Saturday, January 30, 2010

PHP Developers Summit 2010

Team 8layer supports PHP Developers Summit 2010.Our very own Kuya Rey and Agi will share their know-how on some PHP related topics. Kudos!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Introducing KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010

After the Christmas release of the new KahelOS Desktop installers 12-25-2009, there's no stopping this citrusy fresh Linux Distribution.

Today on New Year' Day, Let us introduce to you KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010 designed for Netbooks with limited storage capacity.
Just like the KahelOS Desktop Edition, the Light Edition has 32- bit and 64-bit version installers.

What basically describes KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010?

* Lightweight - The light desktop operates on Linux 2.6.32 and utilizes XFCE 4.6 which is much suitable for PC's with low memory and resources.

* Power-Packed - The installer is compressed to 420MB and the standard install is just a total of 1.8 Gigabytes

* SSD (solid-state drive) Friendly - KahelOS LE, includes BTRFS and NILFS filesystems. BTRFS automatically detects SSD while NILFS will make your SSD happy.

* Bundled with Lightweight Applications - The applications in KahelOS Light Edition includes Claws Email Client, Midori Web Browser, Gthumb Image Viewer and Organizer, and Exaile Music Player.

* Additionally, KahelOS Light Edition is Wifi and Bluetooth ready.

Don't waste time. Be wise. Download KahelOS Light Edition.

Now, you're ready to enjoy life as fresh as KahelOS.