Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Raspberry Pi Day!

Raspberry Pi is something very addictive. Imagine having a "pocket sized laboratory" that is very affordable, and bacause of that, fun innovation can now be limitless.

This March 14, 2015 is Rpi Day! Let's go out and celebrate with other Rpi geeks out there. Here are some points you may consider in celebrating your Rpi day.

8 ways to celebrate Rpi day!

1.Hacking Rpi & DYI- Buy or get your Rpi and start your hacking activity. If you can create your own hackathon program, that would be great. Also, if you can get some Rpi accessories, that will be a good addition for your work.

2.Share your Rpi project at Rpi Philippines and other Rpi community- If you have already created something that is very useful and interesting, why not share it with others? They can promote your project as well as you can get feedbacks that will be very useful for your prject enhancement.

3.Make you own Rpi Case - this can be a simple and fun way to showcase your creativity.

4.Create Rpi music and share it to the public - Rpi needs an official soundtrack. Maybe you can be the "musikero" they are waiting for.

5.Teach kids basic programming with Rpi or create MINECRAFT PI

6.Conduct Rpi Training to schools - Sharing what Rpi is to students can be fun and fulfilling. You can start on sharing what Rpi is and what awesome projects have been made already for Raspberry Pi.

7.Visit the Open Source Museum and share your rpi experience. Team geekineers have showcased an Rpi board as part of their museum. They can  also share with you some of their projects they have done with Rpi and you can collaborate with them if you have something in your mind.

8.Create an Rpi article on how you celebrated Rpi day with your friends and share it to open news and other online magazines. 8layer Open News is a good place for your article. Visit They can also share your articles to some open source friends and other networks.

That's it! Happy Rpi Day!

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