Friday, October 03, 2008

WHAT A LIFE... After the Mind-Filling Asterconference at KL.

Kuala Lumpur known for its one of the highest peak (edifice) in the world, happens to be our neighboring Country and a booming haven for Technology and Technology Enthusiasts... Also the host for this year's 2008 Asean Asterconference.

It was only at the last minute when we decided to pack and head there, Malaysia...
-Probably to be abreast of the asterisk roadmap as it confronts issues that proprietary PABX's lurk as it progresses to leave them behind...
-Purchase some few Asterisk stuff for client and office use.
-Of course, to go around with Deng and Jaja and climb to see if Petronas got an inch higher than the last time ... :-)
-For my name to picked in the lucky draw (yun ang tawag nila, hindi raffle) to win the SWITCHVOX (I HOPE...)
-sige na nga.... For me to have my picture taken with one of my idols... the astmster, guru himself (need I say his name?).. Mark Spencer.

But there were far reasons and enriching experiences that the Malaysia trip offered my bewildered thought...

-after the cool and stuffing dinner sponsored by JCMEX (Thank you Alfred) with the Digium resellers and Digium MEN... we got to chat with our fellow kababayans, Kelvin and Leo of NextIX at the nearby Mcdo from where we were staying, and while doing so, did glimpse at a roaming cat, was it a cat or a ... it was a rat (a big rat who just got a burger), deng and mark quitoriano confirmed it..

-then our “not so official” tour guide (kasi naligaw kami from petalingjaya papuntang bukit bintang, with him driving us in the streets of KL), Mark Quitoriano of VicidialNOW got wasted on the second night of our drinking spree. Was it the Heineken or the 75RM per bucket that made you dizzy man? (mark nagiinuman pa tayo dito sa pinas ah)

-There was a jaja and sam in the making? hmmmmm (teka walang tsismisan pala dito) =) hehehe choooooseeeyyy nga pala itong si jajapot namin

-Then opted to take a bus ride going to singapore to meet up with a possible partner there (gave us free sentosa trip as well), toured the city of singapore via train, train and train again.. Then even if we cant make it to the Formula One Race, we glanced at the streets where they laid the circuit for the race... galing... what can I say?

-Hotel rates at that time was pretty hijacked, but one hotel at chinatown still managed to give us thru deng (the tawad queen) a really good deal (bargain at that).. Thank you to the management and staff of Tropical Resort Hotel at Keong Siak Rd at Chinatown.. (thank you too for the ballpens you gave us and for changing our smart cards for trains to cash)

-and during that dinner sponsored by alfred, Mark sang beatles' “let it be” (we got a video...), david duffet – suspicious minds, alfred had its own way of rendering “my way” that all led us to go home... (Joke only, Alfred hehehe) and of course our deng say her tune, not once but twice (patatalo ba naman tayong pinoy? Hahaha)

-and finally with the immigration officer at singapore on our way back home, the indian lady cant believe her eyes that I was the same guy in the passport picture taken some three years ago... “what can I do”, I said.. “I changed, people change “and then she smiled.
Back home and bringing with us two E1 cards from the lucky draw (oh yes, the three of us got picked, but the unlucky lucky jaja was out when her name was called... Im not supposed to mention this anymore... ), I was happy to be home landed on the new NAIA3 terminal, with the same old Filipino Smiling faces, same taxi drivers who wouldnt drive you with their meter on, with the same edsa road, with pitholes, with the a lot of billboards along edsa (I think Filipinos are vain, our billboards say a lot about our culture and who we are... shampoo, facial and skin care, soap, perfume... beauty products.. etc)...

-Back to work, back to make our little abode a little better each day, giving a little pat and some warm thoughts and thought ... that each little deed can make us a better, greater race than yesterday. Big change starts with little deeds and thoughts, the important thing is we want it, and we will, WILL IT. CHANGE TO BE BETTER... MAKE IT OUR PASSION EACH DAY.

Sabi nga diba at hango sa isang linya mula sa awiting isinulat ng Gardy Abad(naispel ko ba ng tama?) na inawit ng grupong Patatag...”walang nagmimintis sa pagbabago”... (dagdag ko lang, sana'y mabuti ang pagbabagong ito)

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