Friday, April 15, 2016

The Shu-Ha-Ri for Geekineers

Geekineers should always remember Shu-ha-ri as a way to achieve excellence not only for themselves but for the benefit of the institution, partners and clients. This is very critical for everyone on our journey for Lean and Agile organization.

Shu - To learn by following instructions

There is a saying that before you become a good leader, you should be a good follower. This is true and very applicable for every Geekineer especially in project execution. Imagine if your boss tells you that this is the best way to code or program the application then you don’t follow him/her. This leads to more rewrite, reword, rework and revision. A lot of waste for everyone. This is not how we want to be identified. We are more than that. We started by obeying the fundamentals. We welcome changes and we deliver regularly. The key is to discipline ourselves so that our bodies absorb the rules and we gain experience.

Ha - To understand and break tradition 

Collaboratively and harmoniously, Geekineers work together and apply the gained experience to make innovations. The "Ha" stage usually is executed via framework and right people in doing the job.

Ri - To develop mastery by embracing creative technique

Geekiners must understand that shu and ha must be internalized and must be second nature to them. This way, creative organizational culture is attained and realized.

Let's make Shu-ha-ri a habit, Geekineers!

Be More, Be Useful and Be of Service.

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