Monday, February 27, 2017

When pressing the ball is not crucial anymore

When I was a kid, i really liked basketball. One of the things that  was taught to us by our coach was the is term "Press the Ball". Pressing the ball is a good tactic especially if your team is leading the game and you want to maintain the score until the end of game and then--you win! You make the game slower by maximizing your 24-second time clock.

In this modern day, when we talk about project management and project delivery, pressing the ball should teach us a good lesson. If you are in the "pressure" stage and time is running out, you don't press the ball. You simply focus on delivering the project on time with quality and making sure that it is still producing revenue to fuel the operation. This is when we need to work SMARTLY!

Team members not knowing or understanding what their responsibilities are, not owning their part of the project leads to project failure. This will teach us that pressing the ball is not crucial anymore when resources are fully compromised. "Being late is not an excuse". The team should focus on meeting the work deadlines and be productive .

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