Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Sun Beams at 8Layer

8Layer Technologies, Inc., on its 3nd year, has taken another step to further strengthen the bond within. On April 28-30, the key movers of 8Layer went to Sunbeam Marine Sports Resorts in Anilao, Batangas—the sun, the sea and the sands of summer bearing witness to the group’s hard-earned reward.

Apart from enjoying the weekend, the group also learned from CEO Meric Mara who reiterated the group’s unique approach and methodology making the company a force to reckon with when it comes to Open Source technology. He briefly discussed the company’s vision to collaborate not only with IT practitioners but also reach out to the people and educate them about the value of IT, especially Open Source.

But, he further stressed, to be an effective and efficient IT organization, each member of the team should first seek to involve one’s self in the company’s goals and objectives. To which he added that understanding and imbibing the 8Layer philosophy is also a key before one can successfully take part in the company’s processes—one of them being meeting and exceeding partners’ and clients’ expectations.

From here, COO Deng Silorio guided the group in assessing each team member’s tasks and KRAs which the group took in as an appetizer before they eventually went to taste what Anilao, the diving paradise, has to offer. However, a day was not enough to truly experience the fishes, the corals and the reefs but the group did have nice memories (and bruises!) to bring home.

The 8Layer bonding weekend, as any other flitting happy moment, ended while the sun was beaming with a promise: this will surely happen again. Of course, it will! As Deng puts it, team building is a process.

Anilao is just a pit stop.

Ehrr, just not slipping on the docks says Roz and Karen. And making a “short” cut to Lemery, right Eman?

note: si jajakol yung gumawa ng article na ito. ja, maraming salamat.

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