Monday, September 08, 2008

IT's a Free World!

IT's a Free World!
by Jaja del Rosario
September 08, 2008 - Monday

We are creating another milestone. Young as we are (onto our 4th year!), we are embarking into sharing our own humble offering to IT Freedom. That is, cocelebrating with the world the Software Freedom Day on 20th September (SFD08).

There are four things though that we are veering away from.

1. CROWD Festivity. Honestly, we feel that we are not ready yet to cater to a large crowd. Practically, we are a control-freak. We want everyone there to go home well-fed and fully-nourished, but I'm not talking about food here. Not to mention, this will defeat our goal of intimately reaching out to non-F/OSS users and eventually tapping them to "evangelize" with us. Of course, we have a select few of F/OSS users who are ready to lend us a day and make the event a success.

2. Technical Discussions. As previously mentioned, since we are catering to non-f/oss users, there would be minimal technical discussions. The event will be a rundown of applications that we have collated and shortlisted as mature and ready to be used by those with limited or no technical background, individuals and organizations alike. Well, ok, there will be some basic technical stuffs. But we have heaved the speakers to do the birds-and-the-bees thing. Just to be sure.

3. Walk-Ins and Drive-Thrus. As much as we want to accommodate everyone, the 8lien-hosted SFD08 is a first-to-confirm first-served basis. PLDT Innolab has so graciously provided us a room for free and we do not want to stretch their patience. Moreso, we want the participants to do hands-on experience on some of the solutions/applications that would be discussed that it will be a test of wit for those who won't be assigned a station to work on. But why be a gate-crasher when you can give us a call at (02) 7060501 to 02 local 81 (look for Donna) to reserve a seat and a parking space!

4. Food and Drinks. There won't be any food and drinks served during the whole day event. Gotcha! Just kidding. It's our treat!

Below are the topics that we feel would be a good start-off, with IOSN, THE staunch advocate and one of our supporters too, doing the welcome for us.

1. The Linux Desktop: Going Ubuntu
by LoCo Ubuntu Philippines

2. What's New with the Web? (Web Technology and F/OSS)
by 8layer Creatives and R & D Team

3. How to Use Open Source with IT Security Management
by Mr. Patrick Reidenbach, GM, UR Solutions

4. Asterisk: The Future of Open Source Telephony
by Mr. Meric Mara, CTO, 8layer Technologies, Inc.

5. 8 F/OSS Swiss Knife
by 8layer Team

Let us know if you can join us so we can reserve a seat and a workstation for you. Call Donna at (02) 7060501 to 02 local 81.

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