Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Point of view for #COMELEAK

It was nice to know that the Technical Forum on the COMELEC Data Leak was a success. This is a collaborative effort of TXTPOWER in partnership with the Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU), 8Layer Technologies, VoteReport PH and other Partners.

I believe that it’s time that COMELEC start facing legal case for not doing their job properly to protect Filipinos' private information. The data being dumped and are now circulating on the internet is a clear picture of INCOMPETENCY of our government plus the fact that they still don’t have a strong program for Data Protection and Data Privacy. A program on the technical point of view should be started as this is a very URGENT issue. This is a call for every Filipino (Tax Payer or Not) that should be given a priority. 


Another point of view that has not been discussed that I personally believe is another problem for COMELEC and ELECTION 2016 is the method of transmission for VCM- that is via Mobile dongle and will tunnel though a VNP created by a third-party company, SMART MATIC. Government should not allow this, having a third party managing a VPN tunnel in which the data that will be transmitted is very important and critical is a NO NO! DITO MATATALO ANG MGA PILIPINO. We should have a Technical team working in the government (ie. COMELEC) that will be accountable for everything that will happen on the result of our elections.

Just my 2 cents!

Thursday, April 21, 2016


They say this leak is a no big deal. It seems that COMELEC doesn't understand the exposure of this information. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! What do you think about filing a case against COMELEC? Your downplay strategy won't work and it is not acceptable.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Choir ng Bayan

Choir Ng Bayan is a platform for popularizing choral pieces written and arranged by Filipinos. 

This kind of app is something we are proud to create. Proud that we are part of this project. The fact that we are collaborating with very good people while creating an that will change the lives of our Kababayans is a reward in itself. 

We thank you, Sir Gary and the rest from AM Studios, CNB Inc, Gary Granada Musicworks and of course my team, 8layer Technologies, Inc. for this wonderful collaboration.

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Shu-Ha-Ri for Geekineers

Geekineers should always remember Shu-ha-ri as a way to achieve excellence not only for themselves but for the benefit of the institution, partners and clients. This is very critical for everyone on our journey for Lean and Agile organization.

Shu - To learn by following instructions

There is a saying that before you become a good leader, you should be a good follower. This is true and very applicable for every Geekineer especially in project execution. Imagine if your boss tells you that this is the best way to code or program the application then you don’t follow him/her. This leads to more rewrite, reword, rework and revision. A lot of waste for everyone. This is not how we want to be identified. We are more than that. We started by obeying the fundamentals. We welcome changes and we deliver regularly. The key is to discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the rules and we gain experience.

Ha - To understand and break tradition 

Collaboratively and harmoniously, Geekineers work together and apply the gained experience to make innovations. The "Ha" stage usually is executed via framework and right people in doing the job.

Ri - To develop mastery by embracing creative technique

Geekiners must understand that shu and ha must be internalized and must be second nature to them. This way, creative organizational culture is attained and realized.

Let's make Shu-ha-ri a habit, Geekineers!

Be More, Be Useful and Be of Service.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The Open Sourcerers always share how they create unusual and usable things so that others can learn, benefit and contribute to enahance it and to create IMPACT in the community and country.
--mbm 04022016

For Change Makers and Movers to share and collaborate for Open Culture, Open Mind,Open Education and Open Innovation for the country.

1. To lead a movement for change makers to showcase their work and platform so that others will learn, study and can contribute for the enhancement and redistribution of their work to benefit the majority.

2.To foster collaboration towards open innovation among government, tech communities, academe, civil society, and enterprises.
3.To convene tech leaders, change makers, students, and enthusiasts who are committed to spreading Open Source throughout the country.
4.To share and promote best practices and policies for good governance so others will be guided and can cooperate through open feedback.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Bigas hindi Bala

Ni: Meric B. Mara

15000 sako ng mga Bigas 
Pangangailangan ng mga mag-sasaka’y bakas
hinihiling sa gobyernong waldas
Sa pwersahan at dahas sila nilutas 

Sinisigaw din ng malakas
Ang calamity fund ngayon ay ibukas
Dahil sa init at El ninong Hudas
Ang mga buhay ay winawakas

Bakit pinaputukan?
Ano ba naman ang ilalaban?
kayong mga walang malasakit sa mamamayan
dahilan ng tunay na kahirapan

Dahil walang ani sa palayan
Tag-gutom ang ating kababayan
Kinikitil pa sila ng walang laban
Sa bala sila’y pina-ulanan. 

Sa yungib ng damdamain ay dahas
Sumusuray suray at walang lakas
Panalingin sa maykapal ay lunas
Pag-kakapantay pantay sana’y tumaas

Bigas Hindi Bala

Friday, April 01, 2016

DIY Mobile Telco

I remember when we created a presentation last November 2015 about Internet Declaration where I put emphasis on the need for the Philippines to have a strong program for DIY Mobile Telco. 

I see this solution for those people whining about the “fraud” of Telcos and the “slowness” of Telco's connectivity especially SMART, GLOBE, PLDT and SUN that instead of complaining, why nit create their own solution. Make their own Telco. My wish is to be able to accomplish Open Bay Station where there is a different set-up in each island in the country.

Open Classroom is a VR Classroom/ VR Seminar

Last week, I told my team about the Open Sourcerer movement and how vital it is in the community, promoting open Culture, Open Minds and Open Hardware and open Source Software. 

One of the initiatives that I personally want to promote under this flag is the execution of VR Classroom. The concept is very simple. 

1. Students will wear VR Shutter Glass (or VR Cardboard) and he/she will see the classroom, teachers and classmates. 
2. He or she can participate on the classroom discussion. 
3. He will be graded by the teacher based on his class performance. 

This is it for now !

I’m still studying on how this can be properly executed but I’m very excited about this.