Sunday, October 31, 2010

Report| Software Freedom Day 2010,Baguio City Philippines

"I experienced and learned a lot from SFD 2010 in Baguio. It was a great opportunity to meet people who are fighting for the same cause. We're lucky to be with 8layer, one of the world's best SFD organizers. I'm looking forward to more endeavors with the new friends I met. We'll surely do much more for FOSS." - Allan Caeg, UBUNTU Philippines

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you for making Software Freedom Day 2010 possible!

Congratulations to SFDPH2010 Team for a much fun-filled learning last Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the University of Baguio. Thank you so much to all who made it possible. To the students, practitioners, teachers and professionals who came to celebrate with us.

Thank you very much to Emmanuel C. Lallana, Phd (Our Dear Doc Boying), former CICT Commissioner and President of IdeaCorp who despite his loss of voice inspired and enlightened each one, may it be organizers and attendees that eGov 2.0, Web 2.0 and F/OSS is all about community and towards Nation Building and Solidarity.

To University of Baguio, our host venue for this year's SFDPH2010, for generously letting us use their facilities for FREE. To Mr. Jopoy Solano (you're the man), Ms. Ellen Halover,UB-Dean of ICT, Ms. Lorie Layugan and to all the IT Faculty and Staff for their enthusiasm and assistance in the preparations and programme proper.

To the University of Baguio Voices Chorale, your "Ala-Glee" rendition of "Pinoy Ako" was awesome and of course the other songs. It's one of those moments you want to say, "I'm proud to be Pinoy". Thank you to the technicians, to Rainer Jasper, Deng's Co-host. And to all at UB. Mabuhay Kayo at Maraming Maraming Maraming salamat!

Thank you to our Dear Sponsors and Event Partners. IBM Phils, PLDT CBG, MSI-ECS, Intel Philippines , Imperium Technology Inc., Acer Phils for your continuous support towards progressive learning and motivating innovation and in your belief that the Filipino IT Ingenuity and Talent CAN!

Thank you to Dean Eduardson Tacuba of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, a representative of iSchools who discussed the CICT-Human Capital Development Group (HCDG) iSchools, a project equipping the Country’s high schools with technology literacy and abreast with the latest equipment.

Thank you to Mr.Macoy Mejia of MDS (McDonalds Delivery Service) Call Solutions, Inc. who shared to everyone the success story and implementation of F/OSS Technologies throughout the IT System and operation of their company serving the 24/7 Hotline Delivery of McDonalds. The cost savings, the learning and most of all teamwork and camaraderie that F/OSS brought to their IT Team.

Thank you Cong. Teddy Casino that though you were not physically present at SFDPH2010 at Baguio, you managed to send us a video message on your views and updates on the F/OSS Bill and a live call to address the students and attendees.

Thank you very much Frederic Muller of the Software Freedom International for that video message on the spot during half of the day to Congratulate our Team and also laud the students and attendees for their time and eagerness to learn more and be more. Thank you Allan Caeg of Gnome Asia for linking us to Frederic and for wonderful presentation and what to expect from GNOME 3.0

Simultaneously, the business and tech tracks happened as well as the install fest, programming, gimpscape and blog writing competitions on that rainy but lively afternoon. Thank you for the selfless speakers with their topics as follows:
Mr. Rystraum Fabe Gamonez expounded on the F/OSS Philosophy, Nel Patricio, Freemind; Erwin Galang,OpenERP; Mr. Glammoco C. Camora; OpenOffice, Meric Mara, Embedded Asterisk; Agi Rivera, GIT-Fast Version Control, LAMP; Allan Caeg, Gnome 3.0; Rey Portugal, PHP Framework; Allan De Guzman, Content Management System using WordPress, Lariz Santos, GIMP 101, Leandre Dacanay & Lawrz Libo-on, Moodle-Open-Source Community-Based tools for Learning, Iyen Magallanes, GNUCash, Renan Mara, Open Source NAS/SAN, Roz Vargas, Tin Batitay and Fe Arteza for manning the Ubuntu / KahelOS Install Fest

Congratulations to Ms. Tracy Villanueva, the big winner that day, bagging two competitions, the Blog of the Day and Gimscape Competition while Mr. Sony Valdez won the PHP Programming Contest. Overall, apart from the learning and fun at SFD2010, prizes were given randomly during the event by hosts and speakers. Prizes were all provided by our Event Sponsors and Partners.

