Wednesday, April 06, 2016


The Open Sourcerers always share how they create unusual and usable things so that others can learn, benefit and contribute to enahance it and to create IMPACT in the community and country.
--mbm 04022016

For Change Makers and Movers to share and collaborate for Open Culture, Open Mind,Open Education and Open Innovation for the country.

1. To lead a movement for change makers to showcase their work and platform so that others will learn, study and can contribute for the enhancement and redistribution of their work to benefit the majority.

2.To foster collaboration towards open innovation among government, tech communities, academe, civil society, and enterprises.
3.To convene tech leaders, change makers, students, and enthusiasts who are committed to spreading Open Source throughout the country.
4.To share and promote best practices and policies for good governance so others will be guided and can cooperate through open feedback.

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