Monday, July 05, 2010

An SME like 8layer Technologies Talks about SME IT Solutions at the ICT Month Celebration at CICT.

In 2008, June was declared as The National ICT Month by virtue of Presidential Proclamation No. 1521.

This year's theme; Get Online Philippines! should be a recognition and a manifestation of a concrete commitment from both the private and public sectors to power infrastructure and empower users on the benefits of timely information, communication and being connected.

The Philippine Commission on ICT issued Memorandum Circular No. 2, Series of 2010 enjoining all government agencies of sorts to organize activities to resound the said theme.

Hence, CICT held a week's Celebration at their C.P. Garcia Grounds to imprint the significance of ICT to all sectors in a country still groping in the wilderness of IT.

8layer was tasked to share our insights on ICT Solutions befitting for SMEs. The speaking slot was kind of a sleepy afternoon for the participants as it was just after their lunch break. But to our suprise the cozy auditorium and the beguiling afternoon did not get into the way of the room's being awake, lively and participative.

The participants were mostly members of the academe (SUC's) which is an important sector for ICT Education and some from the SME Organizations in the country, providing training and other assistance to SMEs.

Our Ms. Deng Silorio, Head of Marketing and Business Operations, shared 8layer's experiences as an SME in taking advantage of the ICT Applications and Solutions to aid the company in daily operations and to attain competitive advantage.

She also expounded on the current nature of SMEs towards ICT: their perspective, belief and attitude on ICT usage and what prevents SMEs to adopt IT Solutions and if they do use IT what are their hurdles.

Simplify. Lower Cost. Productivity. These are what the SMEs look for in a particular tool and that doesn't leave out ICT Solutions for their businesses. Apart from the many F/OSS applications that 8layer Technologies, discussed during the talk, Deng did impart solutions like 8ix Zenith IP Telephony and the KahelOS Linux Desktop application which is an intelligent alternative to expensive Desktop OS and Productivity without the viruses and system crashes. She added the Smarter Lotus Foundations Start an Application built and developed with the SMEs in mind.She also discussed the initiatives and benefits of the PLDT Snap! Offering for SMEs. These ICT Tools and Applications epitomizes the absolute value and philosophy of simplicity, affordability and productivity plus reliability and security.

Though currently 8layer Technologies provides IT Consultancy, Services and Solutions to a vast range of organization and companies, it was really at the onset geared to assist SMEs to focus and harness on the latter's products, services and efficient delivery of such.

Awareness is key to proper ICT adoption specially by SMEs but the SMEs limitation to participate and contribute impedes ICT Solution providers like 8layer to gather pertinent and relevant information in ICT Standardization for SMEs.

In very recent future, 8layer would wish to see in actual fruition ICT big players and the government especially agencies like CICT and the Philippine Commission on ICT to fund studies on ICT Standardization for SMEs since SMEs account for 98%-99& of total number of enteprises in the country today. With this fact and figure, SMEs are not only the major source of income but likewise are perceived to constitute a primal and essential role in the socio-economic development of a Nation.

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