Imagine a day when everyone is generous and shared their talents, their resources, their time, their passion to encourage and motivate learning, innovation and community building.

Thank you everyone for making change possible.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are humbled to be one of the SFD 2009 Competition Big Winners.

Sa Sabado nang darating, ika-18 ng Setiembre ang pagdaraos ng Software Freedom Day Celebration 2010.

Ngayon araw, paroot parito, kaliwat kanan pa rin ang mga kailangang gawin at matapos upang maluwalhatit tunay na masaya ang pagdiriwang na magaganap.

Kung kaya't kaninang umaga, laking mangha, gulat at tuwa namin nang matanggap namin sa email ang isang liham na naglalakip na ang idinaos na Software Freedom Day Celebration noong nakaraang taon ay isang sa premyadong pagdiriwang, bukod tangi sa mga maraming nagsipagdiwang din ng selebrasyon kasabay ng buong mundo.Dalawa pang grupong Pinoy din ang ginawaran ng komendasyon.

Hindi lamang amin ang karangalang ito. Ang aming Team 8lien ay nagpasinaya lamang at naging kasangkapan upang hikayatin din ang iba upang isakatuparan ang isang natatanging advocacy. Nasa larangan nang teknolohiya ay patuloy na matuto, ang pagkatuto at ang pagpapaunlad ng sarili at ng bayan ng may dignidad, dangal at uminog ito sa pagbibigay ng sarili sa konseptong nakakapagpalaya ang pagbubukas palad.

Ang paghirang sa ating pagganap noong nakaraang taon sa aming palagay ay pagpapatunay lamang na kaya nating mga Pinoy hindi dahil may premyong pinagtatalunan o nakalaan kundi dahil naroon ang tunay na diwa ng pagbibigay,(na magbigay ng ayon at higit, hindi dahil may kapalit), ng pagiging BUKAS, (bukas puso at bukas palad) , at ng pakikipagkapwat, tulungan at ugnayan tungo sa mas matayog na Layon. Ang layuning paigtingin ang esensya at kabutihang dulot ng teknolohiya at kamalayang makapagpapalaya at unlad sa atin bilang isang indibidwal at isang Bayan...

Nag-uumapaw ang aming pasasalamat sa ngalan ng nagsidalo at nakiisa noong isang taon sa mga sumusunod: Systems Plus College Foundation, PLDT, Intel, IBM Phils., IOSN at POSIX. Sana ngayong taon uli? Ang ganang amin ay, sana mas higit ang marating, maabot at tunay na makapabigay laya at unlad sa ating kaisipan, puso at paggawa tungo sa pagpapaunlad at pagbabago. Mabuhay ang SFD, Mabuhay ang SFD.PH2010 Team. Mabuhay ang Diwa ng F/OSS!

. "Walang nawala sa pagbibigay, bagkos ito'y nagpasalin salin pa." 

Heto ang website ng nakaraang taon:

At eto ang pagtulong tulungan nating payabungin ngayong Sabado sa University of Baguio,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Get the latest craze and news via RSS on your Console

Browsing and visting my favorite websites on the internet is one of the fond things I commonly do. This has been a habit every morning to be abreast with the latest whether it’s pertaining to locals, world news or tech updates.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Change NOW for Free

Show off what you’ve got

At the Software Freedom Day 2010 Celebration, You are FREE to show off what you’ve got. There are three simple fun ways:

1. Join the Gimpscape Graphic Design Contest if you have the knack for artistic expression and creativity.
2. Come out of your shell, WOW! your schoolmates and make your school proud to bag the PHP Programming Champ.
3. Tell it all by writing a blog about your personal Software Freedom Day 2010 Experience and bring home a special prize from IBM Phils. when your entry is chosen to be the Best Blog of the Day. Submit your entry during the event at – deadline of submission of entries is at 330PM.

All those who sign-up for these contests is already a winner. So, what are you waiting for? Register NOW!

Friday, September 03, 2010

A Tool that I used to Resize image/s via command line for Juancho's Album

Juancho's Album

As Juancho (8layer penguin mascot) is 8layer's Penguin on the Go!. We thought of capturing Juancho's moments in and out and just anything roundabout.

So here's a peek of his pictures and loot.


Friday, July 09, 2010

Malaysian Government has reached 97% OSS Adoption -- WOW!

