Friday, June 06, 2008

My NVS and Lotus Foundation

I just finished installing my (3) three NVS environment on my Nitix Version 5.0.0a #0
1. nvs-sles10-2971.pkg; 2. Debian (Sarge) - Versabox 0.2.0 BETA and 3. nvs-1.1-25107.tar. Everythings works okay. I am still deciphering though on how to repackage all of these so that we can include our own rpm-based applications.

* BTW, if someone out there is knowlegeable in LFS, we are looking for a linux developer (certified geeks only- with lots of usable brain cells) who could help us with our ongoing project on linux distribution for our application. For those who may be interested just email or you may catch us at the Joomla Day on June 14 at UP.

Moving on, yesterday I was able to download a copy of Lotus Foundations-1_0_0. We installed it on my old P3 machines but we are having problem with it (hardware issue) . So we changed the hardware, we got to install it @

Genuine Intel[R] CPU 2160 @ 1.80GHz - 1800.442 MHz (GenuineIntel)
VT6102 [Rhine-II] (VIA Technologies, Inc.)
UniChrome Pro IGP (VIA Technologies, Inc.)
ST3160215AS ATA - 156.3 GB

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3, that even a grade three pupil can understand.
(hehehe sounds familiar j/k)

Enhanced user interface is something you will love on this distro.
I just have a little question with the "LOTUS FOUNDATIONS" logo since we are finishing up with this brochure, I'm really confused WITH REGARDS to its OFFICIAL COLOR. I see YELLOW+BLACK=WHITE or BLACK+WHITE. I hope that our friends@IBM will elucidate me on this.

... Going back, MY SAMBA experience after i connect using my ordinary user/account is that i can see all the other folders but can only access my own folder while the rest of the folders is "ACCESS IS DENIED". I just missed my Nitix SMB on which if i access my samba using my ordinary account the only folder that i can access is my own folder and only the root account can view all the folders.

And as to MY EMAIL experience, from qmail to postfix. =) it's very nice. But no webmail. Good thing our team developed our own webmail that we did call "mail8". As for now, this webmail client of ours uses to access our emails.... HENYO mabuhay ka!

upon more tinkering, my other findings shall follow...

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