Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hiring nga pala kami

You might have leaf through this page accidentally, by mere curiosity, by sheer luck, or by pure incessant need to torture yourself because you want a job where the working environment defines and defies normalcy as caffeine-sustenance, night modes, deadliest deadlines, spontaneous sweats and effortless best.

But if you are willing to be a part of the 8layer Team, you must be:
(a) a fresh graduate or a tech novice starving for tangible and applicable learning/ training and wanting to make a difference not only to your own self but to others;
(b) an experienced IT guy or gal who is hungry for what's right and challenging, and again, spell a whole lot difference; or
(c) an individual with high regard to doing things right and easy, and in these times that spells a great deal of difference.

You can still change your mind. Of course, there are lots of high paying jobs that let you do nothing but grow old and secure.

But if you are still reading along these lines, then you can still get fully rewarded and compensated while doing the more essential things--and feel young yet mature. You need to be in so you would understand what we mean.

So much for the buzz... We need YOU!

Tell us about how OPEN SOURCE opened your mind then fit your qualifications in any of these areas:

Marketing and Sales
Linux Solutions
Creatives and Design
Software and Hardware Support

Attach your resume (resumes are the last thing we read, but it's a good starting point) and email us at or call 706.05.01 to 02 for interview schedule.

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pangarap?. said...

what does it takes to be a part of your team? i just started linux 3mons ago and i want to deepen my knowledge when it comes to linux administration/open source. Ive read the requirements on how to be a part of your team and i didn't see any specific requirements like "must be experienced" i know theres a LOT things you wouldnt know by only reading books but by experience. gusto ko makasali sa company/team nyo.