I believe that the Malaysian Government is doing the right thing on their move towards the adoption of open source software When will the key people in the Philippine Goverment involved and connected with ICT realize the benefits of open source software?

Monday, July 05, 2010

An SME like 8layer Technologies Talks about SME IT Solutions at the ICT Month Celebration at CICT.

In 2008, June was declared as The National ICT Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 1521.

This year's theme; Get Online Philippines! should be a recognition and a manifestation of a concrete commitment from both the private and public sectors to power infrastructure and empower users on the benefits of timely information, communication and being connected.

The Philippine Commission on ICT issued Memorandum Circular No. 2, Series of 2010 enjoining all government agencies of sorts to organize activities to resound the said theme.

Hence, CICT held a week's Celebration at their C.P. Garcia Grounds to imprint the significance of ICT to all sectors in a country still groping in the wilderness of IT.

8layer was tasked to share our insights on ICT Solutions befitting for SMEs. The speaking slot was kind of a sleepy afternoon for the participants as it was just after their lunch break. But to our suprise the cozy auditorium and the beguiling afternoon did not get into the way of the room's being awake, lively and participative.

The participants were mostly members of the academe (SUC's) which is an important sector for ICT Education and some from the SME Organizations in the country, providing training and other assistance to SMEs.

Our Ms. Deng Silorio, Head of Marketing and Business Operations, shared 8layer's experiences as an SME in taking advantage of the ICT Applications and Solutions to aid the company in daily operations and to attain competitive advantage.

She also expounded on the current nature of SMEs towards ICT: their perspective, belief and attitude on ICT usage and what prevents SMEs to adopt IT Solutions and if they do use IT what are their hurdles.

Simplify. Lower Cost. Productivity. These are what the SMEs look for in a particular tool and that doesn't leave out ICT Solutions for their businesses. Apart from the many F/OSS applications that 8layer Technologies, discussed during the talk, Deng did impart solutions like 8ix Zenith IP Telephony and the KahelOS Linux Desktop application which is an intelligent alternative to expensive Desktop OS and Productivity without the viruses and system crashes. She added the Smarter Lotus Foundations Start an Application built and developed with the SMEs in mind.She also discussed the initiatives and benefits of the PLDT Snap! Offering for SMEs. These ICT Tools and Applications epitomizes the absolute value and philosophy of simplicity, affordability and productivity plus reliability and security.

Though currently 8layer Technologies provides IT Consultancy, Services and Solutions to a vast range of organization and companies, it was really at the onset geared to assist SMEs to focus and harness on the latter's products, services and efficient delivery of such.

Awareness is key to proper ICT adoption specially by SMEs but the SMEs limitation to participate and contribute impedes ICT Solution providers like 8layer to gather pertinent and relevant information in ICT Standardization for SMEs.

In very recent future, 8layer would wish to see in actual fruition ICT big players and the government especially agencies like CICT and the Philippine Commission on ICT to fund studies on ICT Standardization for SMEs since SMEs account for 98%-99& of total number of enteprises in the country today. With this fact and figure, SMEs are not only the major source of income but likewise are perceived to constitute a primal and essential role in the socio-economic development of a Nation.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

LFS Technical Administration and Product Orientation Training

A Technical Administration and Product Orientation Training was held yestesday July 01, 2010 about Lotus Foundations Start at the IBM Innovation Center, AyalaTechnohub, Diliman,Q.C. and was attended by some IBM Software Resellers and Distributors. The training was an initiative by IBM Phils., MSI-ECS and 8layer Technologies. Inc.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friday, May 07, 2010

A CD that you give becomes a meaningful CD (Clout of Discovery)

As part of our initiative, we are launching for this month what we simply call KahelOS CD Brigade.

Simply donate a blank CD or CD's and these will in turn be KahelOS Installers that will freely be distributed to Students and Schools to employ their Open Source Labs.

Remember, that a CD that you give is a Cornerstone of Creativity and Innovation.

Every CD that you selflessly share could impel and compel a community of enlightened learners of Information Technology.

A CD that you contribute builds a culture of individuals open to choices, aware and can discern what is better for them.

A CD that you send in combats the deteriorating IT Education in a country like ours.

While others would like to deter and constrain the state and quality of IT Education or some staying selfish with what they know by keeping it to themselves, KahelOS believes that confering valuable IT Education alleviates poverty. For a CD that is collaboratively shared actively and pro-actively confronts ignorance.

