Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tux,TUz and Juancho

Ya Betta Watch Out...

... and you don't have to pout, you need not cry just read on because we are tellin' you why...

8ix Zenith CE Telephony System is coming to your Town!

Yes, Team 8layer is not only sharing you a sip but a cup of your own coffee to experience our own brew of our Asterisk Derived Telephony Solution.

It's Hot!
Fresh from the brew, you can download our 8ix Zenith CE (Community Edition) Distro derived from Asterisk 1.6.2 this July 2009. No need to install a separate operating system and application.

It's Bolder!
8ix Zenith CE is a distro bundled on top of our KahelOS (this one is a must to watch out for too!). Our team has innovated it, in such a way, that it is going to be the Developers Choice. Why? Because why would we make one, if it's not going to be better? Powerful; optimized to give your machine more transcoding prowess. Feature-Rich; efax and video conferencing are some glits of the system. Isn't that something to look forward to?

Just the Right Taste!
And for those Asterisk Enthusiasts and Developers, you can do and have your own blend and mix to suit your exquisite palate. Nothing is too strong or too sweet, make it your own Distro!

The 8ix Zenith CE: Communication Galore, What's next is up to you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

PHP Programmers: On the Loose?

A lot of IT Companies, here and abroad are in DIRE NEED of programmers,yes a lot...

Imagine just in the past ten years, Schools and Colleges mushroomed with IT Courses and produced graduates, tons of graduates.. And just where are they? How come our IT Industry needs are not apples with the quality and skills that these Academes produce? Care to respond to this?...(please do)

So, here we are at 8layer also in need of PHP Programmers. And not just plainly or extremely adept with it, but those would like to teach others so that together we can fill the gap and probably the lack and get rid of those “bug-full” and cluttered programming.... “yon bang may sense of attribution at contribution yong programming skill mo... yong may sense of fulfillment at sense of achievement ang programming skill that you were endowed with.

Anyways, if you are what you need – a PHP PROGRAMMER WITH knowledge on:
Programming Languages: PHP, HTML, Java, Javascript, Java servlets, XML
Database Management Systems: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
Operating Systems: Linux
Opensource Editing Tools (nano,vi,pico,quanta plus, etc.)

Essential Qualifications:
-Analytical and with above average problem solving skills
-Attentive to design and technical details
-Has an open attitude (as we say, lives, breathes, eats and drinks open
-Willingness to adapt to new environment and share knowledge and skills
-Good team player
-Has above average communication skills
-Must have an excellent and positive work ethics

Computer Science or Any Course related to Software Engineering or
Related Work Experience

Musically Inclined
He/She Drinks...

So, if you're interested, first visit our website www.8layertech.com (para may masagot ka sa unang tanong sa interview :-) ) , then interest us with who you are and what you can become . So much for that, email us your simple desire and whims and your programming frustrations and also
your profile to careers@8layertech.com