Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you for making Software Freedom Day 2010 possible!

Congratulations to SFDPH2010 Team for a much fun-filled learning last Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the University of Baguio. Thank you so much to all who made it possible. To the students, practitioners, teachers and professionals who came to celebrate with us.

Thank you very much to Emmanuel C. Lallana, Phd (Our Dear Doc Boying), former CICT Commissioner and President of IdeaCorp who despite his loss of voice inspired and enlightened each one, may it be organizers and attendees that eGov 2.0, Web 2.0 and F/OSS is all about community and towards Nation Building and Solidarity.

To University of Baguio, our host venue for this year's SFDPH2010, for generously letting us use their facilities for FREE. To Mr. Jopoy Solano (you're the man), Ms. Ellen Halover,UB-Dean of ICT, Ms. Lorie Layugan and to all the IT Faculty and Staff for their enthusiasm and assistance in the preparations and programme proper.

To the University of Baguio Voices Chorale, your "Ala-Glee" rendition of "Pinoy Ako" was awesome and of course the other songs. It's one of those moments you want to say, "I'm proud to be Pinoy". Thank you to the technicians, to Rainer Jasper, Deng's Co-host. And to all at UB. Mabuhay Kayo at Maraming Maraming Maraming salamat!

Thank you to our Dear Sponsors and Event Partners. IBM Phils, PLDT CBG, MSI-ECS, Intel Philippines , Imperium Technology Inc., Acer Phils for your continuous support towards progressive learning and motivating innovation and in your belief that the Filipino IT Ingenuity and Talent CAN!

Thank you to Dean Eduardson Tacuba of Ilocos Sur Polytechnic State College, a representative of iSchools who discussed the CICT-Human Capital Development Group (HCDG) iSchools, a project equipping the Country’s high schools with technology literacy and abreast with the latest equipment.

Thank you to Mr.Macoy Mejia of MDS (McDonalds Delivery Service) Call Solutions, Inc. who shared to everyone the success story and implementation of F/OSS Technologies throughout the IT System and operation of their company serving the 24/7 Hotline Delivery of McDonalds. The cost savings, the learning and most of all teamwork and camaraderie that F/OSS brought to their IT Team.

Thank you Cong. Teddy Casino that though you were not physically present at SFDPH2010 at Baguio, you managed to send us a video message on your views and updates on the F/OSS Bill and a live call to address the students and attendees.

Thank you very much Frederic Muller of the Software Freedom International for that video message on the spot during half of the day to Congratulate our Team and also laud the students and attendees for their time and eagerness to learn more and be more. Thank you Allan Caeg of Gnome Asia for linking us to Frederic and for wonderful presentation and what to expect from GNOME 3.0

Simultaneously, the business and tech tracks happened as well as the install fest, programming, gimpscape and blog writing competitions on that rainy but lively afternoon. Thank you for the selfless speakers with their topics as follows:
Mr. Rystraum Fabe Gamonez expounded on the F/OSS Philosophy, Nel Patricio, Freemind; Erwin Galang,OpenERP; Mr. Glammoco C. Camora; OpenOffice, Meric Mara, Embedded Asterisk; Agi Rivera, GIT-Fast Version Control, LAMP; Allan Caeg, Gnome 3.0; Rey Portugal, PHP Framework; Allan De Guzman, Content Management System using WordPress, Lariz Santos, GIMP 101, Leandre Dacanay & Lawrz Libo-on, Moodle-Open-Source Community-Based tools for Learning, Iyen Magallanes, GNUCash, Renan Mara, Open Source NAS/SAN, Roz Vargas, Tin Batitay and Fe Arteza for manning the Ubuntu / KahelOS Install Fest

Congratulations to Ms. Tracy Villanueva, the big winner that day, bagging two competitions, the Blog of the Day and Gimscape Competition while Mr. Sony Valdez won the PHP Programming Contest. Overall, apart from the learning and fun at SFD2010, prizes were given randomly during the event by hosts and speakers. Prizes were all provided by our Event Sponsors and Partners.

Imagine a day when everyone is generous and shared their talents, their resources, their time, their passion to encourage and motivate learning, innovation and community building.

Thank you everyone for making change possible.

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