Friday, May 07, 2010

A CD that you give becomes a meaningful CD (Clout of Discovery)

As part of our initiative, we are launching for this month what we simply call KahelOS CD Brigade.

Simply donate a blank CD or CD's and these will in turn be KahelOS Installers that will freely be distributed to Students and Schools to employ their Open Source Labs.

Remember, that a CD that you give is a Cornerstone of Creativity and Innovation.

Every CD that you selflessly share could impel and compel a community of enlightened learners of Information Technology.

A CD that you contribute builds a culture of individuals open to choices, aware and can discern what is better for them.

A CD that you send in combats the deteriorating IT Education in a country like ours.

While others would like to deter and constrain the state and quality of IT Education or some staying selfish with what they know by keeping it to themselves, KahelOS believes that confering valuable IT Education alleviates poverty. For a CD that is collaboratively shared actively and pro-actively confronts ignorance.

This is a recap and reiteration of KahelOS Philosophical manifestation.

  • Kahel is against the injudicious measure of software monopoly. Kahel recognizes that a software that is available for ALL is not a profit loss but a credibility gained.

  • Kahel is against the misguided rationalization of software piracy. The choice between "free and open source" vs "illegal copies" is not about cost. It is about performance, values and utility. You are what you choose to download or use.

  • Kahel is against the misplaced labels in the values of information technology. Kahel believes that there is a Linux OS right for you. In the same way that life and living is all about choices and the choices that you make reflects you.Your choice is dependent on your palate and your need. If Kahel fits your taste, style and requirement, then Kahel is the Linux OS for you.

  • Kahel is against the complacent and apathetic effort to make an informed decision. KahelOS recognizes and gives high regard to competence, innovation and sharing what one has learned and found out along the way for the greater good. Kahel may not be the "perfect" fit for you, but you can make it just as perfect as you want it to be...

  • KahelOS likes simplicity, lightness and readiness of use for end-users. But it doesn't like spoon feeding.

  • KahelOS likes to spark critical thinking and yield towards the needed chan ge.

Email us at Cdbrigade-AT-kahelos-DOT-org and visit us at our website Here and on, a multitude of gratitude and ripples of joy to all who may appreciate to join the Brigade.

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