Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Announcing the 64-bit KahelOS Desktop Installer version 12-25-2009

We kept our promise to release it within the week. We are pleased to give you the 64-bit version of the KahelOS Desktop Installer and now available for download. http://sourceforge.net/projects/kahelos/files/kahel-desktop-122509-x86_64.iso/download

KahelOS tries to maintain a complete Gnome distro using only just 1 CD installer. This 64-bit KahelOS Installer has included OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Evolution, Banshee, Tracker, Empathy, Gnote, F-spot and much more.

By default, the complete 'base-devel' packages are on the i686 version. However on x86_64, some 'base-devel' packages have not been included on the x86_64 ISO installer, due to the fact that the 64-bit packages are larger than the 32-bit packages. But If one wishes to use a x86_64 version of KahelOS, simply type pacman -S base-devel to install the base-devel packages.

What are the advantages of a x86_64 KahelOS Desktop over its i686 version?

- Speed Boost - A 64-bit application will run much faster than a 32-bit application when compiled natively for 64-bit CPU. The packages included in the 64-bit Kahel OS version are compiled specifically for 64-bit Architecture.

- Memory Allocation - A 64-bit OS can allocate a minimum of 4GB to 16 exabytes of memory for applications, which implies that applications have more access to hardware RAM than before.

- Processing Power - Images and videos rendered and processed on a 64-bit OS is much detailed and crispier. Rendering is also faster on a 64-bit OS.

Try it for yourself and find out to see the difference.

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