Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy 11th year 8layer!

By: Meric B. Mara

Where do I begin? Too much good memories are flowing on my mind right now that I can't help but smile on reminiscing each one of them. All these experiences - the journey, the challenges, the triumph, the failures, are all valuable to my growth not only as a leader of this company but as a responsible citizen of this society.

Today as we celebrate our 11th year in this industry, I want to thank all those who have been a part of our journey, past or present friends, partners, clients, colleagues, mentors, family members, fellow advocates and many others. Some whom we have touched and have continued the advocacy that we love. You have all been a source of pride to me and to 8Layer.   

11 beautiful and meaningful years of journey...
11 years of learning... slowly moving toward a "Lean but Agile” institution..

What has changed in 11 years? We have improved a lot through the 11 years and are proud to say that we are now better and will continue to progress ahead in these areas:

-We have a high caliber team who is united in creating productive solutions for the country.
-IOT & Service Management Group is now on their way to help us support and make all our customers happy.
-I remember saying that it's not just a job; it's not just about the salary; but it is the sense of pride that you take in what you're doing. It's the sense of self-fulfillment and worthiness you get when you've accomplished your work because it is your responsibility to the people who trust you that matters most.
-Institutionalize our Sales & Marketing Group so that we can focus on offering our solution for the market and so that more will benefit from it. We also have some partners who helped us grow the business.

-More innovation has been introduced.
-Aksyon Sentral, Hook and Kabalikat, the core products of 8layer today, have the public's well being as the main priority. bandera ng 8layer ngayon.
-We now have a Git Repository. =) (Ngayong may biruan na kami sa Office)

The Agile process is very evident in the organization, very far from when we way we started. Having internal tools for productivity is also being practiced.

Advocacy Programs - Nandyan na ang mga Open Sourcerers
Hackathons And more—new ways on how to engage the youth for a better country using technology!  
For 8layer, it has been 11 years that our vision and mission is intact and with that comes the value of sharing to develop knowledge of others. As the CEO of this company, it gives me so much pride and honor to serve this nation with the things that 8Layer does!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016