Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to School, Back to Basics

Madaling araw na din when we finished our work in the office.

It was enormously tiring after the 3 consecutive KS (knowledge sharing) which i conducted
yesterday not to mention the orientation that i shared to LEN (new member of 8liens)...hala! sana makayanan mo yung mahirap na work sa 8layer..lagot! =)

Very well, my topics majorly did dwell on the following:

1. Sharing my insights on R&D/Design patterns and ERP Implementations.
-Thanks to Jasper and Kuya Rey because of the "INVALUABLE" ideas that they shared yesterday with regards to this topic as well. (I will note on our panda_y,pand@y,panda\y na isunulat ni jasper sa ating whiteboard) ay sya! paano ba natin ito e-espelengin?

2. Medyo kating-kating ako dito as this is one of my favorite,conducting Linux training to schools and other firms.THE LINUX BOOT PROCESS, this is also the first time in which i just outlined topics for discussion using a scratch paper na gamit ang whiteboard marker tapos sulat(s1,s2,s3,s4.s5)..stages..blahblah.. before presenting it to the group. As I always use IMPRESS lately everytime I conduct trainings or do presentations.

Reminisicing, it was during my yourger years that i've really learned so much about LINUX and its was during that period (that was 1996-1998), where i used to have my PLAYBOOK to map each and every detail on how LINUX boots... Without it,I believe it will be difficult for me to make my own distribution. Since I just finished our core OS (Kawing-Kawing Linux) last week (knowledge on bootprocess,hacking loader and init) is really an interesting topic to share and discuss.

3. Technology Roadmap for our newcomer and trainee. In this KS I discussed ON-DEMAND application,Autonomic Computing,GRID computing plus the basic of OS and Applications.

Bottomline, The lesson that I've learned in this KS sums to:

basic topics, like LINUX BOOT PROCESS with the rest above..can be definitely interesting (just make sure to focus on the accuracy and chronology/logic of nitty grittys, values and relevance, and make sure to answer the WHAT's in it for me/ or for the user? Whoever your audience is.
also, basic training tools and materials like (scratch paper) that comes in handy is not a
problem when doing presentation or technical sharing as long as you
know what you are talking about and know your topic by heart...( di kailangan ng projector..walang malaking TV.. excuses impedes learning and growth..) Just be selfless and continue the things that you want to share to your audience (make sure naman na tama). And lastly, it is also better you put this to practice, give each one assigned tasks/ assignment but most of all it is best that you make it work... kailangang magawa, first and for most.

More learning, More Work, More Fun.

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