Thursday, March 30, 2017

Outcomes-based Engineering Education.

Yesterday, I had the chance of being an advisory board member for the College of Computer Engineering at National University, Manila.
I told them that it is high time that we produce "Engineers that are at par to the demand of the industry.  This is the real definition of "outcomes-based" Engineering Education.

1. Statistics subject must be geared toward data analysis or big data.
2. They should come up with "Lab In A Box” where students should have a laboratory in their pockets. Makers boards can be a good component for this.
3. Algorithms much be apart of the "Advanced Engineering" Mathematics.
4. Electives can be utlized to teach "what's new in Technology, AI, Security and BIG DATA.
5. Technopreneurs should have components like Business Plan.
6. In Data Communication, Satellite standards and protocols should also be considered.
7. Students must be exposed to the community to enhance their technical skills and collobarate with other students or makers.
8. University/(ies) must reengineer their Computer Engineering Majors (Software, Boards or Embedded, Network, Management etc).

I hope that I was able to contribute to them. I'm excited to see the next batch of engineers who are equipped and competent to serve our country.

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