Saturday, December 29, 2012

The form watcher

Life is full of colours. It makes you see things more beautiful through the form watcher...The Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope, this is my new anti-stress reliever.

Monday, December 24, 2012

The meaning of Christmas is giving, loving and sharing

"The meaning of Christmas is giving, loving and sharing".
- Kirk Matthew, 8 yrs old.

It is our wish that this Christmas be filled with blessings, peace and hope for the future. Keep the Christmas Spirit all year round.

Merry Christmas from 8layer Technologies, Inc. 

8Layertech supports the BioChar initiative of PBIA

  8Layer Technologies supports the initiative of the Philippine Biochar Association (PBIA) in organizing local farmer communities to produce local variant of Biochar from rice hull. We believe that sustainable development and community building projects is key in development especially in the rural areas. 8Layertech is helping PBIA through information dissemination and information exchange and helping PBIA with their carbon offsetting sticker program. We wish more farmers and cooperatives take up the cause of PBIA and help reduce our carbon footprint to have a better future. Philippine Biochar Association Website: Click here. About the sticker program, click here.  

8Layer Technologies joins the Cloud Standards Customers Council

As part of its commitment to provide the best services for our clients, 8Layer Technologies joins the Cloud Standards Council to better understand customer needs and challenges to migrate services to the cloud.
The Cloud Standards Customer Council is an end user advocacy group dedicated to accelerating cloud's successful adoption, and drilling down into the standards, security and interoperability issues surrounding the transition to the cloud.
As early as the first quarter of last year, 8Layer has made the transition of some of the solutions to the cloud. Most notable is the KaSosyo Application Suite that is part of Intel's Negosyantech Campaign in 2012.  

Sunday, December 02, 2012

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Why Interns choose 8Layer?

When it’s time to choose the all important question of where to do your internship, what comes to mind? Given the vast number of companies to consider, how is 8Layer different from the rest of the pack? Why would one pick 8Layer over the more popularly-known companies?

8Layer is one of the few pioneers in promoting open source and Linux. With their KahelOS (, a 100% Filipino-made distro, you will surely feel the ingenuity of the team behind this phenomenal success. Not only do they want to promote open source, but they are generous in sharing their ideas and knowledge and are always eager to give back to the community. Indeed, they regularly hold what is called Knowledge sharing or KS in the office to multiply the knowledges and experiences that each of the team has learned.

8Layer is always up-to-date with new technologies. As stressed in one of their core values, INNOVATION is an important goal of 8Layer. With the haste evolution of the IT industry, there is no room for stagnation in 8Layer. The company is constantly innovating and upgrading the technologies used behind their products and services. This means that learning new things is inevitable in the company.

8Layer is not just an ordinary IT company. From IT skills to communication skills to public speaking skills, one is encouraged to learn all these while staying with 8Layer. 8Layer believes that everybody should come out of their shells and use their skills and talents to the fullest.

Each 8Layer employee or simply known as “8lien” is approachable and fun to be with. They are a bunch of brilliant yet jolly people who can be serious at work and crazy at play. They do not act like bosses but more like “Ates” and “Kuyas” who are always willing to teach and assist newbies.

8Layer is not just keen on honing the skills of its people but also on letting them excel and reach their goals. The essence of professionalism is very important to 8Layer such that its rule of thumb is for everyone to finish their assigned tasks given whatever circumstances. Even with the open-culture that they have, an “8lien” is expected to shine and grow in every aspect of their career.

With all these opportunities and training, who wouldn’t be excited to be an OJT in 8Layer? It will surely be a chance of a lifetime that you wouldn’t want to miss. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ikaw Na!

Ang hindi paggamit ng tamang oras at mga resources sa isang kumpanya ay maaaring ituring na pagnanakaw.  

Sa Oryentasyon

Ilang oryentasyon na aking ginawa sa mga bagong pumapasok sa aming kumpanya. (mapaempleyado,partners o OJT). kung hindi mainam na nakikinig ang aking mga kausap malamang lamang sa kulitan natutuloy ang masayang oryentasyon. subalit isa sa mga binibigyan ko ng diin sa bawat ganitong pangyayari ay ang paggamit ng tama ng mga resources; maging oras man ang tinutukoy nito o mga gawaing hindi naman naaayon sa mga alituntunin ng isang kumpanya.

