Friday, April 03, 2009

Letter From the CEO: At FOUR We Know There Is MORE.

Time is rather so swift that i got to lift my butt to make way and turn a leaf of another year that has delightedly pass.

Yes, we have just passed our four years of being able to sincerely take on to serve our clients and trade partners and with the determination towards innovation, first among others is ourself and as a team.

Taking on the HAT of an 8lien (what we call an individual 8layer), is never an easy task and not a joke at all. Just imagine, having to be responsible for the business of a client.

But the wacky, fun-filled and all out party last night with our team, joined by our friends, partners, clients and colleagues in the industry shows the other side of our nature when we are not in front of our computers (silent, focused and undisturbed).

We are still rather young, like a child, learning to ride a bike or shoot the ball in the basket... YET never stopping until we get to ride the bike with no hands or be a basketball pro “ala Kobe Bryant”.

When we passed THREE, we know what/where we want to be. And growing up now that got pass FOUR, meant that we must know what we need to be, to be who and where we want to be. (magulo ba?, hindi makulit lang.)

We will focus and aim that each 8lien should live and have our CORE VALUES:
COMPETENCE [complete to compete]
MATURITY [sincerity on maturity]
INNOVATION [masturbation towards innovation]

At FOUR we know there is More;
More to the essence of growing up and that though growing old is inevitable we got to make use of our time and talents wisely.
More of touching lives and making people discern that IT won't work for them, if they won't even care about IT or their work.
More of giving of who we are through our innovative ways, whether it be solutions or just plainly talking to you about what Open Source Advocacy can do for you or your organization.
More to life than just gadgets and computers, that IT is made up of people (flesh, blood, thinking and feeling), who wants IT to work for you.

Let me share with you some exciting and notable things that happened too as we got to 4:

-Introduced IBM Lotus Foundation in the Philippines and our Kuya Rey Got his certification on IBM DB2.
-Software Freedom and Evangelized Linux and Opensource in the Philippines with PLDT and URSolution
-Personally met the founder of Digium and the Creator of Asterisk at during the Asterconference in Malaysia. (brought home 2 E1 cards as well from the raffle)
-Rebootcamp and Zambales-bonding experience and strategized /understand SWOT towards our Fully Meshed Topology
-Finalist on Phil Web Awards and One of our government projects via PLDT Snap won the Peoples Choice Award.
-Continuously contribute some of our software to FOSS community ; Charozt,Mail8 and Clix
-We got a new Pearl Drumset for our Music Room
-We were joined by one of the Hard Core Linux Enthusiast and Advocate as a Senior Programmer and part of our RND Team. He aims to promote Open Source in our Country and imbibed in him to be an Innovator and not just as a User as well.

At FOUR there is MORE and we will Keep 'Em Coming...

Meric B.Mara

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