Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A spark of KahelOS and F/OSS at QCPU

Before school comes to a temporary halt to make way for the Holidays, Quezon City Polytechnic University (QCPU) Students of Computer Science and Information Technology invited team 8layer to introduce KahelOS on December 11, 2009 at their Novaliches Campus.

There were about 200 students (Freshmen and Senior Year) who gathered at their Multi-purpose hall anxious and curious of what their co-students and faculty member, Mr. Luis Soriano have in store for them.

It was about fiteen past one in the afternoon when we decided to start the session so that we may finish early and students won't be caught at traffic, yet we finished at around 5pm. This only meant for us that the 8lien and Team KahelOS invasion which was merely an offshoot for students to open and expand their horizon on IT is promising. Lest, give the students a bird's eyeview of what they have been missing, the beauty and prowess of Open Source Technologies.

At the onset, we were quite wary on how we can carry through to convey and somehow be understood by more than 200 students but surprisingly we can only see eager faces and garnered a participative audience.

Deng opened the session by touching on the essential and elemental principle and concept of why should one be abreast with and study Open Source. Meric provided the hall with a glimpse of the KahelOS and other F/OSS available for use and study. While Agi on the other hand, had the challenge of conveying principle of programming but really did dwell more on tips on how to be a good programmer and basic of programming using F/OSS Tools and Applications.

In the Philippines, Open Source is barely and rarely part of the school curriculum. That is why with KahelOS through its team and Philosophy, we aim to bring Open Source and the value of learning and innovation to one student at a time.

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