Saturday, May 01, 2010

KahelOS, A Labor of Love and Passion

KahelOS Installer May 01, 2010

The May One version of KahelOS installer (KahelOS 050110) is dedicated to all the laborers around the world. Downloads are available at

The first day of May marks the inception of KahelOS and historically it also marks the celebration of the triumps and achievements of labor movements worldwide This day is famously known as the International Workers day.
The origin of our international commemoration dates back in the year 1884, where the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions victoriously got the approval of the eight-hour workday.
In the Philippines, we term it as Labor Day or “Araw ng Paggawa” and was very first celebrated in 1903. Thousands of laborers marched to Malacanang to voice out their grievances for better working conditions and was organized by the Union Obrero Democratica de Filipinas.
Today, everywhere around the world, Labor day will surely be remembered and actively participated in through rallies, demonstrations and even parties to exalt the laborers of the world.

Even before our official release today, the new KahelOS installer has already been reviewed at
Thank you for taking time and providing significant inputs to make KahelOS work better for those who would like to experience its utility.

The highlight of this installer is the easier and friendlier way to do installation in a just a few steps unlike the first two installer release. Again, All in One CD Installer.

Improvements that you may discover with the new installer:

  • Compiz Fusion is enabled by default
  • Font cleanup and improvements
  • Improved hinting and rendering of fonts
  • Massive cleanup of unnecessary packages, saving disk space.
  • Massive optimization of PNG/MNG/TIFF/GIF packages.
  • New boot splash, background and theme.
  • Out-of-the-box easy file-sharing (just by right clicking the folder you wish to share)
  • Mabuhay Welcome Center w/ introduction of Kahel OS.
  • iBus is now the default alternative input bus
  • Include all possible Wifi Firmware by default

Include OpenJDK6 Java Development Kit by default

New Default Applications Installed:

  • Pitivi 0.13.4
  • Simple-Scan 0.9.9
  • Google Gadgets 0.11.2
  • Chromium 5.0.
  • Chromium supports WOFF ( and playing HTML5 videos without Flash (
  • Gnome 2.30
  • Gnome Color Manager 2.30
  • Kernel 2.6.33
  • OpenOffice 2.3.0
  • Banshee 1.6.0
  • Tracker 0.8
  • Tomboy notes
  • Gbrainy
  • Lights Off
KahelOS, as a Labor of Love and Passion, we continue to be indebted to the selfless, generous, highly-talented genuises and collaborators of Linux and Open Source Applications.

Invaluable gratitude also goes to those who support applications like KahelOS for believing on its Philosophy, noble cause and to imbibe in its initiators, developers, contributors, advocates and users of the responsibility and rationale, in going and doing Linux and Open Source Programs and Projects.

Together, we at KahelOS, celebrates and commemorates May One with all the Laboers of the World.

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