Monday, August 07, 2006


Woooahh..after so many meetings...punta sa greenhills para bumili pa ng mga ipaparaffle sa intel event bukas..good thing may magandang "USB kit" kaming nakita... jojo..thanks for calling me this morning...nag kaalarm clock tuloy ako.
mabuhay ka.!


Nearly everything a leader does hinges on the type of vision he has.

If his vision is small, so will be his results and his followers. A high-ranking French official who understood this concept once expressed it thus when addressing Winston Churchill: “If you are doing big things, you attract big men. If you are doing little things, you attract little men. Little men usually cause trouble.” An effective vision attracts winners.

Too often people limit their own potential. They think small. They are afraid of risk. People no longer willing to stretch are no longer able to grow. As author Henry Drummond says, “Unless a man undertakes more than possibly can do, he will never do all he can do.”

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From: Deng Silorio []
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With all due respect… if only… again, if only you have extra.. again,,, extra time… you may read Churchill… otherwise… read STUART MILL , Marx and Engels and for capitalist… taylor and john locke…

Thank you po


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