Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Art of Be More

We, at 8layer had our fair share in raising awareness on different topics in technology, leadership, and many others to our audience who are all supportive of our business and advocacies. Recently, we are championing "The Art of Be More". 

 Here are a few take aways and as always, we hope that this well help you know yourself and understand other people better to contribute to our community. 

 1. While still young, start by loving yourself and understanding your purpose. 
 2. Be courageous. Without courage, you cannot move further. 
 3. Make and prove your work tangible and visible. Remember to always follow through your words with actions. 
 4. Connect to a group of good friends and community that creates inspiration and supports you to grow. 

 Hopefully in time, you have not only mastered the art of 'be more', but also, 'be useful' and ' be of service to others' as well. 

 Let us build experiences that we can share to future generations for a better community and to contribute to our country's growth.

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