Saturday, December 29, 2012

The form watcher

Life is full of colours. It makes you see things more beautiful through the form watcher...The Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope, this is my new anti-stress reliever.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The meaning of Christmas is giving, loving and sharing

"The meaning of Christmas is giving, loving and sharing".
- Kirk Matthew, 8 yrs old.

It is our wish that this Christmas be filled with blessings, peace and hope for the future. Keep the Christmas Spirit all year round.

Merry Christmas from 8layer Technologies, Inc. 

8Layertech supports the BioChar initiative of PBIA

  8Layer Technologies supports the initiative of the Philippine Biochar Association (PBIA) in organizing local farmer communities to produce local variant of Biochar from rice hull. We believe that sustainable development and community building projects is key in development especially in the rural areas. 8Layertech is helping PBIA through information dissemination and information exchange and helping PBIA with their carbon offsetting sticker program. We wish more farmers and cooperatives take up the cause of PBIA and help reduce our carbon footprint to have a better future. Philippine Biochar Association Website: Click here. About the sticker program, click here.  

8Layer Technologies joins the Cloud Standards Customers Council

As part of its commitment to provide the best services for our clients, 8Layer Technologies joins the Cloud Standards Council to better understand customer needs and challenges to migrate services to the cloud.
The Cloud Standards Customer Council is an end user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud's successful adoption, and drilling down into the standards, security and interoperability issues surrounding the transition to the cloud.
As early as the first quarter of last year, 8Layer has made the transition of some of the solutions to the cloud. Most notable is the KaSosyo Application Suite that is part of Intel's Negosyantech Campaign in 2012.  

Sunday, December 02, 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Why Interns choose 8Layer?

When it’s time to choose the all important question of where to do your internship, what comes to mind? Given the vast number of companies to consider, how is 8Layer different from the rest of the pack? Why would one pick 8Layer over the more popularly-known companies?

8Layer is one of the few pioneers in promoting open source and Linux. With their KahelOS (, a 100% Filipino-made distro, you will surely feel the ingenuity of the team behind this phenomenal success. Not only do they want to promote open source, but they are generous in sharing their ideas and knowledge and are always eager to give back to the community. Indeed, they regularly hold what is called Knowledge sharing or KS in the office to multiply the knowledges and experiences that each of the team has learned.

8Layer is always up-to-date with new technologies. As stressed in one of their core values, INNOVATION is an important goal of 8Layer. With the haste evolution of the IT industry, there is no room for stagnation in 8Layer. The company is constantly innovating and upgrading the technologies used behind their products and services. This means that learning new things is inevitable in the company.

8Layer is not just an ordinary IT company. From IT skills to communication skills to public speaking skills, one is encouraged to learn all these while staying with 8Layer. 8Layer believes that everybody should come out of their shells and use their skills and talents to the fullest.

Each 8Layer employee or simply known as “8lien” is approachable and fun to be with. They are a bunch of brilliant yet jolly people who can be serious at work and crazy at play. They do not act like bosses but more like “Ates” and “Kuyas” who are always willing to teach and assist newbies.

8Layer is not just keen on honing the skills of its people but also on letting them excel and reach their goals. The essence of professionalism is very important to 8Layer such that its rule of thumb is for everyone to finish their assigned tasks given whatever circumstances. Even with the open-culture that they have, an “8lien” is expected to shine and grow in every aspect of their career.

With all these opportunities and training, who wouldn’t be excited to be an OJT in 8Layer? It will surely be a chance of a lifetime that you wouldn’t want to miss. :)