Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Make Way for The 8layer eFax Solution

eto yung article na nipost namin sa website namin. gawa ito ng Deng at Jaja.

In all excitement, we want to introduce to you what we have developed--the 8Layer eFax Solution, a web-based tool that allows us to automate sending and receiving faxed messages anytime, anywhere. The 8Layer eFax Solution is an Evidence of 8Layer’s passion to innovate ways of making IT’s advantages accessible to all. That is IT for All.
Now and as always, the only thing that is constant and inherent in our team is the unwavering commitment to develop and mature solutions that shall provide businesses with The Edge.

The RND team for this Endearing Solution was spearheaded by our Geniuses (drum rolls...), Meric Mara (poet seeking justice) and Allan Andal (lead programmer cum webmaster rapper).

With the 8Layer eFax Solution, we can also send .doc, .tif, .xls, .pdf, .xls and .ppt files straight from our PCs to your fax machine. And when we receive your fax messages, managing them in our file server is quite as Effortless.

Totally paperless (Environment-friendly)! Moreso, Easy, Economical and Efficient.

And oh, by the way, since we are also using the Asterisk-LVS Telephony Solution, dialing 7060501 or 02 and pressing option 1 shall direct you to our 8Layer eFax Solution. Once we receive your fax message, a web pop-up notifies us, then we can securely access it via web and also a copy is sent in our email. A simple innovation, maybe. But our ardent pursuit to fruition is making these solutions available to Everyone.

And Energized as we are, we’re slashing 50% off its regular price of P49,999.00 for the first 20 clients to sign-up. Or, even get the 8Layer eFax Solution entirely free when you get any 8Layer Service or Solution from August 15 to September 15, 2007. For more information, click on this link; www.8layertech.com/efax.

This early, we thank you for allowing us to share with you our Exciting Endeavor. The pleasure is Entirely Ours.

Ang gagaling nung gumawa ng article at project na ito..sana lang wag ng icut and paste ng ibang company na masayan masaya pag nakakakopya sila. ang sarap talaga ng feeling pag nakikita mo yung mga pinapupuyatan mo na ready na sya at papalaot na sa merkado at tutulong na yung solusyon para sa mga clients.

Di ko tuloy malilimutan yung 7-11 sa ibaba ng building namin na twing madaling araw eh tumatambay kami para kumain ng 'DONAT" (ayan nagutom na naman ako..adik na ata ako ng donat)at bibili ng noodles....gatas para kay Deng.

at syempre YOSI para kay (Erwin,Allan at Jaja) yung mga sunog baga gang ng 8layer

sampung bagsak para sa 8layer Team.

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