Sunday, December 18, 2016

Open Source in the Philippines

Philippines, as we all know, is an archipelago. That fact comes with challenges though and so it has always been my dream for this country to have collaborative groups that will unite every island by creating a system using open source that will map the Philippines to the world as innovators. More than software and technology, collaboration and relationship are the keys.

Open Source in the Philippines

Currently, more serious Open Source groups and developers in the community are now starting to promote Open Source softwares via social media doing some caravans, seminars and hackathons. In hackathons, the programmers are very much involved with their prototypes and those were made using Open Source softwares, very impressive!

Big companies like Microsoft considers Open Source and Linux as the real deal players and movers in their businesses. This helps a lot in promoting Open Source not only in the country but in the whole world. Users are now starting to adapt to a more dynamic approach in technology. In fact, the general public and even those working in different kinds of industries, Non-Profit, Education and Government are using Open Source without them knowing it. Many of them don't have any idea what Open Source is and the principles behind it as long as their gadgets or preferred apps answer their needs and requirements.

What's Next for Open Source in the Philippines?

Here are some insights on what needs to be done in order to properly promote Open Source and take advantage of its benefits:

1. Schools and universities should take Open Source seriously as a tool for innovation and start learning the value of collaboration.
2. Donate to Pinoy Open Source projects to help fuel innovators on their projects geared towards Filipinos.
3. Government should start and continuously adopt Open Source softwares. They should set to be an example for both students and professionals.
4. HB1011 should also be given attention nowadays as government really needs Open Source in this country.
5. Collaboration and sharing should always be promoted in any endeavor.
6. Community should continue to capitalize on social media to have a strong bond and relationship among members to create more projects.
7. Philippines should have a serious movement for research and BIG DATA using Open Source to fully grasp the top priorities in creating projects and solving problems for the country.
8. It would be great to have a Philippine Open Source Day Program for Filipinos. A day that will remind us that collaboration and innovation are good drivers in economic growth.

At the end of the day, it's not about Technology alone anymore. It's about communities that bond together, creating value  made possible by Open Source Technology!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


I''m off to Bicol for another advocacy work.
We (Team Geekineers/8layer) hope we can share a lot of valuable things for BYICT. on WebRTC and IOT Arena. See you Bicol!

Robothon 2016

Cheers to these young men for their dedication and talent in the field of robotics. Representing the Philippines in 2016 International Robothon held in Malaysia last Dec 4 is already a big achievement. Not everyone is fortunate to be given that honor. Continue learning and striving for excellence. I am proud to have witnessed your hard work and triumph.
Congrats to the whole Claret Team and to The Grade 9 students for their 2nd place finish in the VEX Experts Category!

When claiming is bad

I was very sad for my former creative Mr. JB. It's as if we didn't teach him the virtue of work and having pride for his work. I have browsed his porfolio this morning and found out that he's claiming the work of Ms. Tau and Mr. Lariz Santos. I don't understand why people with creative talents still opt to get fame with the work that they didn't do.

 Well, it's sad but it's certainly not hard to do the right thing.

Friday, December 02, 2016

These guys are great

These guys are great! All for one and one for all! 😊Interesting things are now on its way.