Monday, April 16, 2012

Transcending the Value of 8layer Job Orientation

It’s the time when students line-up, submit their application and find a company for their respective OJT subject.

With too many IT students looking for a haven where they can find relevant learning, prepare them for the real world and take a step into the practice of professionalism, 8layer finds it hard to trim down candidates and accept only a few.

This summer, we got our room and hands full with about 10 Job Trainees from PUP Sta Mesa, AMA, TIP and Divine Word College of Calapan, Mindoro and plunge into the 8layer Job Experience encapsulated in 250 hours or so.
But before they get started in getting their hands dirty with hardware and network nitty-gritty, minds boggled with programming and agile framework concepts and firmed to enhance confidence in public speaking, each individual must go through the 8layer Orientation.

Aside from merely introducing our company; people, process, rationale and culture plus our special way of welcoming newcomers, we regard the Job Orientation as a major element of becoming part of the team to make sure that each one is aligned to understanding what it is to become an 8lien.

For information and inquiries on our OJT/ Inernship program please email us @careers-at-8layertech-dot-com.

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