Tuesday, June 03, 2008

IBM Lotus Foundations Start

What is Lotus Foundations Start?

IBM Lotus Foundations Start offers companies with little or no in-house technical expertise the essential software required to run a business. Combining reliability, security and simplicity, it helps to reduce cost and complexity:

* Self-configuring/managing – automates critical IT activity
* Automated disk backup
* Full system recovery in minutes
* Small footprint, reliable Linux-based OS that is easy to use
* Firewall included, antivirus and antispam (optional)
* Create and share information, email and calendars with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
* Includes IBM Lotus office productivity tools – work on spreadsheets, presentations and documents without purchasing extra software

What's new in Lotus Foundations Start?

What's new in Lotus Foundations Start?
Lotus Foundations Start is based on the NitixBlue product that you are familiar with, and features the following enhancements:

* Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook (DAMO) support for Outlook 2003 and 2007
* Enhanced user interface with IBM branding
* 14 day trial for Sametime Unyte web conferencing service
* IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8, as opposed to IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Benefits of Lotus Foundations Start
• Provides essential software required to run a business, in one package
• Minimizes maintenance - no in-house IT expertise needed
• Quickly sets up a security-rich company network – includes firewall, and antivirus, and antispam are optional add-ons
• Protects and stores data with frequent automated backups – (software included)
• Facilitates the creation and sharing of information through e-mail and calendars
• Connects remote employees with anytime/anywhere access


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