Saturday, May 12, 2007

re: IMPORTANT NOTICE for OUR strict implementation

From: Deng Silorio
Subject: re: IMPORTANT NOTICE for OUR strict implementation

Dear All:

Among others, 8layer is a family and is a team involved in revolutionizing IT in the Philippines. This is one of OUR main thrust and with this comes a very huge responsibility, discipline and maturity.

We have made a few mistakes in the past, thus, Management carries with it a perspective on filtering people/ organizations to deal with and communicate to propagate our Principles and Beliefs in a manner that is essential, vital and in ESSENCE with DIGNITY and SINCERITY.

Further, Management strictly enforces guidelines and policies intermittently for us to never GO astray from our thrust and vision.

This time, we forbid EVERYONE to communicate in ANY WAY with MR. RODEL P. HIPOLITO (he is now involved with some legal issues that 8layer shall confer against him). If this is something that is difficult for someone at 8layer to do, please approach us. Likewise, Mr. Hipolito is not welcome to step at our office premises.

Thank you very much and we appreciate everyone’s cooperation.


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