Tuesday, February 09, 2010

LFS Domino Web Access Lite mode

One of our friends emailed us regarding his problem on his DWA access. He told us that the drop down on the switch mode is not working and the access is very slow. My analysis tells me that the main problem could be his internet connectivity or the way he is accessing his DWA. With this I also thought that the simple solution could be setting DWA to use lite mode by default. Our friend can also benefit from these features of setting it to lite mode.

It should be able to best work with minimal bandwidth and It uses the same mail8.ntf template.
Most of all, It’s an Ajax Application that makes navigation cool and friendly.

To set this feature just follow these instructions.

1.Telnet to your LFS server
2. Edit notes.ini
cd /tmp/disk/home/notes/Files/notesdata/
vi notes.ini
3.Add this line.
4. Reboot LFS Server

Access the DWA https://yourdomain.com:4443
Domino Web Access Lite will be the default mode for all Lotus Domino Web Access users.