This is a recap and reiteration of KahelOS Philosophical manifestation.

  • Kahel is against the injudicious measure of software monopoly. Kahel recognizes that a software that is available for ALL is not a profit loss but a credibility gained.

  • Kahel is against the misguided rationalization of software piracy. The choice between "free and open source" vs "illegal copies" is not about cost. It is about performance, values and utility. You are what you choose to download or use.

  • Kahel is against the misplaced labels in the values of information technology. Kahel believes that there is a Linux OS right for you. In the same way that life and living is all about choices and the choices that you make reflects you.Your choice is dependent on your palate and your need. If Kahel fits your taste, style and requirement, then Kahel is the Linux OS for you.

  • Kahel is against the complacent and apathetic effort to make an informed decision. KahelOS recognizes and gives high regard to competence, innovation and sharing what one has learned and found out along the way for the greater good. Kahel may not be the "perfect" fit for you, but you can make it just as perfect as you want it to be...

  • KahelOS likes simplicity, lightness and readiness of use for end-users. But it doesn't like spoon feeding.

  • KahelOS likes to spark critical thinking and yield towards the needed chan ge.

Email us at Cdbrigade-AT-kahelos-DOT-org and visit us at our website Here and on, a multitude of gratitude and ripples of joy to all who may appreciate to join the Brigade.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Review of PCOS Source Code

Check JDV3 website,there are some documentations pertaining to "Review of PCOS Source Code"
I wonder how JDV3 got these documents.

Just got the link and still reading and reviewing it too. After reading the certification test report summary (March 8-9,2010) by SysTest Labs i felt disturbed and still looking for answers.

Our COMELEC is not transparent to everyone of us.They still have major things to do especially on the transmission part,modem firmware ,antivirus-security and documentations.What is the COMELEC going to do about this?

May 10 is just a week away.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

KahelOS, A Labor of Love and Passion

KahelOS Installer May 01, 2010

The May One version of KahelOS installer (KahelOS 050110) is dedicated to all the laborers around the world. Downloads are available at

The first day of May marks the inception of KahelOS and historically it also marks the celebration of the triumps and achievements of labor movements worldwide This day is famously known as the International Workers day.
The origin of our international commemoration dates back in the year 1884, where the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions victoriously got the approval of the eight-hour workday.
In the Philippines, we term it as Labor Day or “Araw ng Paggawa” and was very first celebrated in 1903. Thousands of laborers marched to Malacanang to voice out their grievances for better working conditions and was organized by the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas.
Today, everywhere around the world, Labor day will surely be remembered and actively participated in through rallies, demonstrations and even parties to exalt the laborers of the world.

Even before our official release today, the new KahelOS installer has already been reviewed at
Thank you for taking time and providing significant inputs to make KahelOS work better for those who would like to experience its utility.

The highlight of this installer is the easier and friendlier way to do installation in a just a few steps unlike the first two installer release. Again, All in One CD Installer.

Improvements that you may discover with the new installer:

  • Compiz Fusion is enabled by default
  • Font cleanup and improvements
  • Improved hinting and rendering of fonts
  • Massive cleanup of unnecessary packages, saving disk space.
  • Massive optimization of PNG/MNG/TIFF/GIF packages.
  • New boot splash, background and theme.
  • Out-of-the-box easy file-sharing (just by right clicking the folder you wish to share)
  • Mabuhay Welcome Center w/ introduction of Kahel OS.
  • iBus is now the default alternative input bus
  • Include all possible Wifi Firmware by default

Include OpenJDK6 Java Development Kit by default

New Default Applications Installed:

  • Pitivi 0.13.4
  • Simple-Scan 0.9.9
  • Google Gadgets 0.11.2
  • Chromium 5.0.
  • Chromium supports WOFF ( and playing HTML5 videos without Flash (
  • Gnome 2.30
  • Gnome Color Manager 2.30
  • Kernel 2.6.33
  • OpenOffice 2.3.0
  • Banshee 1.6.0
  • Tracker 0.8
  • Tomboy notes
  • Gbrainy
  • Lights Off
KahelOS, as a Labor of Love and Passion, we continue to be indebted to the selfless, generous, highly-talented genuises and collaborators of Linux and Open Source Applications.