-ang pagdodownload ng kung ano ano sa internet ay malinaw o tahakang pagnanakaw
-ang pag pasok ng hapon at walang pasubali ay pag nanakaw ng oras -ang pagtutulog sa opisina sa oras ng trabaho
-ang pumasok para tumambay lamang ay isang pagnanakaw.
-ang paggamit ng mga office supplies sa walang kapararakang bagay ay pagnanakaw  

Natutunan mo na dapat

Ang mga "basic" na itinuturo sa bahay at sa eskwelahan ay dapat natutunan na. Kung ang mga nakalista sa itaas ay mga gawaing dapat pang ipaalala sa iyo na hindi maganda at hindi nakakatulong sa pag unlad bagkos nagiging sanhi pa ng masamang halimbawa. malamang lamang talagang balasubas ka na. Kaya nga lagi kong pinapaalala sa bawat isa sa amin

-Gumawa ng mga kakaiba at espesyal na bagay na dapat ang mga gawain ito ay mananatiling buhay maging milya milyang dekada man ang dumating. -Dapat ang mga bagay na ito ay pagsasalusaluhan ng lahat
 -Isaalang-alang ang pagrespeto at pag-galang sa mga oras ng iyong mga kasama (wow basic = ) ).
 -Sa pag gawa ng mga magagandang bagay na ito dapat alalahahin ang tamang pag gamit ng resources at hindi lalagpas sa budget.

 Ikaw na

At pinakamasakit pa dito pag hindi ka pa nagdeliver ng mga inaasahan sa iyo. ika nga ni Kuya Boy, IKAW NA!

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Intel Philippines introduces Intel Negosyantech: Empowering SMB's through relevant fusion of technology.

Today, Intel Philippines formally launched Intel Negosyantech at Cafe Romulo in Jupiter, Makati City. Negosyantech is Intel's initiative and campaign to help boost the SMB's strength via the cooperation of Intel's partners in Technology Brands, Telco, e-commerce and software solution. 8layer Technologies is proud to be part of this endeavor and is thankful for the opportunity to serve our Filipino Entrepreneurs to provide the easy to use and affordable Kasosyo Apps Suite. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Experience our New Home at the Web #8layertech

Experience our New Home at the Web. Check us out!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kalingap Health Apps at the Intel TechCARE Event

Delivery of Health Care Service is a really serious matter. Health care providers are pushed to give more to be able to take care of lives, our loved ones.

Yesterday (May 24, 2012), at the Intel TechCARE event held at Max's, San Fernando Pampanga, some 80 Health Care practitioners from 24 Hospitals and Providers coming from cities and towns of Bataan, Pampanga and Bulacan converged to be adept of how technology can allow them to provide and deliver the best possible healthcare to their patients.

And though the issue of health and health care is a really a serious topic of discussion, Intel Philippines and its event partners and speakers from Medilink, Infoworx (Digiworx) and 8layer Technologies, gave the attendees an enjoyable and relevant experience of which we wish they will imbibe in them as they pursue their passion of taking care of our health.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Transcending the Value of 8layer Job Orientation

It’s the time when students line-up, submit their application and find a company for their respective OJT subject.

With too many IT students looking for a haven where they can find relevant learning, prepare them for the real world and take a step into the practice of professionalism, 8layer finds it hard to trim down candidates and accept only a few.

This summer, we got our room and hands full with about 10 Job Trainees from PUP Sta Mesa, AMA, TIP and Divine Word College of Calapan, Mindoro and plunge into the 8layer Job Experience encapsulated in 250 hours or so.
But before they get started in getting their hands dirty with hardware and network nitty-gritty, minds boggled with programming and agile framework concepts and firmed to enhance confidence in public speaking, each individual must go through the 8layer Orientation.

Aside from merely introducing our company; people, process, rationale and culture plus our special way of welcoming newcomers, we regard the Job Orientation as a major element of becoming part of the team to make sure that each one is aligned to understanding what it is to become an 8lien.

For information and inquiries on our OJT/ Inernship program please email us @careers-at-8layertech-dot-com.

Operation Occupy 8OHQ

On March 28, 2012, more than 50 4th Year Computer Engineering Students from the Queen City of the South invaded the 8layer Orange Headquarters(8OHQ) as part of their Seminar and Field Trip subject.

