!
IT is Kahel. You can do voice and video calls, connect via social networks, play music or any audio files, watch movies and videos, manage your iPod and organize your photos all right on your desktop. Kahel has IT!

IT is for ALL

As much as we want you to close your Windows, Kahel can still let you run Window-based applications -- without the fearsome Blue Screens of Death! Give your computer the freshest massage to give it a boost.

By running Kahel, you'll know the real meaning of Speed. And yes, even games run fast on Kahel.

IT is a Legacy

Kahel is a dream, a goal and now a fruition. It evolved from the passion to innovate on the available Linux kernel features and integrating these with those we think are "cool-and-dreamy" ones.

Kahel is a gift and a manifestation of the collaborating Filipino spirit that believes in the competence of the global IT community.

As an Open Source Software, Kahel shall therefore maintain to remain FREE OF CHARGE with an active community to support it.

Power your PC with Kahel OS and be one of those who truly lived to make 09.09.09 the luckiest 9 of all time!
Well, at least for your desktop.

DL Kahel Desktop

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Six steps to future-proof your telephone system

By Tristan Degenhardt, Digium
Posted on ZDNet News: Jul 21, 2009 10:53:05 AM

Imagine if you had the chance to buy a car 10 years ago that included a DVD player, Sirius XM radio, OnStar, automatic parking capabilities and dozens of other advanced features. Chances are you would snap it up in a heartbeat and not think about purchasing a car for years.

In the corporate telephony world, there are choices you can make today that include features and functionality that most companies won’t see or use for years. These same systems are versatile enough to address new technologies that have yet to be developed.

This checklist of 6 ways to future-proof your organization’s phone system investment should help you make a smart decision for your organization today and as it grows.

1. Stay away from VoIP lipstick on a legacy PBX pig
Hardware-based Phone System vendors are losing market share and sales are slumping like never before. Software-based phone solutions are also feeling the pressures of the economy but fared far better than hardware-based solutions over the past quarter.

This trend will likely continue, so hardware-based PBX vendors believe the best way to compete is to start bolting on VoIP capability to their products. What this really does is extend the life of these products for a little while, but they don’t stand a chance against VoIP solutions built from the ground up. Get ahead of the game with a native VoIP system.

2. Consider open source
More and more organizations are running mission-critical parts of their business on open source. What was once thought to be the focus of a small group of uber-geeks has emerged as a viable enterprise option. The open source community boasts many developers, creating the next big breakthroughs. While large organizations may topple (read: Nortel), Open source can live on beyond the corporation. It also delivers cost-savings and avoids vendor lock-in.

3. Alleviate management headaches
Proprietary systems require fancy training and certification. As your organization grows, staff turns over or the company consolidates, you don’t want to be stuck in the constant cycle of costly and time-consuming retraining/certification or having to outsource with a pricey, certification brandishing consultant. Pick a system that offers a simple Web interface, similar to other hardware around the office such as routers, firewalls and other systems in your business.

4. Prepare for success
No one goes into business to fail, but many are not prepared for success. Scalability of your phone system is a critical consideration when making a purchase. You want to select a phone system that doesn’t penalize you for your success; this means one that doesn’t charge you and arm and a leg to add users, or is unable to expand to be as large as you require.

5. Don’t be the only one on the block without the cool technology
Analysts agree that companies are moving towards unified communications, where a single solution can provide access to things like conferencing, faxing, chat, etc. Advanced phone systems can even provide a Google map of the caller’s location, video calling, listen-in functionality (great for training and customer service quality assurance), and integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) and ERP systems, etc. Don’t be left out in the cold as new and powerful tools that can help your employees work more efficiently or communicate more effectively come online. Make sure the system you purchase can seamlessly integrate each of these technologies as well as those not even yet developed by using a widely used integration hooks, like XML.

6. It’s time to get out of here
Mobility is not only a hot buzz word in organizations throughout the world, it’s a reality that companies must face in order to remain competitive. In addition, as a company grows, it’s likely that they will want to open offices in geographically dispersed locations. Whether an employee moves across town or across the country, your organization opens an office in Binghamton or Bangladesh, or your suppliers or tech support are located in China, choose a phone system that doesn’t care where you are. Flexibility is key.

Tristan Degenhardt is director of product marketing for Switchvox at Digium.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Come Celebrate Software Freedom Day 2009 with 8layer and Partners

On the 3rd Saturday of September (09/19/09), this is the time of the year where “IT Activists” Celebrate the essence of FREEDOM. Liberation from cost, from ignorance and FREEDOM to innovate.

That though FOSS and Using FOSS is FREE; Learning and Being Learned is PRICELESS.

Together with Systems Plus College Foundation (Angeles,Pampanga), IBM Phils, Intel Phils and PLDT Business Solution Group, we are happy to share the beauty and value of FOSS and the priceless benefits that we will reap using FOSS.

This year is bigger and better as we had more than a month's preparation of planning and organizing the said event. And why is this better than last year?
  • We are fortunate to have System Plus College Foundation host this as their new Multi-Purpose Theater. Our Event Partners, are coming as well to grace the event, IBM Phils., INTEL Phils. And PLDT Business Solutions who in one way or another do also have OPEN Source Initiatives.
  • There are more events to watch out for like install fest, makersmeet, programming competition. For more details, we also have an official website for this year's Celebration http://www.8layertech.com/sfd
  • Likewise, this marks the launch of our homegrown DISTRO's; 8ix Zenith CE and KAHEL OS (CD installers will be distributed for FREE with the generous support of the partners we mentioned)
  • And it will be an ALL DAY sharing and gathering of all FOSS lovers from the Region. Students, Faculty from the Academe, Business Sector and Open Source IT Professionals

And even amidst unguided and derailed thoughts and actions, 8layer still always carry the hope and fortitude of a brighter tomorrow.