Invaluable gratitude also goes to those who support applications like KahelOS for believing on its Philosophy, noble cause and to imbibe in its initiators, developers, contributors, advocates and users of the responsibility and rationale, in going and doing Linux and Open Source Programs and Projects.

Together, we at KahelOS, celebrates and commemorates May One with all the Laboers of the World.

Monday, April 26, 2010

IBM Lotus Foundation One Box Fits All

Our Best Sellers
big biz
All-In-One IT In a Box
The No brainer, Back up and Recovery System in a Few Clicks.
Being connected means bringing down your telecommunication costs.

IBM Lotus Foundation
One Box Fits All

Lotus Foundations is an all-in-one solution designed to meet the unique IT and productivity challenges to power small businesses.

A complete solution for small businesses--in a single package.

  • Unique server autonomics handle backup, settings, file management, security, and more
  • Automatically backs-up data as often as every 15 minutes
  • Performs a full system restore in minutes with unique disaster recover technology
  • Email, calendars and contacts with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
  • Offers choice with Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook or web-based email interfaces
  • Enables clients to publish web pages and manage their own email domain
  • Self-configuring firewall safeguards networks from unauthorized intrusions
  • Anti-virus protection monitors and cleanses network files of suspicious content
  • Anti-spam technology filters unwanted email
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology enables remote connectivity
  • Enables central file and print access, management and sharing
  • Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with bundled productivity software

Get in touch with us. Let's talk about your company's uniqueness, how like us, you make a habit out of asking the right questions and finding the best answers, and how we can help you define open source solutions that will amplify your freedom to drive your business as you envision it.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Open Invitation

Our Best Sellers
big  biz

All-In-One IT In a Box

The No brainer, Back up and Recovery System in a Few Clicks.
Being connected means bringing down your telecommunication costs.

An Open Invitation

Your business is growing. No doubt, thanks to your hard work, focus and the culture of excellence you have built your company upon.

You have always invested in the right people and have always sought to forge sound partnerships. And now, by upgrading your I.T. Infrastructure, you intend to be abreast or stay ahead via new demands and opportunities that come hand in hand with growth.

So, you leaf through the quotations and proposals on your desk. You've seen these before. Page after page of brand names, technical services, and specifications in between claims of being the best solution for your company. You know outright that most of these vendors are only out to make a quick buck from your requirements, so most of their offerings must be limited by profitability and popularity, both poor substitutes for suitability and performance.

You stop and think, How did these vendors come up with what is best for MY company? Did these vendors come up to me to understand my needs and wants or did THEY just come up to show us some really cool and professional presentations?

And then realize, YOU need IT Practitioners who understand the Technology and YOUR needs!

You refuse to accept a generic "best" solution. Because your company runs and breathes differently. Because your corporate values and resources are different from any other company's. And most importanty, because you will not allow your company to be tied down by solutions that are inherently limited, compromising your ability to adapt to a constantly changing business landscape.

Through the years, 8layer Technologies, Inc. has been blessed to find like-minded partners, companies that have come to recognize the value of
collaboration versus quotations and true results over maketing hype.

Get in touch with us. Let's talk about your company's uniqueness, how like us, you make a habit out of asking the right questions and finding the best answers, and how we can help you define open source solutions that will amplify your freedom to drive your business as you envision it.


A New Approach to Software

You’re in business to serve your customers and make a profit. You have all the ingredients for success: expertise, hard work, and dedicated employees. But in today’s marketplace, you also need solid technology to support your business. Your employees need a way to share files, collaborate, schedule meetings, send and receive e-mail, and access the Internet. Customers will want to look you up online and send you e-mail. And, you’ll want to present a professional image and make good first impressions with your business’ own domain name ( rather than a free email account.

Additionally, you’ll want to have a contingency plan for your critical business data – ensuring you have a backup and disaster recovery plan for occasions when small, or big, issues arise. And you don’t want to have to worry about the security of your information, or managing complex technology.

Having the ability to enable all of these important business components can be a significant differentiator and advantage for a business. IBM Lotus Foundations Start, an offering delivered and supported by your local VAR or systems integrator, provides the technology to do just that.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

KahelOS 050110 Review


Today I had the pleasure of reviewing a distro i wanted to check out during its last stable release but I ran out of time. When I saw sourceforge had a new version of KahelOS available for download, I jumped on it. I was excited to try the Arch-based KahelOS on my Dell desktop for several reasons. Just like Arch, KahelOS is on a rolling release schedule and uses Pacman package manager. Also, this version of KahelOS uses Gnome 2.30.0. These all sit well with the goals of what I want my desktop computer to be.


