Wednesday, October 28, 2009

KahelOS will be @Asia Source 3

On November 7 to 12, 2009, more than 150 participants (40 of which are Filipinos) coming from 17 countries across the Asian Region will gather to share and collaborate on Open Source Topics and Activities.

This is the third leg of the Asia Source Summit and Conference, now dubbed as Asia Source 3. Please see more information on their website.

Bringing ASIA SOURCE 3 to the Philippines, are The International Open Source Network (IOSN) ASEAN+3 with support from InWEnt Capacity Building International, Germany, ASEAN Foundation, and Open Society Institute Information Program and co-organized by Tactical Technology Collective and Aspiration

And what has Kahel got to do with Asia Source 3?

Apparently, the organizers commissioned KahelOS Team to provide Asia Source 3 assistance with the KahelOS MIni USB Toolkit.

The 1 gig USB Toolkit is a live usb with some pre-installed Open Source Tools and Applications that were evaluated at the SME Guide. With this Kahel Mini USB Toolkit, users are able to either have a glimpse, preview and assess for themselves such Open Source tools and applications. The developers may also enable LAMP on this USB Toolkit for their own use.

Further, some of the laptops in the one week Asia Source 3 Conference will be installed with KahelOS and will be used by the attendees for the duration of the Event.

Mabuhay Asia Source 3 and our warm welcome goes to all the Participants!

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