Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tools for Small Teams with Fast Moving Projects

I guess these tools will be very effective for a small organization especially if you are doing fast-moving projects that need a good management system.

1. Trello can be a good front-end tool to management TODOs
2. Code Version and Control, or Branching model are something to consider and are both important. Either tool can also make dev life easy (NO USB Please)
3. Mark Down Editor- This is a good writing software documentation. It will also help you when taking lecture notes.
4. For data visualization
5. Kill the bugs with this tracking tool. Flysprapy - The Bug Killer!

Important Note: The tools will ONLY work if the team has "DISCIPLINE" and is "PASSIONATE" to make Development or Technical thing to work properly. NO Alibis!

Let's start implementing this NOW!

PS: Showcasing technical talents with modules and codes to github will be a plus for the team.

Good Read!(Thanks to Agi)

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