So, Come and Join the fun-filled activities and sharing at SFD2009; Systems Plus College Foundation at Angeles, Pampanga. For more details and registration, visit http://www.8layertech.com/sfd/

Friday, August 07, 2009

Microsoft Admits Fear of Linux


Microsoft has long pooh-poohed Linux as a desktop competitor. But a recent filing with the Security and Exchange Commission has the company admitting for the first time that Linux represents a significant threat to Windows.

TechFlash reports that in Microsoft's recent annual filing with the SEC, it listed for the first time Ubuntu's maker Canonical, and Linux distributor Red Hat as competitors to its Client division, which makes Windows. Previously, TechFlash says, Red Hat was listed but only as a competitor to its Business and Server & Tools divisions.

In its annual filing, Microsoft warns that Linux is a threat to Windows, particularly in emerging markets and for netbooks. It also warns that Apple is a threat, but it's said that before. The big news is the addition of Linux. Here's what the filing says:

Client faces strong competition from well-established companies with differing approaches to the PC market. Competing commercial software products, including variants of Unix, are supplied by competitors such as Apple, Canonical, and Red Hat. Apple takes an integrated approach to the PC experience and has made inroads in share, particularly in the U.S. and in the consumer segment. The Linux operating system, which is also derived from Unix and is available without payment under a General Public License, has gained some acceptance, especially in emerging markets, as competitive pressures lead OEMs to reduce costs and new, lower-price PC form-factors gain adoption. Partners such as Hewlett-Packard and Intel have been actively working with alternative Linux-based operating systems.

The filing goes on to add that Windows is also threatened by platforms and devices that might curtail demand for PCs. And it notes browser alternatives that could hurt it as well. Here's what the filing says:

TechFlash notes that Google, Apple, Opera, and Android are new in this section; last year only Mozilla was listed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catch the 8ix Telephony Solution Suite at SMX CCAP Event from July 15-16, 2009!

Catch the 8ix Telephony Solution Suite at SMX CCAP Event from July 15-16, 2009! http://www.ccap.ph/

At the PLDT booth where there are varied platforms and business solutions to fit and address your business requirements, 8layer also showcased 8ix Televantage and 8ix Zenith.

Also visit the PLDT Booth to take a look on the full managed service provided by PLDTSNAP (http://www.pldt.com/snap!)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Our 8ix Zenith CE Forum

To all 8ix Zenith CE Collaborators:

Here's just a simply cool great news!
Let us organize and send in our inputs, comments and ways to hasten and meaningfully accent our collaboration.


Let's make it happen,


Friday, July 03, 2009

8ix Zenith Community Edition

8ix Zenith CE

True to its name, 8ix Zenith has just gone celestial, leaping bounds and borders to finally become fluid and FREE!

This is the hottest brew: 8ix Zenith Community Edition, flavored with the most essential spices to resolve the daunting boundaries of telephony communications: cost, customization and cliches.

Down with the Cost

No need for a calculator. When we say free, it means F-R-E-E. Just imagine, no gigantic recurring monthly bills, no proprietary license to subscribe in, no hard-nosed i-am-the-only-guy-who-can-troubleshoot-your-system to enlist support for.

Done with Customization

8ix Zenith CE has done that for you. Easy does it with the 8ix Zenith CE web-based management system. As long as you know your numbers and alphabet (and some telephony terms to your advantage), you're all set!

But then, aren't we only limited by our imagination? Adding more features or enhancing some is a sure go. Download 8ix Zenith CE and give it a go. You may also opt to receive updates by joining the 8ix Zenith community.

Deal with the Cliches


It's here, It's FREE.
What are you waiting for?

When it's free, there has got to be a catch. Well, the catch here is... maybe, we're out of our minds? Are we really risking to compete with the already established telephony solutions provider, but without the golden pricey tags?

In the 8lien world, when ITs FREE, everyone gets to test and taste. The only cliche that never fails.

Are these the same features that your PBX has?

  • Unlimited Locals
  • VoIP Solution (Voice Over IP gateway)
  • Call Conferencing
  • IVRS (Interactive Voice Response Service)
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forward on Busy (Follow Me)
  • Voicemail (VM to Email)
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Pick up
  • Music on Hold
  • Time Condition
  • Caller ID
  • Ring All

Can it do...

  • Backup and Restore
  • Outbound and Inbound Management
  • User Management
  • Customized Voice Prompts
  • Echo Cancellation
  • PIN Set
  • Call Screening and Blacklist

Does it have...

  • E-Fax
  • Virtual Server
  • Paging and Intercom
  • Video Conferencing

And if you are not yet technically challenged...

  • Extensions Management (IAX/SIP/ZAP)
  • SIP, IAX, Analog and Digital Trunking
  • Configurable to any Phone Medium
  • Flexible Dial Plan

If we didn'make it any hotter, how else can we interest you to try FREE?

Exchange news, updates and tidbits about 8ix Zenith. Join us!


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Collaborate with our new offering to Communicate: The 8ix Zenith CE

This invite goes to linux /asterisk afficionados who believes that life and living continuously evolve and improve with our dedication to innovation and values on collaboration.

The 8ix Zenith CE is one rare manifestation of a Filipino Collaboration and of our advocacy on the robust and prowess of the Open Source Technologies. Thus, our simple and sincere offering to all.

8ix Zenith CE spells a new drive of an asterisk-derived IP Telephony Solution. A Distro that is on an easy mode for those who are in need of a ready to deploy IP PBX Solution and the developers telephony platform for those who would want to challenge himself/ herself with more vibrant and exciting features that you can think of and integrate.

8ix Zenith CE is here and FREE, what are you waiting for?

Our Google Group:

Our Official Website:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tux,TUz and Juancho

Ya Betta Watch Out...

... and you don't have to pout, you need not cry just read on because we are tellin' you why...

8ix Zenith CE Telephony System is coming to your Town!

