Thursday, August 31, 2006


It's my cousin's birthday..sana malasing mo kami =) kaya lang di pa nagpaparamdam yung komang.

Also, busy doing some documents for maynilad and DOTC. asterisk rules!...starting to play with VoiceXML.

::Top Ten Reasons to Run Asterisk::

10.Convenient, unambiguous single non-alphanumeric
abbreviation: *


8.Can call you 20 minutes into a blind date as
'emergency exit'

7.It's a lot more 'leet than an answering machine

6.Time to move to something more legal, useful, and
entertaining than Cap'n Crunch whistle

5.Only way to build a call center on your laptop

4.Teleconferencing with your friends allows you to be
more lazy/unsocial than you already are

3.Build your own phone company from recycled dotcom's

2.Finally tell telemarketers 'All representatives of the
household are currently busy assisting other
telemarketers. Your call will be answered in the
order it was received.'

1.“Why settle for being just another webmaster,
hostmaster, or postmaster when you too can be an
astmaster like me!”

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