Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introducing Lotus Foundations Start 1.1 & Lotus Foundations Branch Office 1.1

Lotus Foundations Start 1.1 offers a variety of enhancements and upgrades from Start 1.0 including:

Lotus Foundations Run

The Lotus Foundations Run feature provides support for running additional types of applications. Lotus Foundations Run includes support for VMware Server 2 so that customers can protect their existing appliance investment with an experience that is superior to running applications on their native operating environment. Customers will benefit from the stability of a Linux-based system while enjoying the ability to support the wide array of applications irrespective of operating system. Separately available at no charge to business partners is the VMware Server 2 Add-on for IBM Lotus Foundations Run which includes a one-click installation of VMware Server 2 for Lotus Foundations.

Lotus Foundations scalable services

Many enterprises have small teams in remote offices and don’t have the same IT resources to manage those environments. These remote offices still require comprehensive infrastructure and collaboration solutions to stay connected to the central office, and more importantly, cost effective solutions so they can stay in business. IBM Lotus Foundations scalable services provides support for distributed deployment of Lotus Foundations Start. Scalable services introduce the ability for multiple Lotus Foundations servers to span across the organization both logically and geographically in order to meet the varying needs of the different segments of the business. They do this by introducing a centralized hierarchical management of the Lotus Foundations servers to provide the overall ease of deployment and administration.

Intelligent disk backup (idb) enhancements

Enhanced idb features include:

* Multi-job support
* Quotas on jobs
* Local encrypted jobs
* Weekly/Monthly backup frequencies
* Data retention (i.e., ability to set threshold for data retention)
* Enhanced user interface
* Ability to suspend jobs

New versions of software

* Lotus Domino 8.5
* Lotus Notes 8.5
* Lotus Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) 8.0.2
* Lotus Symphony 1.2

User interface enhancements

* New user interface enhancements include:
* A new backup page with localization of dates/numbers
* A new tabbed layout providing easier navigation
* © Copyright IBM Corp. 2009 1
* Login error messages are now larger and appear in red

Additional languages supported

* Russian
* Polish
* Greek
* Czechoslovakian
* Hungarian
* Portuguese
* Turkish

Lotus Foundations Branch Office 1.1

Lotus Foundations Branch Office is designed to be used by a branch office location connected into an existing primary Domino Enterprise server for the purpose of local replication and sending and receiving email and other Lotus Domino features. It is assumed that you already have a configured Domino Enterprise server capable of interacting with secondary Domino servers and that you have full administrative access to the infrastructure that you are working with. A strong understanding of the Domino software and administration is essential for ensuring a successful installation of the software. Lotus Foundations Branch Office contains a Lotus Domino server that may be used like any other Lotus Domino server, but there are some Lotus Foundations Branch Office licensing differences:

* It must be used as a "spoke" within an existing Domino Enterprise server "hub and spoke" infrastructure
* It must connect into a hub that is a Domino Enterprise Server or IBM Lotus Domino Messaging Server It can be used with up to 500 users You cannot use clustering with the Lotus Foundations Branch Office server
* It does not include bundled packages normally included in other Lotus Domino® packages, such as IBM® WebSphere® Application Server, IBM WebSphere Portal Server, IBM Tivoli® Directory Integrator, or IBM DB2® Enterprise Edition packages

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