Yes, Team 8layer is not only sharing you a sip but a cup of your own coffee to experience our own brew of our Asterisk Derived Telephony Solution.

It's Hot!
Fresh from the brew, you can download our 8ix Zenith CE (Community Edition) Distro derived from Asterisk 1.6.2 this July 2009. No need to install a separate operating system and application.

It's Bolder!
8ix Zenith CE is a distro bundled on top of our KahelOS (this one is a must to watch out for too!). Our team has innovated it, in such a way, that it is going to be the Developers Choice. Why? Because why would we make one, if it's not going to be better? Powerful; optimized to give your machine more transcoding prowess. Feature-Rich; efax and video conferencing are some glits of the system. Isn't that something to look forward to?

Just the Right Taste!
And for those Asterisk Enthusiasts and Developers, you can do and have your own blend and mix to suit your exquisite palate. Nothing is too strong or too sweet, make it your own Distro!

The 8ix Zenith CE: Communication Galore, What's next is up to you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

PHP Programmers: On the Loose?

A lot of IT Companies, here and abroad are in DIRE NEED of programmers,yes a lot...

Imagine just in the past ten years, Schools and Colleges mushroomed with IT Courses and produced graduates, tons of graduates.. And just where are they? How come our IT Industry needs are not apples with the quality and skills that these Academes produce? Care to respond to this?...(please do)

So, here we are at 8layer also in need of PHP Programmers. And not just plainly or extremely adept with it, but those would like to teach others so that together we can fill the gap and probably the lack and get rid of those “bug-full” and cluttered programming.... “yon bang may sense of attribution at contribution yong programming skill mo... yong may sense of fulfillment at sense of achievement ang programming skill that you were endowed with.

Anyways, if you are what you need – a PHP PROGRAMMER WITH knowledge on:
Programming Languages: PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Java servlets, XML
Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
Operating Systems: Linux
Opensource Editing Tools (nano,vi,pico,quanta plus, etc.)

Essential Qualifications:
-Analytical and with above average problem solving skills
-Attentive to design and technical details
-Has an open attitude (as we say, lives, breathes, eats and drinks open
-Willingness to adapt to new environment and share knowledge and skills
-Good team player
-Has above average communication skills
-Must have an excellent and positive work ethics

Computer Science or Any Course related to Software Engineering or
Related Work Experience

Musically Inclined
He/She Drinks...

So, if you're interested, first visit our website www.8layertech.com (para may masagot ka sa unang tanong sa interview :-) ) , then interest us with who you are and what you can become . So much for that, email us your simple desire and whims and your programming frustrations and also
your profile to careers@8layertech.com

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The BAIT for that HTF (Hard-to-find) Genuine Open Source IT Master

8layer is in need of Senior Developers for Asterisk,RoR and PhP with Class, Taste and Style

* Whose sense of Class is defined by COMPLETING THE JOB with no excuses, no ifs, no buts.
* Whose sense of Taste is determined by his/her passion, drive and goals to learn, do and be more, that what he/she is Now.
* Whose sense of Style is cultured, nourished and grounded with his/her belief that in giving back to society, one's legacy remains.

At 8layer, our strength is characterized by the people; their skills and values. We believe, That IT is all about People.
As we say, Many has conquered but only a handful shall linger to serve ITs purpose.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Paglaki ko gusto kong Maging Manager, Pero hindi yong Follow-Up Manager...

Naisip ko lang noong bata pa ako. Madalas ay ako ang pinapakolekta ng Mama ko sa kanyang mga pautang sa tindahan. May kodigo pa akong palara ng sigarilyo at gumagamit ng bolpen na madalas ay sinusunog ko pa ang tuktok or parteng panulat nito upang lumabas ang tinta. Palagay ko ay maayos ko namang nagagawa kahit papaano yung inaatas sa akin ng aking mahal na ina.

Ganito siste ko noon, umagang umaga palang tatakbo na ako sa kalye at magbabahay bahay. Nakatsinelas at may dalang plastic ng yelo na nakaipit o nakasukbit sa aking short bilang lagayan baryang nakolekta. Uuwi ako non na may maayos na koleksyon at balita o report kung bakit ang ilang kapitbahay namin ay hindi nakapagbayad. Naaalala ko na ginagawa ko itong aktibidad na ito tuwing sabado at linggo.

May mga pagkakataon na nababawasan ang aking trabaho na ito sa tuwing may mga kapitbahay kami na kusang pumupunta sa tindahan namin at nagbabayad ng kanilang mga pinangakong utang dala ang kanilang kopyang palara at papapirmahan sa mama ko o minsan sa akin na nangangahulugang bayad na sila.

Naalala ko lang itong kwento na ito. Kasi di pa uso ang computer noon. Marahil masasabi ko na mataas pa ang pagkukusa ng mga tao noon at hindi sila “complacent” kung baga may sariling palo. May mga mangilan-ngilan din naman na talagang pasaway at talagang kailangan pang puntahan sa kanilang mga bahay o i-follow-up para lang tumupad sa kanilang mga pangako.... na minsan kung hindi makakatupad..nakakatawang NAGTATAGO TALAGA sila sa kanilang pagkakautang o napakaraming samut saring ALIBI na tila baga naghihiraman sila ng idadahilan linggo linggo.

Dangan kasi ngayon sa modernong panahon, marahil ay hindi nabago lalo pa sa mga usaping trabaho. Namana marahil ng ilang “professional” ang mga ganitong gawi. Magtago o Mag-Alibi. Pero meron din namang nabibilang na nagkukusa at alam ang kanilang mga obligasyon. May ilan naman na tahasang pilit na pinaninindigan kahit i-follow-up o hindi ang patuloy na pagiging pasaway at pag-suway.

Sa mundo kasi ng TRABAHO. Work ikanga sa ingles. Malaki ang pagkakaiba nito sa JOB o sa tagalog, namamasukan.

