Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What makes our TEAM your IT E-XPERT on Solutions and Technology of Choice?

  • E-XPERTS. Technology is a constant innovation. It never slows down. Its cycle, a continuous prompt to make things better and easier for those with exploring minds and spirits. This fuels us to pursue in great awe the defining advantages behind the advancement. That is why, we take faith in what we sell. We have been exploring, testing and using them, equipping us with the edge that the products we seek are the products that we can realistically vouch for.

  • E-XTENDED SERVICE PROVIDERS. Our main thrust is driven by a Philosophy of Service at the Core and Heart of IT. This simply implies that we build our goal towards your business continuity. And as such this becomes our bind as your trade partner.

  • E-XCELLENT SUPPORT. Our niche is our analytical and intrinsic ability to single out products and solutions that are ready to deploy, mature, reliable, and cost efficient. We relentlessly broaden and strengthen our products as we partner with highly acclaimed products available in the market globally and these partners prove to substantiate our qualifications as well. Therefore, we know which hardware/ products are suitable for your application needs.

  • WE ARE 8layer. Built upon the strength of its people, products and technology excellence, 8layer as a consulting firm and solution provider focuses on customers and impresses our ability to direct operating profit improvements through productive IT programs and market development thereby giving you and your company the value of flexibility at the competitive edge and maximize profitability.

Serving you with optimum competence is our core endeavor and forms part of our major corporate objective and of which our CHALLENGE is to reinforce to companies, individuals and advocates (organized and not) that IT is also all about VALUES. It is not a world apart from our daily living, its transcendental path is towards eliminating mediocrity, harnessing skills, alleviating our economic strength as a whole while fostering nationhood as we search for our global niche.

Working, collaborating and engaging with 8layer implies that Information and Computer Technology, Products and other related tools are maximized and set to its limits because of our Open Source eBusiness Architectural Expertise.

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