They are the enthusiastic and future IT practitioners and professionals from the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.  This was the same time that most of us were just coming back from the Intel Negosyantech Event (Legaspi Leg) so it was Dondi and Jasper’s turn to walk them through KahelOS for these students to have a hands on experience with Linux and Open Source.
Part of their objective was to have a feel and sense of how an Open Source IT Company runs and operates and basically what are the services that 8layer offers.

The Cebuanos came at around 10:30 in the morning, toured the office, listened and participated to the seminar especially prepared for them for two hours. Before they left with the 8layer Experience on our community projects, advocacy and work, they also got home with them KahelOS CD Installers for them to tinker and play around.

This year marks 8layer’s 7th Anniversary.  Last April 2 at the 8OHQ, Team 8liens gathered to celebrate our togetherness through thick and thin as we pursue our simple whims to provide affordable, reliable and easy to use applications for the Filipinos.
It was a really pleasant, meaningful and joyous anniversary bonding that started at merienda through dinner. #8liensunite. Padayon at ipagpatuloy ang ningas ng ating samahan at pinagsasamahan.

Here are some of 8layertech Milestones.
 - As part of our advocacy, we co-launched the release of the New KahelOS Version
- We launched Kasosyo Network and Kasosyo Apps Suite for the FIlipino Entrepreneurs with a huge support from Intel Philippines. Kasosyo Apps is being presented and marketed through the Intel Negosyatech endeavor.
- Our process and work will focus on Agile Marketing and Development
What to Expect from Team 8layer this year.
-Focus and with concrete IT programs for Microentrepreneurs and SME’s
-Making IT work for all Filipinos
-Strong Partnership with other local companies.

Team 8layer wishes to signify our warm gratitude to our friends, families and to our dear supported for the belief in our firm passion to express our fondness for innovation.

Zest Airways Inc. recently launched their enhanced website

Team 8liens congratulates Zest Airways Inc.for their enhanced website. This simple and easy to navigate website is powered by 8layer’s Sitem8 Content Management System that allows Zestair the flexibility of being updated anytime, anywhere and manageability for controls and security.

For more information visit and book your flights now!

Neighbour table overflow

After implementing a network gateway and firewall server solution to one of our clients having 500+ users, we encountered “Neighbour table overflow” error upon checking of the server logs.

This is the command to view server logs:

$sudo tail -f /var/log/messages

Mar 30 10:39:25 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. Mar 30 10:39:30 www kernel: printk: 7 messages suppressed. Mar 30 10:39:30 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. Mar 30 10:39:36 www kernel: printk: 4 messages suppressed. Mar 30 10:39:36 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. Mar 30 10:39:40 www kernel: printk: 10 messages suppressed. Mar 30 10:39:40 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. Mar 30 10:39:45 www kernel: printk: 12 messages suppressed. Mar 30 10:39:45 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. Mar 30 10:39:50 www kernel: printk: 24 messages suppressed. Mar 30 10:39:50 www kernel: Neighbour table overflow. 

This message indicates that the server is too busy processing some firewall rulesets.

The immediate and rational solution that we opted is to increase the internal ARP cache size of the server and DNS threshold for ARP.

At the console, edit sysctl.conf

$sudo vi /etc/sysctl.conf

Append the following values:

# Force gc to clean-up quickly
net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_interval = 3600
# Set ARP cache entry timeout
net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_stale_time = 3600
# Setup DNS threshold for arp
net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh3 = 4096
net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh2 = 2048
net.ipv4.neigh.default.gc_thresh1 = 1024

To make sure that the solution is working, load the new changes using sysctl command.

$sudo sysctl -p

Upon several tests, the solution proved to work.

Battle Cry

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Easy and Affordable Way To Reach Your Business Goals, FAST!

The belief that every Filipino entrepreneur deserves a stable and economically viable business is the foundation of the Kasosyo Apps Suite.

Last Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at Island Cove in Kawit, Cavite, the Kasosyo Apps Suite was formally launched to the business owners in the INTEL Philippines' event dubbed as Intel NegosyanTech.

8layer Technologies, the developer of the Kasosyo Apps Suite, shares the intent of Intel Philippines through their Intel Negosyantech endeavor to assist every entrepreneur via relevant and affordable technology solutions in doing business. Mr. Carlo Subido, Business Development Manager of Intel Philippines is the program proponent of Intel Negosyantech.

During the event, Deng Silorio, the Head of Marketing of 8layer Technologies, introduced the Kasosyo Apps Suite, as she encouraged each business owner to empower oneself using the potential of IT Tools.