Sa akin kasing pagkakaunawa, may saysay ang salitang trabaho kapag ito ay tapos at may impact sa mga taong “naratnan” nitong trabahong ginawa mo. Pero ang pagpasok o Job ay pumapasok ka lang dahil may suweldo ka at kailangan mong pakainin ang mga anak mo o di kaya'y magbayad ng upa etcetera, kahit di mo tapos ang iniatang sa iyo, walang pag-aanalisa, de kahon, at kahit walang dating sa iyo ang mga ipinagagawa o proyektong kinasasangkutan mo... ayun kaya ka burnt out o talagang wala ka lang pakialam.

Ano bang mga obserbasyon o rekomendasyon ko sa pag-resolba nito?

Marahil ang “kapaki-pakinabang na Checklist” checklist na nagagamit hindi yung checklist for the sake na may listahan ngunit walang pagmonitor ng mga ito at pagbibigay ng mga resulta.

ang maging “analytical at critical thinker at tunay na problem solver” .
  • minsan kasi kahit may napakaganda at kumpletong checklist ka na, pero hilaw talaga sa diskarte ang siste o di naman alam kung pano gamitin ang checklist, e sablay pa rin. Mauuwi sa PANGAKONG NAPAKO o walang solusyon o di kaya ay nag “LO-LOOP” o walang katapusang proyekto. Na puwede ring mag-hanggan sa mawalan na ng gana at wala na ring relevance ang trabahong ipinagagawa sa iyo, DAHIL maaaring may gumawa na ng trabaho mo o hindi na kailangan pa ang dapat mo sanang ginawa/trabaho... ergo puwedeng mawalan ka na ng trabaho.

    Kaya dapat, maging ganado sa pag-gawa. Sabi nga sa mundo ng mga programmer “hanggang may momentum” laban at wag hahayaang mawala ito harangan man ng sibat. Kasi ito yung pinaka mahirap ibalik pag nawala. Ending..ikaw ang talo. Pero hindi lang sa programming ito, kahit sa anong trabaho, kailangan ng sigla at buhay. Yun bang passionate ka at kahit simpleng gawain lagyan mo ng creativity at innovation... tawag nga namin dito sa 8layer e LIBOG. Pag hindi malibog ang gawa mo e malamang supot.

    Ang sa akin, ang realisasyon ko patungkol sa usaping follow-up.

  • Korni ang company na may follow-up manager. Hanggang ngayon sakit nga ito ng mga nag-oopisina sa gobyerno o mala-gobyernong kumpanya sa Pinas e. Hindi lilipat ang papel mo pag hindi ikaw mismo ang naglakad. Sumasalamin kasi ito sa angulo na may problemang disiplina at kawalan ng pakialam o malasakit ang mga tao. Basta sila sumuweldo, tapos.

  • Wala pa naman akong nakikitang plantilyang ganito, pero kung may manager kang ganito lang ang ginagawa kundi mag-follow up (na bukod sa makain sa ORAS na dapat sana ay gumagawa na ng ibang kapaki-pakinabang na bagay para sa pagpapa-unlad) bumabagal na rin sya at maaring mahihinang klase ang mga taong gumagalaw lang at nag-dedeliver pag fino-follow up.

  • Ayoko nga ng ganitong trabaho, ang ganda sana ng tunog e... Mr Mara, i am hiring you as a Manager, The Follow-Up Manager.... ulck,kadiri, ang sagwa!!! tsaka parang nakakatawa... isang kumpanya o bansa tayo na para bagang de susi... uusad lang o tatapos pag may tumapik at magsasabing, “ASAN NA?”

    Basta ako ang masasabi ko lang at may kasabihan kaming mga MARA na, “Ang batang nangongolekta ng pautang, Paglaki, ayaw maging follow-up manager.” YUN!
  • Friday, April 03, 2009

    Letter From the CEO: At FOUR We Know There Is MORE.

    Time is rather so swift that i got to lift my butt to make way and turn a leaf of another year that has delightedly pass.

    Yes, we have just passed our four years of being able to sincerely take on to serve our clients and trade partners and with the determination towards innovation, first among others is ourself and as a team.

    Taking on the HAT of an 8lien (what we call an individual 8layer), is never an easy task and not a joke at all. Just imagine, having to be responsible for the business of a client.

    But the wacky, fun-filled and all out party last night with our team, joined by our friends, partners, clients and colleagues in the industry shows the other side of our nature when we are not in front of our computers (silent, focused and undisturbed).

    At FOUR,
    We are still rather young, like a child, learning to ride a bike or shoot the ball in the basket... YET never stopping until we get to ride the bike with no hands or be a basketball pro “ala Kobe Bryant”.

    At FOUR,
    When we passed THREE, we know what/where we want to be. And growing up now that got pass FOUR, meant that we must know what we need to be, to be who and where we want to be. (magulo ba?, hindi makulit lang.)

    At FOUR,
    We will focus and aim that each 8lien should live and have our CORE VALUES:
    COMPETENCE [complete to compete]
    MATURITY [sincerity on maturity]
    INNOVATION [masturbation towards innovation]

    At FOUR we know there is More;
    More to the essence of growing up and that though growing old is inevitable we got to make use of our time and talents wisely.
    More of touching lives and making people discern that IT won't work for them, if they won't even care about IT or their work.
    More of giving of who we are through our innovative ways, whether it be solutions or just plainly talking to you about what Open Source Advocacy can do for you or your organization.
    More to life than just gadgets and computers, that IT is made up of people (flesh, blood, thinking and feeling), who wants IT to work for you.

