Thursday, July 02, 2009

Collaborate with our new offering to Communicate: The 8ix Zenith CE

This invite goes to linux /asterisk afficionados who believes that life and living continuously evolve and improve with our dedication to innovation and values on collaboration.

The 8ix Zenith CE is one rare manifestation of a Filipino Collaboration and of our advocacy on the robust and prowess of the Open Source Technologies. Thus, our simple and sincere offering to all.

8ix Zenith CE spells a new drive of an asterisk-derived IP Telephony Solution. A Distro that is on an easy mode for those who are in need of a ready to deploy IP PBX Solution and the developers telephony platform for those who would want to challenge himself/ herself with more vibrant and exciting features that you can think of and integrate.

8ix Zenith CE is here and FREE, what are you waiting for?

Our Google Group:

Our Official Website:


LiFeX said...

Hi r3d3ye!

I already tried to contact you via SourceForge Forum and SF email..

I really appreciate your work, the effort that you put into this project, and I found it must be tested as soon as possible.

Therefore I tried to install Zenith on a HP DL380G5 server, and the installer failed at about the first step, creating partitions..

It's some sort of a small mistake, I guess, it seems that the installer marks a bad path for formatting, with only one plus character, so the path doesn't exist like that.

Could you give me any hint/help, or should I try another server?

Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,

a.k.a r3d3ye said...

Hi Mark:

We already tried installing it again on our lenovo test server and everything went well.

We will be doing and releasing an installation guide hopefully within the week and hope that will help you with your concern.

Thank you.

Also,Our Bryan tried to respond to your email.

here is his response.
Hi Mark,

I'm Bryan, one of the core developers of 8ix Zenith CE.

I suspect it has something to do with your SCSI SAS HDD not being fully
scanned upon booting up the installation, can you try to remove the
'fastboot' option and increasing the rootfsdelay=3 value upon booting
8ix Zenith?

I advice to ask your concerns in the 8ix Zenith CE Google Groups
mailing-list so we will have a
better coverage of the problem. Also please report the bug in so we can track all the bugs that
needed to be fixed.

a.k.a r3d3ye said...

Also, we just created this forum for 8ix Zenith CE collaborators

This is to organize our discussion