Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Monday Monday

Monday run run late...
2pm DOJ (absent si fiscal).

#grep "Halohalospecial" razon

locate koenkoen
8layer is Hiring!

Hell, NO! We just can’t help it… We’re LAYERING.

The Layer that is 8 seeks for the crème de la crème

  • eats and sleeps with Linux
    • breathes and thinks open source
      • knows that the way to liberate minds is to do what he thinks….

The Layer that is 8

  • empowers you to elev8 your skill
    • integr8 with the environment that is befitting for you
      • substanti8 what you can do,
        • and together let’s propag8 what can be done

not just for one but for everyone.

If you’ve got what it takes… then you know what to do….

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