    Let me share with you some exciting and notable things that happened too as we got to 4:

    -Introduced IBM Lotus Foundation in the Philippines and our Kuya Rey Got his certification on IBM DB2.
    -Software Freedom and Evangelized Linux and Opensource in the Philippines with PLDT and URSolution
    -Personally met the founder of Digium and the Creator of Asterisk at during the Asterconference in Malaysia. (brought home 2 E1 cards as well from the raffle)
    -Rebootcamp and Zambales-bonding experience and strategized /understand SWOT towards our Fully Meshed Topology
    -Finalist on Phil Web Awards and One of our government projects via PLDT Snap won the Peoples Choice Award.
    -Continuously contribute some of our software to FOSS community ; Charozt,Mail8 and Clix
    -We got a new Pearl Drumset for our Music Room
    -We were joined by one of the Hard Core Linux Enthusiast and Advocate as a Senior Programmer and part of our RND Team. He aims to promote Open Source in our Country and imbibed in him to be an Innovator and not just as a User as well.

    At FOUR there is MORE and we will Keep 'Em Coming...

    Meric B.Mara

    Thursday, April 02, 2009

    4 years, and counting!

    Apat na taon na pala...ang bilis, di ko pansin ang bilis ng panahon. =)
    tumatanda na pala kami...ako... =)

    kuya spencer: salamat sa madaming design na ito =) mabuhay ka.


    Thursday, March 26, 2009

    Introducing Lotus Foundations Start 1.1 & Lotus Foundations Branch Office 1.1

    Lotus Foundations Start 1.1 offers a variety of enhancements and upgrades from Start 1.0 including:

    Lotus Foundations Run

    The Lotus Foundations Run feature provides support for running additional types of applications. Lotus Foundations Run includes support for VMware Server 2 so that customers can protect their existing appliance investment with an experience that is superior to running applications on their native operating environment. Customers will benefit from the stability of a Linux-based system while enjoying the ability to support the wide array of applications irrespective of operating system. Separately available at no charge to business partners is the VMware Server 2 Add-on for IBM Lotus Foundations Run which includes a one-click installation of VMware Server 2 for Lotus Foundations.

    Lotus Foundations scalable services

    Many enterprises have small teams in remote offices and don’t have the same IT resources to manage those environments. These remote offices still require comprehensive infrastructure and collaboration solutions to stay connected to the central office, and more importantly, cost effective solutions so they can stay in business. IBM Lotus Foundations scalable services provides support for distributed deployment of Lotus Foundations Start. Scalable services introduce the ability for multiple Lotus Foundations servers to span across the organization both logically and geographically in order to meet the varying needs of the different segments of the business. They do this by introducing a centralized hierarchical management of the Lotus Foundations servers to provide the overall ease of deployment and administration.

    Intelligent disk backup (idb) enhancements

    Enhanced idb features include:

    * Multi-job support
    * Quotas on jobs
    * Local encrypted jobs
    * Weekly/Monthly backup frequencies
    * Data retention (i.e., ability to set threshold for data retention)
    * Enhanced user interface
    * Ability to suspend jobs

    New versions of software

    * Lotus Domino 8.5
    * Lotus Notes 8.5
    * Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) 8.0.2
    * Lotus Symphony 1.2

    User interface enhancements

    * New user interface enhancements include:
    * A new backup page with localization of dates/numbers
    * A new tabbed layout providing easier navigation
    * © Copyright IBM Corp. 2009 1
    * Login error messages are now larger and appear in red

    Additional languages supported

    * Russian
    * Polish
    * Greek
    * Czechoslovakian
    * Hungarian
    * Portuguese
    * Turkish

    Lotus Foundations Branch Office 1.1

    Lotus Foundations Branch Office is designed to be used by a branch office location connected into an existing primary Domino Enterprise server for the purpose of local replication and sending and receiving email and other Lotus Domino features. It is assumed that you already have a configured Domino Enterprise server capable of interacting with secondary Domino servers and that you have full administrative access to the infrastructure that you are working with. A strong understanding of the Domino software and administration is essential for ensuring a successful installation of the software. Lotus Foundations Branch Office contains a Lotus Domino server that may be used like any other Lotus Domino server, but there are some Lotus Foundations Branch Office licensing differences:

    * It must be used as a "spoke" within an existing Domino Enterprise server "hub and spoke" infrastructure
    * It must connect into a hub that is a Domino Enterprise Server or IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server It can be used with up to 500 users You cannot use clustering with the Lotus Foundations Branch Office server
    * It does not include bundled packages normally included in other Lotus Domino® packages, such as IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator, or IBM DB2® Enterprise Edition packages

    Monday, March 23, 2009

    usaping trabaho: ang mga problema at mga solusyon

    Minsan ang sitwasyon alam mo kung ano ang problema... pero ang mas masaklap at mas matinding problema mas madalas e yong walang nag-iisip ng solusyon o kung may solusyon na sana, wala namang umaaksyon... problema ba yon?

    Kahapon kasi, matapos kong idownload ang HTML version ng 2nd Edition ng TFOT at gamit ang wget command.

    wget -mk -np http://astbook.asteriskdocs.org/en/2nd_Edition/

    naligaw ako sa website ng digium. tapos binasa ko yung timatawag na "culture" nila.

    eto quote ko lang: "Digium employees find an added joy in their work knowing that they are pioneering this revolution. The Digium offices are filled with innovative problem-solvers in every department, not just in engineering, because fresh thought has been key to Digium's success from the very beginning"


    Ewan ko ba? wala naman akong experience mag work sa kanila. kung baga yung asterisk project lang nila ang madalas kong nalalaro at yung mga TDM card at yung digital card nila na nandito sa office. pero sobra kong nararamdaman yung kultura na ikinukwento nila. sa totoo kasi, ganun din kasi ang isa sa pinangarap kong kultura. kulturang hindi ko sasabihing solusyon na sumali ako sa mala digium na kumpanya...kung baga, dapat may ganung kultura sa ating bansa. bansang tumatawag nilang "developing nation". ngunit kayang sabihin higit sa lahat e "PROBLEM SOLVER" kami..mga hinayupak kayo!