Understanding the psyche of an individual business owner was not among the motivation of 8layer's Kasosyo Apps Suite but as we say, it is that compelling drive to provide the entrepreneur that confidence of being able to see the bottomline at the end of every business day.

This has been manifested during the DEMO of the Kasosyo Apps by Mr. Rey Portugal-Head of Reaserch and Development of 8layer Technologies, as he was assisted by our Ms. Rosa Tsang - Project & QA Manager. Kuya Rey and Ate Rosa, demonstrated the flow and ease of use of the application and how one can instantly see the sales, expenses, inventory and cash flow at a glance.

The Basic Kasosyo Apps Suite is comprised of four modules: Inventory, Purchase, Invoice and Cash Flow.

As a Kasosyo to every passionate and talended Filipino entreprenuer, we want to be that business partner who brings to the table a special factor to achieve success, i.e. more time for family, resources to pay for utilities, children's tuition fees, and that needed vacation for the family, too.

The Kasosyo Apps Suite embodies that character of an ideal Kasosyo (Business Partner); Reliable (Maaasahan), Expert (May Kagalingan), Easy to be with (Madaling pakisamahan), and Nurturing Growth (Mapagkalinga).

With all the passion, the effort to make the apps easy to use and serve its purpose, the next important question is: Is this Kasosyo Apps Suite affordable?

Because it is powered by KahelOS, no entrepreneur has to pay for the operating system. The Kasosyo Apps Suite is pre-installed and configured on KahelOS and this implies that the business user can enjoy the benefits of free applications to surf the internet, send emails, type documents, play music and video etc. These were also discussed by no less than 8layer's CEO, Meric Mara to the attendees of the event.

Obviously, the long wait for an easy, affordable and reliable business apps suited for the Filipino Entrepreneur is over. With the overwhelming support and belief of Intel Philippines, Kasosyo Apps Suite is bundled with the powerful Intel processors to their Intel Negosyantech Investment Packages.

With the Kasosyo Apps suite, imagine a country harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit of its micro and small businesses.

For more information and inquiries, you can visit these urls:

Saturday, February 04, 2012

KahelOS 020212 Desktop Edition Released!

Following the release of KahelOS 111111 last November 2011 is today's launch of KahelOS 020212.

KahelOS 020212 augments to what the earlier installer version can offer. This we specifically reckon caters to advance Linux users who wishes to have the freedom in the first step of installing an OS, i.e. manual partitioning system which also has the ability to resize (stretch and shrink) to both NTFS and Linux partitions.

Graphically, this enhanced installer is still GUI Friendly plus the automatic dual-boot-with-windows option is an added feature for those who are technolgy neutral.

Apart from these developments, we want you to enjoy the following fresh features:

UPDATED bluefish-2.2.1-1
UPDATED dia-0.97.2-1
UPDATED evolution-3.2.3-2
UPDATED filezilla-3.5.3-1
UPDATED Libre Office SUiteA
UPDATED chromium-16.0.912.75-1
UPDATED mysql-5.5.19-1
UPDATED phpmyadmin-3.4.9-1
UPDATED Thunderbird
UPDATED vlc-1.1.13-1
UPDATED zim-0.54-1
and more...

FIXED "Full Name" Issue on the User Information
FIXED Localization
FIXED non-root auto log-in on the LiveDVD environment
FIXED NTFS mounting issue
FIXED/SET Default image viewer is eog
FIXED/SET Screencasting by default

ADDED A community-driven digital distribution service for gamers (includes desura, an online game client)
ADDED broadcom-wl driver
ADDED gstreamer0.10-plugins
ADDED gnome-defaults-list for file association issue.
ADDED yaourt
ADDED make
ADDED patch
ADDED pkg-config
ADDED gnome-shell-extension-places-menu-extended
ADDED obexfs
ADDED unrar
ADDED iptables package
ADDED wvdial package

This release is dedicated to the community and users who have supported KahelOS especially the KahelOS 111111 installer version. Those who have helped us spread the benefits and fresh features f this installer and for those who share our intents, purpose and passion in our advocacy for Open Source, Innovation and Community Building. In this month of love and passion, we can't thank you enough and we will be grateful for eternity in allowing us to share and help in the way we can and we know.

Officially the release of this installer was announced at the opening day of the 3rd PSITS-Region IX ICT Convetion (Western Mindanao).

Enjoy this Fresh Installer from KahelOS,Download and spread the refreshing news NOW!