Monday, June 04, 2018

Kalasag First Meet-up

Happy to be part of the First Kalasag meet-up and to share knowledge in cyber security arena. Kudos, Team Kalasag!

We hope to serve the country more through cyber security.

Friday, May 25, 2018


How can we have a good collaboration if the other party is saying that he is "just planting a test" to know us more?

I personally believe that the foundation of a successful collaboration is trust. There’s only so much you can do if the other party starts behaving unprofessionally for unfounded reasons. Don’t waste everyone’s time and efforts. Engaging in collaborations will let you know all the people involved through their commitment and work ethics not by planting so-called “tests.”

—mbm 05/25/2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nagmagaling lang si Hudas.

Nagmagaling lang si Hudas.
Akda ni: Meric Mara

Walang arte at ere ang magagaling
Di sa self-proclaimed lumalanding
May talent talaga at may mararating
Low key lang at di papansin

Walang yabang sa husay sa pag-gawa
Hindi sarili lang ang inuunawa
Ang pagngawa sa Facabook ay di nakikita
Mga atang na gawain ay di binabalewala

Hindi Ungas at hindi balasubas
Hindi feeling sa taglay na angas
Ugaling uungoy ay hindi mamamalas
Sa pag-gawa ng tungkulin ay patas

Nagmagaling lang si Hudas.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Kevin Mitnick

I  wasn't a hacker for the money and it wasn't to cause damage. - Kevin Mitnick

It was nice to meet and see one of the greatest hackers in the world, Mr. Kevin Mitnick. 😊
Your Social Engineering topic was awesome! We learned a lot from it. 😊

Happy 13th Birthday 8layer

Thank you so much to all true blooded Geekineers, friends, family, partners, and clients who greeted and visited us on our 13th year anniversary! It gave us more drive to innovate in the future. We will continue to Be More, Be Useful and Be of Service. 

On behalf of 8layer, Thank you so much! Gawang Pilipino, para sa mga Pilipino at sa mundo. Mabuhay po tayo!

Cambolo Outreach Program

What:  Cambolo Outreach Program
When: April 8 ,2018
Cambulo, Banaue, Ifugao
Students: Grade 1-5


Another year of sharing love and commitment to our advocacy.
This time the group travelled 12 hours including 2 on unpaved roads and hiked the rice terraces of Cambolo Banaue, Ifugao. In this outreach program, we cascaded to the students three important things.

  • Be More-- They need to study hard and offer their hardwork to their parents.
  • Be Useful –That someday they will also help other communities and teach them the value of education and service community.
  • Be of Service – To give glory to our beloved country, Philippines.

This year, we gave the schools and students the following valuable things that they can use in their daily school activities.

  • Schools supplies for students
  • Hygene Kit
  • SmartTV and Educational DVDs

Shout out to Teacher Jen, Mamanglo Family (for the breakfast), John Bernabe Mamanglo for hosting us, the kids and parents of Mattao Elementary school and Kuya driver for the best off-road experience and bringing us safe to Cambolo.

We would like to thank the family who helped us fulfill this endeavor, sharing their passion, untiring commitment and selflessness. And to God almighty for giving us good weather, safe trip and the chance/opportunity to serve.

BitcoinSpark: Banaue

BitcoinSpark: Chocolate Hills

Thursday, April 05, 2018


Ultimate 911

Imagine the possibility of 911 or Emergency System without the Telecoms. I’m  happy to announce that It's now possible!  😊

Saturday, March 31, 2018

13 years of Open Innovation:Happy Birthday 8layer!

We are happy to announce that our company, 8layer Technologies Inc. is now on its 13th year of service.

The journey is not always fun. Lots of things  have been learned and sacrifices counted but most importantly, more innovations for Filipinos have been created.
We thank you for the support and trust all these years. Rest assured that we will continue to serve and cater to your business requirements as we’ve always been proud to serve this country and its people.

As part of 8Layer’s and Geekineers’ blood, we will always thrive for the ff:
*Game-changing solutions and people
*Welcoming change
*Problem solving
*Realization that we’re a TEAM serving our clients and partners

To our Clients, Partners, Co-founders, Co-Advocates, Employees, Friends and Family, Thank you at Mabuhay po tayong lahat!
As always, Be more, Be useful and Be of service!

Meric B. Mara
8layer Technologies, Inc.