    OO. kulturang kung saan mataas yung tinatawag na pagiging "problem solver".


    Madami dami kasing mga kumpanya na nadaanan ko at naranasan ko na ding magtayo ng kumpanya dati bago pa itong 8layertech-opensource architect na tinatawag ko. madalas-dalas, madaming nakakaalam ng usapin o isyung kumpanya.

    1. may mga talagang nag-aalisan dahil hindi daw gusto ang management o yung mga kasama.
    2. umaalis dahil hindi daw sila bayad o kulang ang bayad.
    3. umalis kasi masarap na magtrabaho daw sa ibang bansa.
    4. may mga tinutungtungan ang mga kalakasan o minsan kahinaan para wag ng maging parte ng solusyon.
    5.at madami pang dahilan o kadahilanan.

    sa madaling sabi,ganun kasimple ang pag-solve ng problema para sa kanila.

    madalas ang nakikita kong parte ng mga solusyon na ay may nagrereklamo,sumasagot at nagpapaliwanag...ito ang mga lagi unang-una sa listahan sa pangangatuwiran kung bat may prolema... at don lamang iikot yon. Paikot-ikot.

    may mga nakikita din akong ALAM NA ALAM "DAW" NILA ANG PROBLEMA.
    kaya ngang isulat sa sampung pahina ng yellow paper ang rationale o kung san nanggaling ang isyu o problema.

    ngunit tsatsamba ka talaga, sa iilan na aalamin at gagawa ng SOLUSYON.

    at sobrang wala sa sampung daliri ko ang naiintidihan ang pagganap o pag-gawa sa tinatawag na "AGARANG" SOLUSYON.

    Pahabol para sa mga madaming Pulikito: PARA SA INYO DIN ITO...kayo pa..kayo nga ang una sa listahan ng mga ganitong sitwasyon.
    ang nakakaalam ng problema, ngunit huli o wala sa pag-aksyon ng problema. PERO ALAM na ALAM NYO ang problema...(di kahit kailan mawawala sa inyo ito, kaya nga kayo tumakbo at nagpahalal e)

    magaling daw tayong mga Pilipino sa planuhan, mahabang usapan at planuhan ulit... pero pag aksyon at resulta na, nabubura na ang mga tinta sa planong naisulat.

    ako alam ko ang problema ko ngayon... alam ko rin ang solusyon... aaksyonan ko na lang... bahala ng magalit sila o sumama ang loob sa akin... ang mahalaga di ko lang alam ang problema, parte ako ng solusyon...

    may mga natutunan nga ako sa mga usaping matatanda: sa isang problema, napakadaming pwedeng solusyon. ngunit isa ang pinaka "THE BEST" na solusyon at diskarte...kung ano ito???....ay "ANG MAGING PARTE KA NG SOLUSYON".

    basta laging tatandaan..ang pinakamasakit na nangyayari sa atin at sa ating organisasyon o samahan eh, yung di ka na nga naging parte na solusyon...naging problema ka pa....sa madaling sabi..puro ka isip....at ubos oras. pero iyon pala ay "WALA..WALA..WALA".

    Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Jim Blasingame of the Small Business Advocate Interviews Caleb Barlow, Integration Executive, Lotus Foundations

    Jim Blasingame of the Small Business Advocate Interviews Caleb Barlow, Integration Executive, Lotus Foundations

    On Tuesday March 17, Jim Blasingame of the Small Business Advocate (www.smallbusinessadvocate.com) interviewed Caleb Barlow, Integration Executive for Lotus Foundations. This excellent interview discusses Lotus Foundations in a very accessible manner for the small business audience.


    Sunday, March 15, 2009


    ilang araw pa lang ang nakakalipas mula ng na mailagay ko sa BLOG ko na ito yung entry na ito- ang pinagsama-sama sa mga sama-sama.


    Eto't nais kong ishare yung nagawa namin ilang oras palang ang nakakalipas. para ito sa isang kanta na nais naming maisama sa album na ilalabas ng aming grupong DEKADA. ang tawag ko nga dito ay PAHABOL (huli man daw at magaling...tiyak magaling pa din)

    kagabi kasi, matapos ang pagrerecord namin sa TRACKS, kumain kami nila Lito at Deng sa TEN02 sa timog at medyo naisingit namin sa kwentuhan yung tula na nagawa ko...tapos napagkasunduan na din namin na magandang maisama ito sa album bilang SUMMARY ng mga kanta. kaya eto't mainit init pa.

    eto na marahil yung final draft ng lyrics (may melody na din ito...abangan nyo nalang =))

    Lyrics: Meric
    Music: Deng
    March 15,2009


    nakarinig ka na ba? ng tila inuulit-ulit?
    paulit ulit na katha
    iyong pakingan upang masulit
    halikat makisali na,eto ang isang pampagana..

    ikaw ba ay puno ng DUDA? (duda ka ng duda)
    wag magpadala sa SABI NILA (sabi nila)
    alam mo nalang ikaw ang kanyang (MSI)
    minamahal, sinisinta at iniibig pa.


    e wag ka ng magtaka (kasi KUMPLIKADO)
    pag may LQ o umabot sa DINA
    OK LANG YAN? pag-daraanan
    basta't may LEKSYON dapat ay solb na.


    o nadinig mo na?
    halinat subukan na.ulit ilitin pa
    mga salitang inuulit,ulit
    okay lang na ulit ulitin pa

    ikaw ay mahe-HELE,sa pagkakahimbing
    at sa iyong paggising pangamba mo'y tila nawala.
    WALA NA..WALA....
    at tayo'y mag-KAPAY na muna.


    o nadinig mo na?
    halinat subukan na
    mga salitang inuulit,ulit
    okay lang na ulit ulitin pa

    okay lang na ulit ulitin,ulit ulitin
    ulit ulitin...at tayo ng ulit ulit pa....