Installing broadcom-wl on KahelOS

After Installing the new image 05012010 i noticed that binutils,make and gcc must be installed first in order for me to install broadcom-wl.

pacman -S binutils make gcc
yaourt -S --noconfirm broadcom-wl

Added this on my /etc/rc.conf on the MODULES section.
lib80211 wl !b43 !ssb


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Startup Culture: 23 Insights From The NetFlix Culture Deck

Friday, April 16, 2010

Setting the treatment of spam for all users for LFS

Create the script

1. Telnet into the LFS server and log in as an administrative user.

2. Move to a directory where you can safely store files. For example:

cd /home/root/Files

3. Using your favorite Linux text editor, create a file called

4. Within the file, enter the following code:

prog=$(basename $0)
echo "usage: $prog "
exit 0
if [ -z "$DEFPROB" -o -z "$ACTION" ]; then
if [ "$DEFPROB" != "definite" -a "$DEFPROB" != "probable" ]; then
if [ "$ACTION" != "Mark" \
-a "$ACTION" != "None" \
-a "$ACTION" != "Move" \
-a "$ACTION" != "Delete" ]; then
for u in /home/*; do
user=$(basename $u)
echo -n "$user = "
wv set [$DEFPROB spam action]$user=$ACTION
wv kick

5. Save the file.

Run the script

1. Before running the script, the permissions associated with the file must be changed so that it may be executable. To do this type:

chmod +x

2. Run the script with the setting you wish to set globally. The syntax for running the script is as follows:


The options for the TYPE of spam detected are definite and probable and the options for the spam treatment ACTION are Mark, None, Move and Delete. Therefore, adjust the script according to your preference. For example, if you would like to have all definite spam deleted from the server, type:

./ definite Delete

If you want to move all probable spam, type:

./ probable Move

3. The script shows all user accounts in LFS being modified to use the settings you have just set.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gimme Five! (Happy 5th Year Anniversary Team 8liens)

Happy Five Years to my fellow 8liens and Yes, We are still alive and we continue to kick-ass.

Let me share a notable portion of my 4th Year Anniversary article and it read:

"At FOUR we know there is More;

More to the essence of growing up and that though growing old is inevitable we got to make use of our time and talents wisely.

More of touching lives and making people discern that IT won't work for them, if they won't even care about IT or their work.

More of giving of who we are through our innovative ways, whether it be solutions or just plainly talking to you about what Open Source Advocacy can do for you or your organization.

More to life than just gadgets and computers, that IT is made up of people (flesh, blood, thinking and feeling), who wants IT to work for you."

The above statements were not just realizations at that time but remains a constant one to remind us and each and every person who have experienced to work with us, be with us and grown with us, what makes our team different from the rest of IT companies.

8layer@Five: A Time to look back at the good times and not so good times.
I so vividly remember how complicated, difficult and strenuous it was to come up to any individual introducing our team and much more talk about Linux and Open Source, then altogether presenting to engage an endeavor with our team. That was then and sources after resources tells us how our technology preference have evolved and continue to be magnanimous. We may have been ahead of our league and this is one link I wish to share as well,

Now and then the burden really lies on bridging and for the CIO, CTO, IT practitioners and Business owners to imbibe the discipline, value and habit of being able to qualify IT Solutions, Applications and more importantly vendors and partners when employing IT. Further, it is having the effort to understand that if any organization need IT to work with them, they need to work with IT. IT won't work alone for anyone.

My personal stiff and cumbersome challenge, which is most important for 8layer, is to cascade to my fellow 8lien, what 8layer is all about and how do we live to assimilate to become one. That this is a team play, that we are unlike any talent show that one should stand out. That it is not about being a genius all by himself/ herself and that one's talent and intelligence will never be called innovation unless translated and manifested to good, practical and meaningful substance and use. It shouldn't be human nature I refuse to believe, that when one is endowed with talents that are not ordinary, some may feel that he/she is indispensable and then tend to neglect others and be disrespectful. When we start to feel this way, then we lose our sense of being an 8lien, our sense of developing and sharing not for oneself. An 8lien should always remember that we learned Open Source and our knowledge have been enriched because initially there were kind and generous people who were fond of sharing what they know, and if not for them who were ahead of us, then we would know very little or nothing. For on top of all of these, the greater part of being an 8lien is respect and responsibility.

