Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Open Invitation

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An Open Invitation

Your business is growing. No doubt, thanks to your hard work, focus and the culture of excellence you have built your company upon.

You have always invested in the right people and have always sought to forge sound partnerships. And now, by upgrading your I.T. Infrastructure, you intend to be abreast or stay ahead via new demands and opportunities that come hand in hand with growth.

So, you leaf through the quotations and proposals on your desk. You've seen these before. Page after page of brand names, technical services, and specifications in between claims of being the best solution for your company. You know outright that most of these vendors are only out to make a quick buck from your requirements, so most of their offerings must be limited by profitability and popularity, both poor substitutes for suitability and performance.

You stop and think, How did these vendors come up with what is best for MY company? Did these vendors come up to me to understand my needs and wants or did THEY just come up to show us some really cool and professional presentations?

And then realize, YOU need IT Practitioners who understand the Technology and YOUR needs!

You refuse to accept a generic "best" solution. Because your company runs and breathes differently. Because your corporate values and resources are different from any other company's. And most importanty, because you will not allow your company to be tied down by solutions that are inherently limited, compromising your ability to adapt to a constantly changing business landscape.

Through the years, 8layer Technologies, Inc. has been blessed to find like-minded partners, companies that have come to recognize the value of
collaboration versus quotations and true results over maketing hype.

Get in touch with us. Let's talk about your company's uniqueness, how like us, you make a habit out of asking the right questions and finding the best answers, and how we can help you define open source solutions that will amplify your freedom to drive your business as you envision it.


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