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    nang magkita ang makakapal ang APUG

    Sa mga tunay at lantay na MAKAKAPAL ang APUG.

    Isang masigabong, dumadagundong at maigting na BAGSAK sa ating pagkikita, pagpapalitan ng makabuluhang kuru-kuro at siempre pa kasabay ng San Mig Light sa kabila ng ating kani-kaniyang buhay at pagka-aligaga. whew....!!!

    In behalf of 8layer, we are so happy that finally we have met face to face and shared our experiences, in and out of our common bond, The ASTERISK.

    Our hats off to all of us who were there... Especially sa founder ng APUG na si Mark Q.

    And to those who didnt have the time to be there but wanted to be... we can understand... Pero sige na nga di na ako magpapaka plastik, mamatay kayo sa inggit... hehehe...

    More than excitement, we had fun and it was blast. More than seeing and meeting new faces, we saw smiles and "cute faces"... More than sharing, we got home filled with new learning and keeping up to share, everyday of our lives - the spirit of Open Source...

    OEAN ( O e ano ngayon) na nagkita-kita na tayo...

    This only means that more than our willingness to be there and be part of APUG... is our rooted want to collaborate and be abreast of what could come up or what could transpire, being part of this forum or group - that being said, seemingly is wanting to burst out from within us.

    Being part of this group, i share with you the challenge that rest ahead of us... so what's next?

    I shall be there to support our young and vibrant founder, Mark Q and be there to foster amongst us the spirit of true camaraderie and collaboration... instill in us the true advocacy of why are we called Open Source Practitioners... This may be a privilege for us who are skilled and knowledgeable, but for us, for me most especially, this is a battle cry and a bigger responsibility that necessitates maturity and proper perspective put to action.

    Pero sa huli... isa lang ang dapat nating isipin... walang katuturan lahat yan... kung di tayo feel good after a hard days work and earned not only for oneself but for others... at kung walang lalaguking isang bote ng beer.

    Mabuhay ang lahat ng MAKAKAPAL ang APUG.


    pahabol: eto nga pala ang katunayan at katibayan ng ating pagkikita.

    ulitin natin ito...

    Friday, March 13, 2009

    PINAGSAMA-SAMA- sa mga sama sama

    Sa FB, naging usapin lang ang aming Bandang Dekada, medyo nararamdaman ko na din kasi ang nalalapit na paglabas ng album namin na bunga ng mga pinagsasamang malilikot na isipan at pagmamahal sa larangan ng musika.

    sinimulan kasi ni jaja sa kanyang FB ang "Bukas bibilin mo na to... MSI!"
    hanggang sa mag komento itong si CHOX na isa sa mga matutuwa kang makasama sa mundo na musika (o chox binubugaw na kita...) hehehe.

    eto yung kanyang (choxla) komento...

    narinig ko lang yung DUDA pero walang DUDA!!! Napakaganda ng DUDA!!! sabi nga ng aking Minamahal, Sinisinta at Iniibig, kapag naririnig nya yung mga kanta ng DEKADA, ay para daw syang hineHELE sa ganda.. sabi ko naman OK LANG YAN kasi WALA NA ngayong magagandang kanta kaya sabi ko punta nalang kami ng KAPAY at doon magpalipas ng oras sa pakikinig ng kantang DEKADA. kaso sabi nya, DINA!!! Aba!! muntik pa kaming mag LQ!! kaya sa ngayon, medyo KUMPLIKADO ang aming sitwasyon. isang LEKSYON ang aking natutunan na dapat hindi kayo makikinig sa mga sabi-SABI NILA dahil WALA NAmang mangyayari eh..

    teka, asan ako?? hahaha...

    oha oha oha!!!

    upang maibsan ang pagkainip eto't sa harapan ulit ng aking UBUNTU na bagong install lang ang COMPIZ at gedit 2.24.2 katabi ang isang basong CAFE MOCHA eto't nasubukan ko tuloy gumawa ng isang tula patungkol sa komento na ito ni Chox na dahil na din sa pag-gatong nitong si Deng.

    isa pa,tamang tama din kasi na naghihintay kami ng aming ka-meeting dito sa BO's. para sa isang client na nangangailangan ng 8ix na product namin.


    lugar ng pinaggawaan: BO's coffee
    mga kasama sa kapihan: si rosa,deng at willie
    araw at oras ng pag-gawa: Marso 13,2009,4:26pm

    oh,nakarinig ka na ba?
    ng mga inuulit-ulit?
    paulit ulit sa isang kanta
    halika't makisali, eto ang isa.

    marahil sa pangungusap
    o mga lipol ng letra
    eto't makinig ka
    ibibirit ko lang muna.

    DUDA..duda..yang ang sabi,SABI NILA.
    para sa Minamahal,Sinisinta at Iniibig pa.
    kahit may LQ o maging KUMPLIKADO pa
    OK LANG YAN, basta may LEKSYON solve na.

    o nadinig mo na?
    halinat subukan na.
    mga salitang inuulit,
    okay lang na ulit ulitin pa

    ikaw ay mahe-HELE, o kahit sa tingin mo ay DINA
    sa iyong pagtatanong ng TAYO NA BA?
    nalilito at ano ba ka? wala...WALA NA.
    kaya tara na,tena sa KAPAY na muna.

    o nadinig mo na?
    halinat subukan na.
    mga salitang inuulit,
    okay lang na ulit ulitin pa

    Unang version palang ito na maaaring mabago pa ang mga letra sa susunod na mga araw.
    or pwede ding maging Kanta ulit..malay natin.

    basta sa ngayon ang mahalaga ay may napaglagakan ako ng aking mga patay na oras sa aking pagkainip.

    hanggang sa muli =)

    Friday, March 06, 2009

    wala sa hulog

    Nag-imbita si Sir Gerry ng biglaang meeting para sa araw na ito.
    natuwa lang ako,dahil sa matagal tagal din namin hindi nakakausap ulit itong Sir namin na ito.
    isa pa ay ganitong mga klaseng tema ng mga aktibidades ang feeling ko eh relax ako.

