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With the world, we say, "IT's a Free World!"

nakuha na din namin yung mga pictures na galing sa PLDT,Mga kuha noong nagdaang Software Freedom Day.

Kung sino man o anu man ang pangalan ng photographer nung event na iyon? mabuhay ka at mahuhusay ang iyong kuha at pagpili ng mga angulo. Kuhang-kuha o lumutang ang mga diin sa larawan nung lalo na yung panahong pinakita ni Sir Joey ang ganda ng kanilang monitoring sa innolab .

ilagay ko na din itong isang kuha nung panahong nag didiscuss ako ng asterisk =).

Ano pa ang mga naaalala ko nung panahong ito bukod sa nalasing kami nung gabing matapos ang event dahil sa selebrasyon?

Libreng food? Ballpen ng PLDT? naiwan na tarpunin nila robert? si pareng Bheng ang FOSS at ang PLDT sa usaping backup? ang kwentong choosy? maganda suporta ng mga partners? Mga dumayo mula pa sa malalayong lugar upang makipagdiwang? Si Donna at ang tsinelas ni Jasper? Si jaja na nag rerecord ng mga presentation? si roz na tumatawa habang nagpepresent? si nilda na parang maykaaway sa lakas ng boses mag present? yung slide na henyo na nandun yung picture nya? si renan na laging sinasabi na "umpisahan na nya"? hmmmm..ang dami kaya...

pero mas naaalala ko si Juancho, si Juancho na pakalat kalat, si juancho ang aming official na mascot-nasa tasa, nasa mga slides namin, nasa tarpulin at syempre sa tshirt na gawa ni kuya spencer at sya kasi ang diwa ng aming selebrasyon. Para ngang bertday nya kung umasta itong penguin na ito.

kung ano yung kabuuan ng mga pangyayari noong panahong iyon at sa mga nagtatanong anong detalye sa mga kaganapan? eto yung article na ginawa ni jajapot na matatagpuan din sa amin website. http://www.8layertech.com

paalala: pag sa website namin kayo nag visit madodownload nyo dun yung mga presentation na ginamit namin tulad ng [pangako namin sa mga dumalo ng araw na iyon.


With the world, we say, "IT's a Free World!"

It was the first time 8layer Technologies, Inc. hosted Software Freedom Day. The morning of September 20 spelled excitement for Team 8lien that initiated the intimate gathering. Those who were there warmed up to the comfort of PLDT InnoLab's board room while some got a quick tour of the Linux Desktop on display.

By ten o'clock, "IT's a Free World!" started with a warm welcome from Mr. Joey S. Limjap, PLDT Head of Corporate Solution Product Development and Quality Management and kind-hearted InnoLab host.

InnoLab, PLDT's breeding ground for new innovations and the foundation for focused research, new product development and service innovation, now became the hatchery for new advocates to Software Freedom. Mr. Limjap summed up InnoLab's essence of existence:

“We recognize our role in the development of ICT in the country,” he said. “We launched InnoLab two years ago and since then, our advocay is the same. We want Innolab to be the melting pot for the innovative ideas, a venue where new products and cost-effective solutions unfold.”

The 8lien-hosted Software Freedom Day 08 (SFD08) dubbed as “IT's a Free World” was participated by select attendees from the academe, the government, private companies and NGOs. The event was also co-sponsored and made successful by UR Solutions, IBM, Intel and IOSN-UNDP.

The day-long celebration also got a surprise visit from Bayan Muna Representative, Mr. Teddy Casiño, a staunch advocate of F/OSS and the author of House Bill 1716 (The FOSS Act). He humorously referred to himself as a “gate crasher” which elicited a good-natured laugh from the audience.

Congressman Casiño expressed relief in saying that the proposed Free and Open Source (FOSS) Act drafted way back in 2006 is now being heard in the Committee on Information and Communications Technology and Committee on Trade and Industry. He shared too that the government is now bundling Open Source softwares in the computers given to schools cutting back costs in purchasing proprietary softwares and therefore enables them to provide more computer hardwares.

“Open Source is the way to go,” the militant lawmaker added. “Its advantages far outweigh whatever perceived weaknesses there is. With the proposed bill, we can expect an official policy on FOSS.”
FREE as in "Freedom" not "Free Beer"

With attendees of mostly non-FOSS users, UR Solutions' GM, Patrick D. Reidenbach, started off with a basic yet encompassing presentation of what F/OSS is. He emphasized the word "Free" and used the catchphrase, Free as in "freedom"... not free as in "free beer".

GM Reidenbach also highlighted the Open Source business model which gave the audience a clear view of how Open Source projects are implemented and executed.

Laying the foundations of F/OSS thru the presentation of GM Reidenbach and by the meaty introduction by Deng Silorio, COO of 8layer Technologies, Inc., Team 8lien proceeded to present the daily experiences of using a Linux desktop and the advantages that go with it. Befitting topics for new F/OSS users were discussed by Renan Mara (Using Linux-Ubuntu), Roz Vargas (Desktop Applications and Utilities), Nilda Andal (Firefox and Flock) and Allan de Guzman (RSS).

Ending the morning session was a presentation on Web Technology, Jasper Tomas gave an informative fundamentals on how easily possible it is to setup and create a website. Here, he shared Joomla! from the point of view of a user and a programmer.

It's good when it's Free, better when Secure

With still some cobwebs of misconceptions and myths lurking around the room at lunchtime, Technology Manager Robert R. Reidenbach of UR Solutions came to the rescue with a very substantive presentation on how secure Open Source technologies can be.

The soft-spoken Security Master openly discussed platforms, systems and applications that handle and manage critical security operations. It was a total delight for the listening group as Robert threw one essential point after another.

Know the Source, Feel the Force

Another eye-opener presentation was given by 8layer's CTO Meric Mara. Sharing the power of Open Source telephony in Asterisk, the rouge-looking Security Expert detailed how this can benefit users and enterprises. He also clearly compared how one can take advantage and be empowered with the use of Open Source telephony like Asterisk.

As a take-home to the curious audience, CTO Mara gave a befitting F/OSS advice: If the source is with you, the force will guide you.

The 8 F/OSS Swiss Knife

As a way of true recognition of the capability of F/OSS to keep an organization going, Team 8lien shared 8 applications which they themselves use. The following are considered recommended F/OSS applications and tools that anyone, even those new in Linux can implement in their IT environment: Mail8, WvDial, MediaWiki, Wine, phpSysInfo, VirtualBox, Clix and Lotus Symphony.

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