Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gimme Five! (Happy 5th Year Anniversary Team 8liens)

Happy Five Years to my fellow 8liens and Yes, We are still alive and we continue to kick-ass.

Let me share a notable portion of my 4th Year Anniversary article and it read:

"At FOUR we know there is More;

More to the essence of growing up and that though growing old is inevitable we got to make use of our time and talents wisely.

More of touching lives and making people discern that IT won't work for them, if they won't even care about IT or their work.

More of giving of who we are through our innovative ways, whether it be solutions or just plainly talking to you about what Open Source Advocacy can do for you or your organization.

More to life than just gadgets and computers, that IT is made up of people (flesh, blood, thinking and feeling), who wants IT to work for you."

The above statements were not just realizations at that time but remains a constant one to remind us and each and every person who have experienced to work with us, be with us and grown with us, what makes our team different from the rest of IT companies.

8layer@Five: A Time to look back at the good times and not so good times.
I so vividly remember how complicated, difficult and strenuous it was to come up to any individual introducing our team and much more talk about Linux and Open Source, then altogether presenting to engage an endeavor with our team. That was then and sources after resources tells us how our technology preference have evolved and continue to be magnanimous. We may have been ahead of our league and this is one link I wish to share as well,

Now and then the burden really lies on bridging and for the CIO, CTO, IT practitioners and Business owners to imbibe the discipline, value and habit of being able to qualify IT Solutions, Applications and more importantly vendors and partners when employing IT. Further, it is having the effort to understand that if any organization need IT to work with them, they need to work with IT. IT won't work alone for anyone.

My personal stiff and cumbersome challenge, which is most important for 8layer, is to cascade to my fellow 8lien, what 8layer is all about and how do we live to assimilate to become one. That this is a team play, that we are unlike any talent show that one should stand out. That it is not about being a genius all by himself/ herself and that one's talent and intelligence will never be called innovation unless translated and manifested to good, practical and meaningful substance and use. It shouldn't be human nature I refuse to believe, that when one is endowed with talents that are not ordinary, some may feel that he/she is indispensable and then tend to neglect others and be disrespectful. When we start to feel this way, then we lose our sense of being an 8lien, our sense of developing and sharing not for oneself. An 8lien should always remember that we learned Open Source and our knowledge have been enriched because initially there were kind and generous people who were fond of sharing what they know, and if not for them who were ahead of us, then we would know very little or nothing. For on top of all of these, the greater part of being an 8lien is respect and responsibility.

And so at the end of the day, 8layer's Vision and Mission cannot just be simply achieved by extra ordinary people and talents but rather geared by 8layer's Core Strength and Success Factor; etched by ordinary people with extra ordinary commitment and passion.

8layer@Five: A Time to look ahead at our Future.
Through the years, our team, has been blessed to find like-minded partners and companies that have come to recognize the value of collaboration versus quotations and true results over maketing hype. Every year, new friends and partners add up to the roster of our invaluable helping hands, generous hearts and brilliant minds.

For some time we have been sought for by companies and organizations who would want an IT Team who can definitely understand and resolve their IT needs.

This time around, we realize that we should take on the challenge for us to be understood and simply comprehensible; come up with absolutely easy and reliable IT Applications which is timely and for those who discerns the urgent need of migrating to our kind of Service and Technology.

"The Art of Passion largely defines the Art of our Existence", @Five and Alive, 8layer 2010
We give you Five: Gratitude, Passion, Respect, Responsibility and Fun.

So, Gimme Five.

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