    -biglaan na meeting ngunit may temang technical
    -may masasarap na pag-kain =) salamat sir gerry sa lunch!
    -at nag de-define yung next steps patungkol sa project
    -may bonus pang mga kwentong na singit at kulitan.

    Sa araw kasi na ito, ang bigat ng pakiramdam ko at masakit ang ulo ko. Sa madaling sabi,malinaw na wala ako sa hulog ngayon.

    Dagdagan pa natin na yung personal na "external driv"e ko na seagate na 320GB ay tuluyan ng nagloko o nasira na. (sinisubukan ko pa ding marecover). dagdagan pa natin ang ilang client at partner kuno na tila di makaintindi ng salitang "simple" at patuloy na umaaksaya ng aming oras na alam naman nilang hindi namin afford ang mga ganun. buti nalang sa parteng ito eh mahaba ang pisi na naibalato ng aking Ina at naituro para maging sandata sa mga ganitong pag-kakataon.

    kaya eto,tutal alasais na ng hapon naiisip ko nalang ayusin ang subwoofer ng aking lenovo y510 na may ubuntu na OS.

    #vim /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

    tapos inilagay ko lang sa huli ng file ito,tapos save at restart ng ubuntu:

    options snd-hda-intel model=lenovo-ms7195-dig

    naisip ko na din sumulat ng maliit na tula na syang pangako ko sa aking sarili sa tuwing nakakaramdam ako ng mga ganitong sitwasyong hindi ako makapanilawa. (yung ibang tula ko sa notebook,minsan sa laptop ko nalang isinusulat)

    Wala sa hulog
    ni meric b. mara
    March 6,2009
    sa harap ng laptop,sa aking mesa sa opis. na walang aircon ngayon. este kahapon pa!

    timpladang tablado
    nadaramang walang bago
    sa tuwing may maling abiso
    nawawala sa wisyo

    nag-aaliw sa musika
    nag-iisip ng timplada
    katulong ang teknolohiya
    alam kong babawi na

    mga taong masiba
    patuloy na mang-gigiba
    sa kanila lahat ay wala
    basta ikaw ay maluma

    nag-aaliw sa tula
    sakit ay tila bula
    darating ang hiwaga
    kahit sa hulog ay wala

    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    SPA400 at TRIXBOX para sa aking laruang MeetMe

    Matapos ang ilang araw sa pag aaral ng Web-MeetME at MeetMe ng asterisk sa ibabaw ng laruang TRIXBOX.Eto kailangan ko na syang ma-itest.

    sa aking masusing pagsisiguro na ito ay gumagana, pag sa loob ng local network via iax or sip walang problema at lahat naman ay malinaw na natatangap at nasimulate ng maayos na masayang napagana ko naman lahat ng mga kailangan kong mapagana.

    Para sa mga dagdag features na naiisip namin, ito ay na i-shinare ko nalang kay Byran upang magtuloy tuloy ang development ng laruang ito.

    Ngayon kailangan namang maitest ay yung galing sa PSTN line papuntang “meetme” na misc app ko para sa aking conferencing requirements. Ang problema, wala na akong FXO card. Buti nalang at naisip ko yung aking SPA400 na syang gamit ko noong nagaaral ako ng asterisk/SIP trunking. Eto at nilabas ko/pinakuha ko kay Roz sa aming lumang baul para magamit sa testing na ito.

    Nais ko lang ishare yung configuration nito upang maging reference ng ibang mga tao/trixbox users/spa400 users na nasa ganitong sitwasyon din:

    sa SPA400

    1. I set-up lang yung SPA9000 Interface.

    User ID: spa400

    2.sa may “STATIC ADDRESS” dito itutok yung IP address ng intong trixbox

    IP Address: <--SIP Server
    Port: 5060

    3. Save, reboot the SPA400

    Thats it, hindi nakailangan gumalaw pa ng ibang configuration at ang susunod ay isetup naman ang inyong trixbox.

    sa Trixbox (ang version na ginagamit ko ngayon ay )

    1.Kailangan gumawa ng SIP trunk

    click TRUNKS->Add SIP trunk
    Maximum Channels: 4
    Trunk Name: spa400
    PEER Details:

    Incoming Settings User Context : (Blank)

    User Details (Blank)

    Register String: spa400@

    tapos lahat ng ibang fields ay hayaan na at wag ng pakialaman =)

    tapos syempre click sumbit changes->apply configuration changes-> continue with reload

    2.Iconfigure naman ang Inbound Route

    click Inbound Routes->AddIcoming Route

    Description: spa400
    DID Number spa400
    Set Destination:
    yung sa akin ay CUSTOM DESTINATION: meetme
    click ->submit->apply configuration changes-> continue with reload

    muli: lahat ng ibang fields ay hayaan na at wag ng pakialaman =)

    3.Iconfigure naman ang Outbound Route
    click Outbound Routes->0 9_outside

    sa may trunk sequence piliin lang ang "SIP/spa400"

    muli: lahat ng ibang fields ay hayaan na at wag ng pakialaman =)

    click submit -> apply configuration changes-> continue with reload

    tapos..tapos na! Kailangan nalang may malaman o masirugado kung nagkikita yung SPA400 at ang trixbox bago magsimulang mag test ng mga calls or ng conferencing.

    Magagawa ito sa pamamagitan ng asterisk console.

    Matapos kong magawa ang mga madadaling steps o hakbang na ito! Eto at matagumpay ko na na nagawa ang aking simulation at paglalaro ng akong MeetMe server, mapa local man o tawag mula sa PSTN.

    mga ginamit sa pag-aaral: