Saturday, March 14, 2009

nang magkita ang makakapal ang APUG

Sa mga tunay at lantay na MAKAKAPAL ang APUG.

Isang masigabong, dumadagundong at maigting na BAGSAK sa ating pagkikita, pagpapalitan ng makabuluhang kuru-kuro at siempre pa kasabay ng San Mig Light sa kabila ng ating kani-kaniyang buhay at pagka-aligaga. whew....!!!

In behalf of 8layer, we are so happy that finally we have met face to face and shared our experiences, in and out of our common bond, The ASTERISK.

Our hats off to all of us who were there... Especially sa founder ng APUG na si Mark Q.

And to those who didnt have the time to be there but wanted to be... we can understand... Pero sige na nga di na ako magpapaka plastik, mamatay kayo sa inggit... hehehe...

More than excitement, we had fun and it was blast. More than seeing and meeting new faces, we saw smiles and "cute faces"... More than sharing, we got home filled with new learning and keeping up to share, everyday of our lives - the spirit of Open Source...

OEAN ( O e ano ngayon) na nagkita-kita na tayo...

This only means that more than our willingness to be there and be part of APUG... is our rooted want to collaborate and be abreast of what could come up or what could transpire, being part of this forum or group - that being said, seemingly is wanting to burst out from within us.

Being part of this group, i share with you the challenge that rest ahead of us... so what's next?

I shall be there to support our young and vibrant founder, Mark Q and be there to foster amongst us the spirit of true camaraderie and collaboration... instill in us the true advocacy of why are we called Open Source Practitioners... This may be a privilege for us who are skilled and knowledgeable, but for us, for me most especially, this is a battle cry and a bigger responsibility that necessitates maturity and proper perspective put to action.

Pero sa huli... isa lang ang dapat nating isipin... walang katuturan lahat yan... kung di tayo feel good after a hard days work and earned not only for oneself but for others... at kung walang lalaguking isang bote ng beer.

Mabuhay ang lahat ng MAKAKAPAL ang APUG.


pahabol: eto nga pala ang katunayan at katibayan ng ating pagkikita.

ulitin natin ito...

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