Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Point of view for #COMELEAK

It was nice to know that the Technical Forum on the COMELEC Data Leak was a success. This is a collaborative effort of TXTPOWER in partnership with the Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU), 8Layer Technologies, VoteReport PH and other Partners.

I believe that it’s time that COMELEC start facing legal case for not doing their job properly to protect Filipinos' private information. The data being dumped and are now circulating on the internet is a clear picture of INCOMPETENCY of our government plus the fact that they still don’t have a strong program for Data Protection and Data Privacy. A program on the technical point of view should be started as this is a very URGENT issue. This is a call for every Filipino (Tax Payer or Not) that should be given a priority. 


Another point of view that has not been discussed that I personally believe is another problem for COMELEC and ELECTION 2016 is the method of transmission for VCM- that is via Mobile dongle and will tunnel though a VNP created by a third-party company, SMART MATIC. Government should not allow this, having a third party managing a VPN tunnel in which the data that will be transmitted is very important and critical is a NO NO! DITO MATATALO ANG MGA PILIPINO. We should have a Technical team working in the government (ie. COMELEC) that will be accountable for everything that will happen on the result of our elections.

Just my 2 cents!

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