Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kahel OS is a winner's bet this lucky day of 9s

September 09, 2009 - Wednesday

... and you don't even have to make an out of pocket expense to draw the winning cards!

This is IT! Your winning hand. Your computer's fantasy made real.

Kahel is a Linux™ operating system and desktop utility that promises a radical change on your computing experience, and the ideal hit for personal or business use.

Why use Kahel OS Desktop?

DL Kahel Desktop

100% Free and Open Source Software

Most press releases would often pitch on the word "FREE" followed by clauses like "for a minimum purchase of", "if you place your order before" or "when you dial now and be the 999th caller".
You'll never see Kahel OS on the Price is Right. Kahel OS is plain FREE. Period.

Simply Effective, Simply Entertaining

Kahel OS gets you organized and productive. Kahel has IT - email, calendar, office suite, multimedia and entertainment.
You also have the freedom to get limitless picks of open source applications - no demowares, no sharewares, no viruses!
IT is Kahel. You can do voice and video calls, connect via social networks, play music or any audio files, watch movies and videos, manage your iPod and organize your photos all right on your desktop. Kahel has IT!

IT is for ALL

As much as we want you to close your Windows, Kahel can still let you run Window-based applications -- without the fearsome Blue Screens of Death! Give your computer the freshest massage to give it a boost.

By running Kahel, you'll know the real meaning of Speed. And yes, even games run fast on Kahel.

IT is a Legacy

Kahel is a dream, a goal and now a fruition. It evolved from the passion to innovate on the available Linux kernel features and integrating these with those we think are "cool-and-dreamy" ones.

Kahel is a gift and a manifestation of the collaborating Filipino spirit that believes in the competence of the global IT community.

As an Open Source Software, Kahel shall therefore maintain to remain FREE OF CHARGE with an active community to support it.

Power your PC with Kahel OS and be one of those who truly lived to make 09.09.09 the luckiest 9 of all time!
Well, at least for your desktop.

DL Kahel Desktop

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