Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Geekineer's Blueprint to Success

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm just in front of my Playbook and doing “A Geekineer's Blueprint to Success” which includes the lessons I've learned from PED and a few lessons that I've learned from my experiences, all of which are included in my Personal Action Plan. 

 In this blueprint, there are 4 questions that need to be answered. Then after, you will have a good view of your personal roadmap to success. 

First Question, Hu u? —This is where you describe yourself and your roles that should be guided by your PECS and Typology. i.e. I'm an Open Source Advocate, Social Entrepreneur/Geekineer and a Community Volunteer. 

1. Open Source Advocate I consider myself being an Open Source Advocate as my number 1 priority. My passion for anything Open Source is the reason why I’m here doing what I love. I continue to get motivated by simply being an ambassador to increase awareness and improve the perception of open source software in the Philippines and all over the world. 

2. Social Entrepreneur/Geekineer More than being a business entrepreneur, being called a social entrepreneur gives me more pride. This way, I understand that I'm not only working for myself and for a few people who work with me. Rather, I believe that what I am doing affects far more people that I can even imagine. Achieving social change will always be an important mission of my life. 

3. Community Volunteer “To provide service and make a difference in the community” will continue to be my battle cry. When you volunteer, you not only develop and strengthen your skills, you also help improve human quality of life. What greater reward could there be? 

Second Question, Y u?—Your essence and your vision, short term and long term, that should be SMART driven together with your strategy plan that is SCIENCE. 

“I'm an Open Source advocate and I want to spend most of my time teaching and sharing my Open Source knowledge to students and professionals. As a Social Entrepreneur, I want to architect and build software that will help my community and country to act responsibly and with sense of urgency. I want it to be the de facto or standard in research tool, feedback mechanism and incident reporting. I also want to promote geekineering which is focusing with great attention to detail on the creation, organization and management of a working software that is robust, efficient and useful to everyone.” 

 Third, What are u?—Create a framework that will describe what your passions are. Explain your attributes that will showcase where you're best at and what drives your economic engine that will make you happy and finding unutilized capacity around you. 

And Lastly, When will u?—This is your aspiration and success that is executed with LEAN and SIX SIGMA discipline and methodology. 

Here is the Infographics to summarize all of these. 

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