Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The New Day for the New Face of Gnome!

Quick Planning and Prep while Gnome 3 is on brew mode...

The goal was to simply Celebrate the Release of Gnome 3 in Manila, concurrently with the rest of the Gnome Community and Supporters.
Sometime in March 2011, Allan Caeg of Gnome Asia and Lawrz Li-boon of POSNET, both dear friends of 8layer came by at our office in Kapitolyo to briefly discuss the preparations, invites and the event launch itself. The launch date, April 06, 2011.

8layer Technologies, Inc. as part of the large number of Open Source users worldwide and being a company benefitting and innovating with the aid of Open Source for six years, thought it was a good idea to host the Release Party in Manila. This is also our simple way to pay respect to great and ingenious innovations, honor the contributors and at the same time celebrate the perks and privileges of Open Source and Gnome.

Barely a month before the event, invites rolled and spread.
A day before the event, cocktail menu was decided.
A few hours before the event, gnome balloons, stickers and t-shirts came.
All is set!

A Brand New Day for the New face of GNOME!

Coming back from his India trip (Gnome Asia Summit) Allan Caeg, A Board Member of Philippine Open Source Network, Gnome Contributor, Android Enthusiast, UX Researcher, and Gnome.Asia Committee Member, was of course the resource speaker for the Gnome 3 Release Party.

“From scratch, we created a completely new, modern desktop designed for today’s users and technologies.” Allan said.

The innovative interface allows users to focus on tasks while minimizing distractions such as notifications, extra workspaces, and background windows. It will keep users “informed without being disrupted.” Allan also exalted.

Since our KahelOS distro did use Gnome as its Desktop Manager, 8layer's CTO, Meric Mara took the floor then gave a brief backgrounder of KahelOS itself. He provided tips and tricks on the installation of Gnome 3 on KahelOS and together with Allan they showed the works! Gnome 3 in KahelOS and Gnomeshell! The presentation wowed the audience. Jasper Tomas, the new developer/package maintainer for KahelOS also shared his experience on yaourt and his idea of a web based update notifier of all the available applications on the web. “I combined some Java, MySQL and Php programming to do the work” said Jasper.

Some witty and not-so-witty questions were responded too, here and there. Allan in return did some asking as well, then the quickest person with the right answer wins a Gnome 3 T-Shirt. The most difficult question was, who is the prettiest girl in the room? (LOL)

There was never a dull moment. Guests, friends and colleagues in the Open Source Community shared stories, experiences, laughs, food, drinks and more drinks while live music jammin' was happening. GNOME TIME till e-GNOME-AN TIME! Sadly,the fun-filled partee ended a few minutes after midnight.

Our warm congratulations for the successful release of Gnome 3 and thank you to all who celebrated with us!

For more information about Gnome 3, visit their website:

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Linux Celebrating ITs 20th year

In life, time flies... In IT life, time swiftly flies... We can't believe that Linux is already on its 20th year and going formidably strong and bigger.

We at 8layertech are one with the world and the whole Linux Community in commemorating that simple, crazy, without expectation, idea of a free software.

Thank you Linus Torvalds for that leap of faith, for taking that step and thank you to all who did heed his email and continue to make thing revolutionary idea evolve and be great.

Happy Birthday linux.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Hep Hep Hooray! Six Cheers for 8layertech!

Thank you to all who stood, sat, watched, discussed, listened, shared their
thoughts, drank with a keg or two... and most of all, cried, laughed and
fought the battle with us.