And so at the end of the day, 8layer's Vision and Mission cannot just be simply achieved by extra ordinary people and talents but rather geared by 8layer's Core Strength and Success Factor; etched by ordinary people with extra ordinary commitment and passion.

8layer@Five: A Time to look ahead at our Future.
Through the years, our team, has been blessed to find like-minded partners and companies that have come to recognize the value of collaboration versus quotations and true results over maketing hype. Every year, new friends and partners add up to the roster of our invaluable helping hands, generous hearts and brilliant minds.

For some time we have been sought for by companies and organizations who would want an IT Team who can definitely understand and resolve their IT needs.

This time around, we realize that we should take on the challenge for us to be understood and simply comprehensible; come up with absolutely easy and reliable IT Applications which is timely and for those who discerns the urgent need of migrating to our kind of Service and Technology.

"The Art of Passion largely defines the Art of our Existence", @Five and Alive, 8layer 2010
We give you Five: Gratitude, Passion, Respect, Responsibility and Fun.

So, Gimme Five.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My KahelOS giving me a wrong time and date after installation

After installing KahelOS, my PC Time is not sync with my BIOS clock or my OS is giving me a wrong time.

1.make sure that HARDWARECLOCK="localtime" is set in your /etc/rc.conf

note:for timezone value check /usr/share/zoneinfo/ and choose appropriate timezone for you.
$cd /usr/share/zoneinfo/ (and check all file under this folder)

2.using "date" command you can change your computer date/time
eg. If you want to set your computer date and time to March 18,2010 10:37PM just execute this command.
root ~ #date -s "18 Mar 2010 22:37:00"

3.Then Follow this command below in relation to "adjtime" and "hwclock" and then reboot your system.
root ~ #echo "0.0 0 0.0" > /var/lib/hwclock/adjtime
root ~ #hwclock -r
root ~ #hwclock -w --localtime
root ~ #hwclock -r
root ~ #reboot

Let me know if this works for you too.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

LFS Domino Web Access Lite mode

One of our friends emailed us regarding his problem on his DWA access. He told us that the drop down on the switch mode is not working and the access is very slow. My analysis tells me that the main problem could be his internet connectivity or the way he is accessing his DWA. With this I also thought that the simple solution could be setting DWA to use lite mode by default. Our friend can also benefit from these features of setting it to lite mode.

It should be able to best work with minimal bandwidth and It uses the same mail8.ntf template.
Most of all, It’s an Ajax Application that makes navigation cool and friendly.

To set this feature just follow these instructions.

1.Telnet to your LFS server
2. Edit notes.ini
cd /tmp/disk/home/notes/Files/notesdata/
vi notes.ini
3.Add this line.
4. Reboot LFS Server

Access the DWA
Domino Web Access Lite will be the default mode for all Lotus Domino Web Access users.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

PHP Developers Summit 2010

Team 8layer supports PHP Developers Summit 2010.Our very own Kuya Rey and Agi will share their know-how on some PHP related topics. Kudos!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Introducing KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010

After the Christmas release of the new KahelOS Desktop installers 12-25-2009, there's no stopping this citrusy fresh Linux Distribution.

Today on New Year' Day, Let us introduce to you KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010 designed for Netbooks with limited storage capacity.
Just like the KahelOS Desktop Edition, the Light Edition has 32- bit and 64-bit version installers.

What basically describes KahelOS Light Edition 01-01-2010?

* Lightweight - The light desktop operates on Linux 2.6.32 and utilizes XFCE 4.6 which is much suitable for PC's with low memory and resources.

* Power-Packed - The installer is compressed to 420MB and the standard install is just a total of 1.8 Gigabytes

* SSD (solid-state drive) Friendly - KahelOS LE, includes BTRFS and NILFS filesystems. BTRFS automatically detects SSD while NILFS will make your SSD happy.

* Bundled with Lightweight Applications - The applications in KahelOS Light Edition includes Claws Email Client, Midori Web Browser, Gthumb Image Viewer and Organizer, and Exaile Music Player.

* Additionally, KahelOS Light Edition is Wifi and Bluetooth ready.

Don't waste time. Be wise. Download KahelOS Light Edition.

Now, you're ready to enjoy life as fresh as KahelOS.